Shoalhaven Sports Board



Meeting Date:     Wednesday, 26 September, 2018

Location:            Jervis Bay Rooms, City Administrative Centre, Bridge Road, Nowra

Time:                   5:00pm


Please note: Council’s Code of Meeting Practice permits the electronic recording and broadcast of the proceedings of meetings of the Council which are open to the public. Your attendance at this meeting is taken as consent to the possibility that your image and/or voice may be recorded and broadcast to the public.





1.    Apologies

2.    Confirmation of Minutes

·      Shoalhaven Sports Board - 27 June 2018................................................................... 1

3.    Declarations of Interest

4.    Reports

SB18.11...... Shoalhaven Sports Board - Current Projects Update.................................... 5

SB18.12...... 2018 Shoalhaven Hall of Sporting Fame..................................................... 10

SB18.13...... Sports Grants Program 2018/2019 - Funding.............................................. 14

SB18.14...... Australia Day - Nominations......................................................................... 18                         

5.    General Business


 Shoalhaven Sports Board – Wednesday 26 September 2018




Mr David Goodman – Chairperson

All Councillors

Mr Russ Pigg or nominee

Mr Andrew Johnstone

Mr Syd Weller

Mr Roger Walker

Ms Elaine Caswell

Mr Tony Hardman

Ms Elizabeth Tooley

Ms Lisa Kennedy

Mr Phil Newlyn

Mr Keith Wallace



Quorum – Seven (7)



The Shoalhaven Sports Board (Board) is to provide advocacy for the sporting community on policy, direction and strategic planning related to Council’s objectives.  To achieve this policy and strategic objective, the Board will be strategic in nature and focus on appointments to achieve this outcome.




·         Represent the whole Shoalhaven Sporting Community (all sports)

·         Provide ongoing, high level policy and planning advice to Council.

·         Make recommendations to the Council on all relevant business presented before it

·         Advocate and maintain specific sports related portfolios.

·         Advocate and promote Board recommendations.






Minutes of the Shoalhaven Sports Board



Meeting Date:     Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Location:            Jervis Bay Rooms, City Administrative Centre, Bridge Road, Nowra

Time:                   5:00pm



The following members were present:


Clr Bob Proudfoot

Clr Patricia White

Mr David Goodman - Chairperson

Mr Syd Weller

Ms Elaine Caswell

Mr Tony Hardman

Ms Lisa Kennedy

Mr Phil Newlyn

Mr Keith Wallace


Others present:

Ms Susan Edwards – Unit Manager, Community & Recreation

Ms Jane Lewis – Section Manager, Recreation, Community & Culture

Ms Beth Britton – Facilities Coordinator

Mr Stephen Dunshea – Director, Finance, Corporate & Community Services

Mr Colin Wood (arrived 5.08pm, left 5.24pm)



Note: The Chair congratulated Syd Weller in obtaining an OAM on the 2018 Queen’s Birthday Honours List. Council, at its meeting of 26 June 2018 congratulated recipients of awards (see MIN18.453).



Apologies / Leave of Absence


An apology was received from Elizabeth Tooley.



Confirmation of the Minutes

RESOLVED (Clr White / Syd Weller)


That the Minutes of the Shoalhaven Sports Board held on Wednesday 28 March 2018 be confirmed.




Declarations of Interest






SB18.1       West Street Oval and Facilities

HPERM Ref: D18/81085

Sam Driesen Club President and Chrissy Lakey Club Vice President, Nowra Albatross Football Club would like to address the Committee in relation to West Street Oval and its facilities.


Sam Driesden and Chrissy Lakey gave their apologies to the Board.



SB18.6       Discussion - Requirements under the Infrastructure State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) to meet the requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA)

HPERM Ref: D18/203380

Colin Wood advised that there is no need for a Development Application where the development complies with the Infrastructure SEPP, the Building Code of Australia and the basic development requirements. This simplifies and streamlines the process for minor structures as it removes need for development application. The Infrastructure SEPP has been in force since 2009.  The SEPP may not apply to floodprone, bushfire prone and coastal zones, therefore clubs/associations should contact Council in the first instance.

Colin asked for a preliminary email to himself and Cathy Bern with detailed plans and site plans before commencing the process, the plans will be assessed for compliance with Building Regulations. Council can undertake inspections during construction and a letter of completion is issued instead of a certificate of compliance.

Colin gave an example of how it might work, such as building a shed for storage and amenities on a parcel of land owned by Council. The owner of the land is required to initiate, this means that prior to any plans being drawn up Council staff should be consulted regarding any clubs proposals. The club or organisation can have plans drawn up. Cathy and Colin will assess the drawings for compliance and provide a letter identifying issues or approval to construct, then the club or organisation can commence construction.

