Council Bushcare Representative Group



Meeting Date:     Wednesday, 24 July, 2019

Location:            Jervis Bay Rooms, City Administrative Centre, Bridge Road, Nowra

Time:                   4.00pm


Please note: Council’s Code of Meeting Practice permits the electronic recording and broadcast of the proceedings of meetings of the Council which are open to the public. Your attendance at this meeting is taken as consent to the possibility that your image and/or voice may be recorded and broadcast to the public.





1.    Apologies

2.    Confirmation of Minutes

·      Council Bushcare Representative Group - 4 December 2018.................................... 1

3.    Declarations of Interest

4.    Reports

BR19.1........ Resignation - Bryan Lenne - Council Bushcare Representatives Group...... 7

BR19.2........ Bushcare Program Update............................................................................. 8

BR19.3........ Review of Bushcare/Parkcare Procedures.................................................. 14                         

5.    General Business


 Council Bushcare Representative Group – Wednesday 24 July 2019

Page I



Clr Levett – Chairperson

Clr White – Alternate Chairperson

All Councillors

Ms Frances Bray

Dr Mike Clear

Mr Tony Jennings

Mr Bryan Lenne

Mr Bill Pigott

Ms Kelly Cowlishaw

Mr Len White

Mr Jason Carson – Local Land Services

Representative – Office of Environment & Heritage


Quorum - 5





To act as an advisory group on all matters relating to the future directions of the Bushcare Policy and program.






Minutes of the Council Bushcare Representative Group



Meeting Date:     Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Location:            Jervis Bay Rooms, City Administrative Centre, Bridge Road, Nowra

Time:                   10.04am



The following members were present:


Clr John Levett – Chairperson

Frances Bray

Mike Clear

Tony Jennings

Bill Pigott

Len White


Others Present:


Alasdair Stratton – Natural Resource & Floodplain Manager

Peter Swanson – Bushcare Coordinator



Acknowledgement and Respect for the Traditional owners and Elders past and present.




Apologies / Leave of Absence


Apologies were received from Clr Findley, Clr Gash, Kelly Cowlishaw, and Bryan Lenne.



Confirmation of the Minutes

Bill Pigott gave the following correction to the Minutes of the previous meeting: On the last page, where he is signing as Acting Chairperson, he should not be listed as “Clr”.


RESOLVED (Mike Clear / Len White)


That the Minutes of the Council Bushcare Representative Group held on Wednesday 21 February 2018 be confirmed.





Declarations of Interest



BR18.10     Business Arising from Previous Minutes

Relationships with Local Aboriginal Land Councils:

The September 2017 meeting had noted that Council had consulted with Local Aboriginal Land Councils (LALCs) and added this process to the Bushcare Policy, and had also been invited to regular meetings of the LALCs (BR18.4). Council now has a Memorandum of Understanding with Jerrinja LALC. Feedback from Jerrinja LALC on the MoU has been positive.

A future meeting of this Group will be held in Ulladulla to facilitate participation by the Ullladulla LALC.

Bill Pigott noted the reappointment of two Indigenous bush regenerators signalled that the bushcare community needs to highlight the involvement of the Indigenous community. He proposed an event or gathering to further encourage the LALCs to participate in bushcare. Alasdair Stratton recommending arranging separate events to involve the respective LALCs in Nowra, Jerrinja and Ulladulla.

This should not be an open invitation but targeting those with an interest in bushcare.

It will be important to establish connections with the LALC communities before encouraging their participation on site, as there are sensitivities around the land (e.g. potential desecration) that should be identified first.


Alternatives to plastic tree guards:

Peter Swanson has emailed information to the Group members. Wire mesh guards have been used in some situations. Plastic sleeves are cheaper, but they may not necessarily be used in future. Wax cardboard biodegradable guards are available, which will be useful in sensitive areas. It was confirmed that plastic guards can be recycled. It was agreed that guidelines on the use of plastic tree guards will be built into the Procedures..


Recommended  (Item to be determined under delegated authority) 

That Council staff

1.    Circulate a letter inviting Nowra, Jerrinja and Ulladulla LALCs to participate in an event to meet Bushcare volunteers; this letter is to be sent to the Bushcare Representative Group in draft for approval before sending to LALCs.

2.    Add guidelines on the use of plastic tree guards in the Bushcare Procedures..


RESOLVED (By consent)

That Council staff

1.    Circulate a letter inviting Nowra, Jerrinja and Ulladulla LALCs to participate in an event to meet Bushcare volunteers; this letter is to be sent to the Bushcare Representative Group in draft for approval before sending to LALCs.

2.    Add guidelines on the use of plastic tree guards in the Bushcare Procedures..









BR18.7       Bushcare Program Update - November 2018

HPERM Ref: D18/398396

Peter Swanson confirmed that recruitment of Indigenous bush regenerators is under way, and that the Bush Regenerator-Ganger position has been filled, but the Skilled Labourer position has not.

Bill Pigott noted that collecting information on volunteer hours is vital. It was clarified that hours are recorded on a calendar year basis, but this can also be done as the financial year. Data collection is ongoing and Council can report for any given period. Bill suggested that coordinators should be sent reminders to submit sheets. Reports are a significant tool in assuring bushcare budget allocations, and they remind bushcare workers of how their hours contribute to the total.

A comprehensive record of hours is also needed for insurance cover.

Staff were commended for the format of the report, including the images which were helpful.


Recommendation  (Item to be determined under delegated authority) 

That the Shoalhaven Bushcare program update report be received for information.


RESOLVED (By consent)


1.    The Shoalhaven Bushcare program update report be received for information.

2.    Council staff communicate directly with Bushcare Coordinators regarding their volunteer hours returns.




BR18.8       Bushcare Group Action Plan Schedule

HPERM Ref: D18/398859

Staff clarified why the figure of six years had been chosen. Council has 68 Action Plans, and in looking at the timeframe to review a plan it was calculated that six years would be needed to get to each one.

The Action Plans are a guideline, setting out what a group is aspiring to over the time period and providing a benchmark against which to review achievements. It gives volunteers permission to work on the land and authority to act in a general sense.

There was a short discussion about how to present the benefits of the recommendation to Council. For example, the longer intervals between reviews will save staff time and therefore funds.

To ensure that Council remains informed it was proposed that the groups be asked to write a progress report periodically about what is being achieved. It was agreed that Council’s Bushcare Field Officers could lead on this, recording the data they capture in a progress report and submitting it to each group. This will aid tracking progress against the plan. A brief guide to what is needed can be prepared.



That the Bushcare Representative Group support changing the review period of the Bushcare Group Action Plans from three (3) years to six (6) years.




1.    The Bushcare Representative Group support changing the review period of the Bushcare Group Action Plans from three (3) years to six (6) years.

2.    Individual Bushcare groups provide annual interim reports through Council’s Bushcare Field Officers.




BR18.9       Bushcare Procedures

HPERM Ref: D18/397010

Peter Swanson gave a presentation as a precursor to the short workshop.

The Bushcare Procedures have been developed since 2005. The Policy was separated and revised this year, and it is now time to revisit the Procedures.

The current procedures cover: How a new Bushcare/Parkcare group starts; Who can volunteer; Training; Record keeping; Group action plans; Grants from external sources; Financial arrangements; Supervision and coordination; Road Safety; Insurance; Tools and equipment; Rubbish removal; Publicity and promotion.

In Peter's opinion, overall the existing procedures work well. They provide a clear set of rules for the operation of the program. The processes allow for easy registration of new volunteers. The database that has been developed provides readily accessible information on volunteers and volunteer hours.

He felt there is room for improvement in these areas: Starting new groups; Permitting system is not applied; Training obligations on Council are probably overstated; Working alone is not permitted; Updated reference to pile burning guidelines.

The revised policy adds headings on Cultural Heritage; Engagement; Best Practice; Measurement of Outcomes; Communication of outcomes; and Fostering Cooperation.

Peter noted the use of new technology, such as iAuditor, which Field Officers use to collect data.

Alasdair and Peter will compile the Group’s comments into a discussion paper, circulate it to Group members, then incorporate agreed suggestions into the Procedures.

Question 1:  What do you think is working well?

·    Support workers (i.e., Bushcare Field Officers)

·    The general appreciation among Councillors for what Bushcare does

·    The Action Plan concept as an objective reference point

·    Provision of tools and equipment

·    Annual gathering of bushcarers and parkcarers

·    Social engagement in groups

·    Council’s Bushcare Representative Group as a platform

·    Framework for community consultation

·    Provision for temporary membership

·    General flexibility of the procedures

·    Availability of technical information onsite

·    The community development aspect, and building social capital

·    Emails and letters reminding residents of working bees

·    Improvement in the environment, and ability to demonstrate outcomes

·    Signage, although this needs to be in the procedures

Question 2: What do you think are the most important areas for improvement?