Council has the discretion to reduce fees, it is anticipated to be more economical than the standard process.

Action: Susan Edwards offered to distribute a link to the relevant provisions of the Infrastructure SEPP to Committee members.


Note: Colin Wood left the meeting, the time being 5.24pm.





SB18.7       Shoalhaven Sports Board - Current Projects Update

HPERM Ref: D18/189817

Susan Edwards spoke to the report and advised that grant applications for 15 projects from Council have progressed to the next round.


Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the report regarding Current Projects Update be received for information.


RESOLVED (Phil Newlyn / Elaine Caswell)

That the report regarding Current Projects Update be received for information.



Note: Stephen Dunshea left the meeting, the time being 5.30pm.


SB18.8       Draft Mission, Values and Aims Statement

HPERM Ref: D18/196744

Tony Hardman raised some issues about the IPART SRV and how it’s applied.

Clr White advised that $500,000 was set aside for sporting fields and that every year Council has to report back to IPART. Any unspent funds get carried over to the next year.

Susan Edwards added that it is intended to be for the surface of the fields only, not for floodlighting or amenities.



That the Shoalhaven Sports Board note the Draft Mission, Values & Aims Document forwarded to the Board from Phill Newlyn presented as Attachment 1 to the report.


RECOMMENDATION (Phil Newlyn / Tony Hardman)

That the Shoalhaven Sports Board endorses the Mission, Values & Aims Document presented as Attachment 1 to the report and reports to Council for adoption.




Addendum Reports


SB18.9       Illawarra Shoalhaven Regional Sport and Active Recreation Plan feedback

HPERM Ref: D18/207457

Susan Edwards spoke to the report and draft Plan.


Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the Shoalhaven Sports Board

1.    Be informed of the Illawarra Shoalhaven Regional Sport and Active Recreation Plan consultation period which runs until 5.00pm Friday 19 July 2018.

2.    Submit a submission to the Office of Sport from the Shoalhaven Sports Board.


RESOLVED (Elaine Caswell / Tony Hardman)


1.    The Shoalhaven Sports Board notes the consultation period for the Illawarra Shoalhaven Regional Sport and Active Recreation Plan runs until 5.00pm Friday 19 July 2018.

2.    Council write to local sporting organisations to encourage them to make a submission to the Office of Sport.






SB18.10     Additional item - various matters discussed


Note: the following matters were raised and comments made as follows:


Floodlighting charges

The Chair has spoken with the Director Finance, Corporate & Community to provide some background and suggested to waive debt for 2015, 2016 and 2017.


Wish list and priority areas

Shoalhaven Football Association have put forward their wish list and priority areas, this was tabled at the meeting. David will email. Susan advised that Council have met with cricket and AFL associations, and reiterated that any proposed projects need to go to clubs association for endorsement prior to be submitted to Council.


Hall of Fame

Syd Weller asked when was the Last Hall of Fame. Susan Edwards advised that it was in 2014.


Working With Children Check

Elaine Caswell noted that new Working With Children legislation became effective this week and suggested that clubs clarify who is required to have the check.


Illawarra Sports Forum

Lisa Kennedy attended the Illawarra Sports Forum. Lisa advised that representatives from State Associations to local clubs. The Forum was identifying what support was needed to organisations. Illawarra Coaching Network is to be established to share information between groups and will include the Shoalhaven. Lisa will forward materials to the Board.


Succession Planning for Junior Sport

Tony Hardman raised the issue of succession planning for junior sport and advised that a company in Ulladulla can assist clubs to prepare a 5 year succession plan and grant applications. Tony will find out more, such as whether the owner of the company would be willing to share their work as a template for sporting organisations.



There being no further business, the meeting concluded, the time being 6.10pm.



Mr David Goodman







 Shoalhaven Sports Board – Wednesday 26 September 2018

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SB18.11     Shoalhaven Sports Board - Current Projects Update


HPERM Ref:       D18/293056


Group:                Finance Corporate & Community Services Group 

Section:              Recreation Community & Culture



Purpose / Summary

To provide a project update to the Sports Board on current projects under development by Council.


Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the report regarding Current Projects Update be received for information.




1.    Adopt the recommendation as written.

Implications: This will enable staff to continue progressing projects as discussed in the report.



The following is a project update of current projects under development.


Floodlighting Charges Review & Councillor Briefing

A Councillor Briefing was held 23 August 2018. 