·    More focus on skills training, e.g. first aid, community relations / conflict resolution

·    Field officers supplying tool belts instead of requiring volunteers to retain them

·    Dialogue between groups and Council – for example the recent committee disbandments and Collingwood Beach issues were not managed well

·    Action plans can be over-prescriptive

·    Monitoring and record-keeping

·    Need a meeting of coordinators to share learning and best practice – the group’s ‘representativeness’ can be improved

·    Lack of contact with neighbouring bushcare groups. Also improving understanding of Aboriginal land management

·    Physical or mental fitness of volunteers; practical preparedness of volunteers, e.g. appropriate clothing

·    Vetting of volunteers

·    Persistently reapplying volunteers

·    Interface between the group and the local community – Councillors as well as locals. Councillors should be advocates for the bushcare program.

·    Raise awareness of Council’s four core values – collaboration, adaptability, respect, and integrity

·    Age of volunteers – to ensure they are fit for the site but without discriminating

·    Working alone

·    Community consultation on action plans

·    Handling community justice issues for young people on placement – supervision, Working with Children checks; also work with schools

·    Use of teams from the gaol

·    Pile burning – RFS information

·    Training or induction, e.g. in using Roundup independently

·    Length of volunteering before giving access to training

·    How frequently a volunteer must participate to remain registered

·    Use of power tools – flexibility to use on Saturdays, for example

·    Group action plan – monitoring & data collection / evaluation

·    Funding from Landcare that may be used on a Bushcare site

·    Use of other organisations’ equipment

·    A mechanism to extract a condensed 4-page brochure for volunteers from the Action Plan

·    Provision to obtain permission to work outside the area specified in the Action Plan

·    Selection of group coordinators, e.g. conduct a vote in the presence of a Field Officer

·    Appoint deputy coordinators to ensure leadership and succession planning

·    Reimbursement guidelines for tools & equipment

·    Media and publicity information on websites and social media

·    Ability for groups to work on land tenure other than Council

·    Volunteers to state pre-existing conditions on the sign-in sheets – for insurance purposes


Recommendation  (Item to be determined under delegated authority) 

That the report on the proposed review of the Shoalhaven Bushcare/Parkcare procedures be received for information.


RESOLVED (By consent)


1.    The report on the proposed review of the Shoalhaven Bushcare/Parkcare procedures be received for information.

2.    Council staff consolidate the workshop comments and circulate to group members and  feed back.






Bill Pigott announced there will be a Seniors’ Walk taking place at Moeyan Hill Bushcare site during Seniors’ Week on 18 February, at 10.30am. This will be the seventh of these events.




There being no further business, the meeting concluded, the time being 12.00pm.



Clr John Levett







 Council Bushcare Representative Group – Wednesday 24 July 2019

Page 1



BR19.1       Resignation - Bryan Lenne - Council Bushcare Representatives Group


HPERM Ref:       D19/116137


Group:                Finance Corporate & Community Services Group 

Section:              Human Resources, Governance & Customer Service  

Purpose / Summary

To advise the Council Bushcare Representative Group that Mr Bryan Lenne has resigned from the Committee.


That Council:

1.    Accept the resignation of Mr Bryan Lenne from the Council Bushcare Representative Group

2.    Call for nominations from local Bushcare groups, for a replacement member.




1.    As recommended.

Implications: Nil


2.    An alternative recommendation

Implications: Unknown



Council received an email from Mr Bryan Lenne on 23 January 2019 advising of his resignation from the Council Bushcare Representative Group. Council has acknowledged Mr Bryan Lenne’s resignation and expressed appreciation for his contributions through the Bushcare Representative Committee by letter dated 13 February 2019.

Mr Bryan Lenne, a Callalla Bushcare Group volunteer, has been a member of the Council Bushcare Representative Group since its establishment in 2011.


Community Engagement

Council staff will write to the Local Bushcare Groups and ask for a nominee to fill the vacancy. A report will be submitted back to the Council Bushcare Representative Group to advise them of the new member.  


 Council Bushcare Representative Group – Wednesday 24 July 2019

Page 1



BR19.2       Bushcare Program Update


HPERM Ref:       D19/217868


Group:                Planning Environment & Development Group 

Section:              Environmental Services  

Purpose / Summary

Provide Council with an update on the Shoalhaven Bushcare Program

Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the Shoalhaven Bushcare program update report be received for information.




1.    Receive the report for information.

Implications: There are no implications in this regard.


2.    Provide an alternative recommendation

Implications: This will depend on the nature of the recommendation.



Bushcare Groups

There are 57 Bushcare Groups known to be active across the Shoalhaven Local Government Area (LGA) and 700 volunteers are registered with Council’s Bushcare Program.

At the time of writing, working bee record sheets have been received from 29 groups during the 2018-2019 financial year. A further request for record sheets is being sent to the group coordinators. For the sheets received, 5240 hours of volunteer time has been recorded, equating to a value of $157,200 in labour.

The volunteer hours recorded for the past 10 years to the end of 2018, since data has been routinely collected, indicate a typical number of hours but a lower number of groups reporting for the 2018 calendar year. Twelve additional groups are known to be active but have not reported hours.


The total of the recorded hours is 117,600 hours for the 10 years, translating to over $3.5 M of labour.

Council continues to support the work of the Bushcare Groups through the employment of a full-time Bushcare Team Leader and three Bushcare Field Officers, with a total of 37 Bushcare Groups across the Shoalhaven routinely supported by these officers. This is three more than 12 months ago, with additional support being provided to the Shoalhaven Heads groups.

The Red Head Villages Group is currently undergoing a renewal, focusing on Manyana and Cunjurong Point. The group has been largely inactive over recent years. However, there are around ten new registrations and the group has recommenced monthly working bees with the first early in July.

A new group was established with students from Alesco school, based at Vincentia. This group will continue work at the site adjacent to Huskisson Holiday Haven (‘Winnima Wetland’) where previously Vincentia High School Bushcare worked.

As resolved by Council, a new Dunecare group has been formed for Collingwood Beach. At the time of writing, no working bees have been held, but there have been a small number of registrations. Council has voted to allocate $7,000 in the 2019/2020 budget to provide support for the Collingwood Dunecare Group.

One group has become inactive in the past 12 months – the Frogs Hollow group at Bomaderry (Illowra wetland area), due to a decline in group numbers.


Aboriginal Bush Regenerators

During the 2018/2019 financial year Council approved additional budget funds to employ two permanent part-time (2 days a week) Indigenous Bush Regenerators. These positions will continue to actively support the work of the Bushcare Groups and assist with the management of Council’s Natural Area reserves.

Interviews were held in November to fill the two permanent part-time positions created for Bush Regenerators. The Ganger position was filled at that time with the skilled labourer position recently appointed to this position. These designated Aboriginal positions were created following a Mayoral Minute (MIN17.1067) and replace two fixed-term positions that have been employed since 2008 and funded through external grant funding.


Engagement with Aboriginal Land Councils

Following the resolution of the Bushcare Representative Group (BRG) at its meeting of 4 December 2018 (Item BR18.10), letters were sent to three Local Aboriginal Land Councils (Nowra, Jerrinja and Ulladulla) to invite participation in an event or gathering in partnership with Bushcare.

These letters were followed up by phone calls. Whilst there was no event or gathering that came directly from these efforts, good discussions were held which can form the basis of ongoing engagement.

There have been several events which Bushcare staff have been involved in since the last BRG meeting:

·    Attendance of two Bushcare Field Officers and one of the Aboriginal Bush Regenerators at the ‘Firesticks’ forum in Ulladulla.

·    Involvement of the Jerrinja community in the revegetation works to protect middens at Kinghorne Point 

·    Working with the Jerrinja community and the Office of Environment and Heritage to install temporary midden protection works at Cudmirrah

·    Peter Swanson (Bushcare Coordinator) and Cate Brooks (Bushcare Field Officer for southern area) attendance at Cultural Heritage awareness training.

Further opportunities to engage with Aboriginal Land Councils will continue to be sought.


Bushcare Group Action Plans

The following four Bushcare Group Action Plans have been reviewed and adopted by Council:

·    Warden Head Bushcare Group Action Plan – Ulladulla (April 2019)

·    Bangalee Reserve Bushcare Group Action Plan – Bangalee (April 2019)

·    Grotto Reserve Bushcare Group Action Plans – North Nowra (June 2019)

·    Camp Quality – Bundewallah Creek Bushcare Action Plan (June 2019)

The following plan has been drafted and will being circulated for internal review at the time of writing, prior to public exhibition:

·    Millards Creek Bushcare Action Plan – Ulladulla

The following plans are currently being reviewed:

·    Basin Bushcare Group Action Plan – St Georges Basin

·    Bomaderry Creek Bushcare Group Action Plan – Bomaderry


Shoalhaven Bushcare Program 2019 Events and Highlights

The following is an overview of the relevant events and program highlights:

·    Links to Learning program at Vincentia High School – rehabilitation planting as part of the Heritage Estate Erosion Project – May 2019

·    Correctional Services crews undertaking weed control at Moeyan Hill

·    Plantings completed at Bushcare sites so far this year include: Hyams Beach, Mia Way Culburra, Basin Walking Track, Huskisson Bushcare Group, Narrawallee Foreshore, Bomaderry Creek, Camp Quality (Bundewallah Creek, Berry), Millards Creek (Ulladulla) and Vincentia.

·    Cultural Heritage restoration works at Kinghorne Point and Cudmirrah


Shoalhaven Bushcare Program Projects

The following funding applications were submitted so far in 2019:

·    Final report completed for the Bomaderry Zieria Recovery project with OEH. The key outcomes of the project were as follows:

1.   Installation of fencing to prevent grazing;

2.   Initiation of a monitoring program that will continue to 2020/21 to assess the health population

3.   Collection of information related to the 2017 trial burns and the 2018 bushfire;

4.   Good working relationships have been established between NPWS, OEH, SCC, Bomaderry Creek Landcare Group and the Trust, which will help with future work, especially related to the all-important ex-situ population of plants.


External funding applications

The following funding applications were submitted so far in 2019:

·    Three expressions of interest under the ‘Community Environment Program’ via Ann Sudmalis’s office – Currarong (weed control), Lake Wollumboola (fox and weed control), and Tallyann Point (Access stairs to reduce erosion and improve access).

·    Our Community Project – Council is seeking funding of $25,000 interpretive signage for the Grotto. This project and other accepted proposals will go to a community vote, based on State electorates, between 15 July and 15 August 2019. Residents (over 16 years of age) are eligible to vote. To vote go to


Shoalhaven Bushcare Program Communications

Along with routine communications with groups and volunteers, the following specific targeted communications were undertaken:

·    Summer edition of Bushcare Links newsletter produced.

·    Environmental Expo, presence with Shoalhaven Landcare Association and assisted Natural Areas ‘X-box’ stall)

·    Maintained membership and attendance at meetings of Shoalhaven Landcare Association.

·    Support and communications around NatureMapr – Atlas of Budawang Coast.

·    Attendance at Berry Small Farm Field Day in September 2018.


Shoalhaven Bushcare Program Photos

The following photographs relate to some of the activities and events discussed above, along with routine activities.


Post-fire re-growth Bomaderry Creek (January 2019)

Site visit - Callala

Tree down – The Grotto

Sea of Kangaroo apple (was Lantana) - Bangalee

Revegetation at Milton Rainforest

Planning for National tree Day – Broughton Vale

Hyams Bushcare group caring for their dunes

Vincentia Bushcare installing understorey, trialling biodegradable guards

Bomaderry Creek – old tip site replanting

Well-deserved cuppa – Bomaderry Creek

Midden protection works - Cudmirrah

Midden protection works – Kinghorne Point

Mia Way – site visit

Shoalhaven Environmental Expo





 Council Bushcare Representative Group – Wednesday 24 July 2019

Page 1



BR19.3       Review of Bushcare/Parkcare Procedures


HPERM Ref:       D19/220263


Group:                Planning Environment & Development Group 

Section:              Environmental Services 

Attachments:     1.  Draft - Bushcare/Parkcare Procedures

2.  Bushcare Procedures Workshop 4 December 2018    

Purpose / Summary

To provide information on the review of the Bushcare/Parkcare Procedures and seek endorsement of the reviewed procedures.

Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That Council endorse the Shoalhaven Bushcare/Parkcare Procedure, with the amendments outlined in this report.




1.    As per recommendation

Implications: Council Bushcare/Parkcare Procedure is updated and relevant to the changing programs and legislative changes.


2.    Adopt the recommendation, however request further changes to the procedures

Implications: Council Bushcare/Parkcare Procedure is updated and relevant and changes are made, as suggested by the Bushcare representative Group


3.    Not adopt the recommendation

Implications: Council current procedures will remain outdated and not in-line with current changes to the programs and legislative changes.



The Bushcare/Parkcare Policy and Procedures were separated in 2018, when a separate policy document was adopted by Council on 28 June (MIN18.518).

A workshop was held on 4 December 2018, with the Bushcare Representative Group (BRG), to determine the changes required to the Bushcare/Parkcare Procedures. This review of the Bushcare/Parkcare procedures was overdue, as the procedures have not been updated since 2009.

The Bushcare Representative Group workshop identified that there were improvements needed in the following areas of the procedures.

1.   Volunteer/Group matters;

2.   Bushcare sites management;

3.   Bushcare Group Action Plans;

4.   Program Administration;

5.   Partnerships.

The areas for improvement and changes identified in the workshop are listed below with a description of how these have been addressed in the draft reviewed Procedures (attached).


Volunteer/Group matters


Changes made

Selection of group coordinator – improve procedure

Section 3.1, essentially by agreement of members, with a majority in agreement

Deputy group coordinator (i.e., having a deputy has worked well)

Section 3.1, have included

Pre-existing conditions of volunteers (needs to be addressed)

Section 2.3, need to be disclosed, perform appropriate tasks as per assessment

Age of volunteers -  guidelines on physical capabilities of volunteers

Section 2.1 – Age range of volunteers, disabilities and carers of volunteers has been added

Working alone - realistically volunteers are working alone - needs to be based on risk of activity.

This is an SCC-wide WHS rule, not Bushcare Procedure

Improvements in training, e.g. first aid and conflict resolution

Section 5 - Additional training added

How long does volunteer need to be a volunteer to get training?

Section 5.3 Not directly a factor.

Opportunities for Bushcare Group coordinators to meet

Section 4 New addition

Area wide opportunities to meet and network

Section 4 New addition

Clear information on what the physical requirements of Bushcare volunteering involves

Section 2 Text added, recognising that a variety of tasks can be undertaken and inclusion

How Bushcare Groups relate to elected representatives and the community

Not procedural. Addressed largely in the SCC Volunteer Handbook


Bushcare sites


Changes made

Demonstrate improvements in the environment

Section 7 added


Bushcare Group Action plans


Changes made

Include monitoring & evaluation

Section 7 added. Text added to Section 6.1

Condensing Bushcare plans to make them usable

Section 6 revised

Provision for working outside area of action plans

Sections 1.2 and 3.1

Ability to work on the other land tenures - other than SCC

Section 6.1 Advice received that Council’s insurance covers volunteers on other land tenure. Provided there is written agreement required by the land owner/manager or grant funding agreement

Community consultation requirements too prescriptive needs review

Section 6.2 revised

Bushcare Action Plans too prescriptive

Section 6.1 revised, the general structure reduced. Plans can be written to be specific or general under the framework listed


Program administration


Changes made

Procedures for use of external funding and equipment

Section 8 addresses funding. Section 10.3 addresses equipment

Reimbursement for out of pocket expenses (needs to be documented)

Section 8.7 new section

Media - no provision for social media/websites, etc

Section 12.2 new section

Pile burning - update procedures to conform with RFS

Section 11.3 revised text to reference RFS website

Use of herbicides on-site procedures

This is covered by the Volunteer Induction Handbook and NSW Pesticides Act

Guidelines on how long a volunteer is registered when not active

Section 2.6 new section

Use of power tools - reasonable use

Section 10.1 text amended regarding hand-held tools

Improvement in respect for Bushcare volunteers by Council

This is a matter of culture that cannot be addressed directly in the procedures

Monitoring and record keeping

Sections 3.2, 6 and 7 text added

The representativeness of the Bushcare Representative Group

This is not a procedural matter, needs to be addressed at the committee level

Improvement in technology and new volunteers register

These are tools that can be used to implement the Procedures and do not need to be listed within the Procedures




Changes made

Procedures for establishing partnership

Section 4 development of an engagement plan annually

Involvement with Community Justice – guidelines/procedures needed

Community Justice not specifically addressed, refer to engagement plan Section 4

Working with schools and required working with children checks

Section 2.1 and 2.2

Working with correctional services

Section 4

Sharing information

Section 12 amended

Acknowledgement of, and working with traditional landowners

Section 4


Policy Implications

The revision of the Bushcare/Parkcare Procedures is for the improved implementation of the revised Bushcare/Parkcare policy. The Bushcare/Parkcare Procedures are, essentially an operational document, however they are informed and guided by the Bushcare/Parkcare Policy.


Financial Implications

There are no new financial implications indicated from the revised policy. The Procedures will be delivered within existing operational budgets.


Risk Implications

The endorsement and implementation of the revised Bushcare/Parkcare Procedures will address and substantially reduce program risks.



 Council Bushcare Representative Group – Wednesday 24 July 2019

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 Council Bushcare Representative Group – Wednesday 24 July 2019

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