David Goodman attended and indicated support from the Sports Board, and that clubs would be willing to make some contribution to floodlighting costs.

The Review proposed that:

·    All fees be waived for 2017 floodlighting (possibly including refund or credits extended to Management Committee clubs for charges already paid),

·    Floodlight controller systems (Illuminators) be installed at all sportsgrounds where there are floodlights, on a priority based on usage and subject to available funding,

·    Illuminator metering system will begin at 1 April 2019 and invoicing be undertaken conducted quarterly thereafter,

·    A revised rate be charged for floodlighting: actual electricity charge + 33% of floodlight maintenance costs (estimated from data collected at Council-managed sites).  In 2018/19 that fee will be $0.47/kwhr (subject to being placed on Public Exhibition and being adopted by Council).  (Current fee is $0.95/kwhr).

A Report has been submitted to the Strategy & Assets Council Meeting, 18 September 2018, and will be considered by Council for adoption at its Ordinary Meeting, 25 September 2018.


Shoalhaven Community & Recreation Precinct

Council recently resolved to relocate the croquet courts to the original location on the Shoalhaven Community and Recreation Precinct Masterplan for the Artie Smith site.  Council is now proceeding to detailed design for the Artie Smith site for cricket, AFL and croquet.


Draft Bay & Basin Community Hub Masterplan

Council are proceeding to detailed design for the skate park. 

A report was presented to the Strategy & Assets Council Meeting, 18 September 2018. This Report recommended a revised masterplan, removing the library and adding a learn to swim facility.   This was adopted and subject to availability of funding will progress to detailed design.


Croquet – Ulladulla Sports Park

The development of new croquet facilities is currently underway: 

·    The Ulladulla stockpile is being moved from its current location to the depot.  This commenced on 16 August 2018.  The move will be complete in 14 weeks.  Completion date expected is 30 November 2018,

·    Tenders will be sought for construction of the facility, during December 2018 and January 2019,

·    Proposed start date for construction is 1 April 2019,

·    It is anticipated construction will take approximately 6 months to complete, this will be weather dependant,

·    November 2019 is the anticipated completion date. 


Stronger Country Community Fund (SCCF) grant application

Grant funding applications have been approved and announced for all projects relating to sportsgrounds that were applied for, excepting those for tennis court resurfacing and fencing which have been confirmed but not announced.

Staff have commenced investigations and community consultation towards implementing the new infrastructure, which is required to be completed by July 2020.  Final locations have not been confirmed.  This process will continue as we roll out the projects.

A Report has been prepared for the Ordinary Meeting 25 September 2018, to recommend acceptance of grant funding for:

·    Air conditioning units at five (5) community centres - $62,570,

·    Drainage and/or irrigation at six (6) sportsgrounds - $738,725,

·    Added Area floodlight & power boards upgrade – Nowra Showground - $188,613,

·    Amenities – public toilets to tourist locations - $280,000,

·    Shade structures over five (5) local playgrounds - $136,785,

·    Pergola shade structures & picnic installations at four (4) local reserves - $53,147,

·    Playground installations – upgrade existing aged infrastructure at four (4) local reserves - $380,000,

·    BBQ & shelter installations at five (5) local reserves - $115,657,

·    Beach accessway – inclusive beach access at Balfleur Beach and Plantation Point Jervis Bay - $150,000,

·    Community fitness stations – outdoor gymnasiums (exercise equipment) at two (2) local reserves - $139,750,

·    Floodlight controller upgrade – installation of automatic controllers at seventeen (17) sportsgrounds - $114,943,

·    Tennis court fencing – four (4) local courts - $181,366,

·    Tennis court resurfacing – fifteen (15) courts at nine (9) local facilities - $179,895.

Council will also be co-contributing over $1M to support and deliver these works, in addition to the grant funding.


Brief Summary of Work Program Projects Being Undertaken or in Development FY 2018/19



Floodlighting Charges

Report was presented to Strategy and Assets 18 September 2018 and will be considered by Council at its Ordinary Meeting 25 September 2018.

Frogs Holla Sewerage Works

Funds have been allocated to install on-site AWTS system.  Installation will be managed by Project Delivery Unit – date to be confirmed.

New online bookings system

Go-live for Council-managed sites estimated January 2019. Seasonal Allocation forms in hard copy (paper) this year, next winter season will be online.

Culburra Cougars Amenities Building

Hotondo Homes have offered to project manage the construction on behalf of the club.  Detailed designs are still pending but works expected to commence this financial year.

Floodlighting Illuminators

Stage 1 complete (Council funded). 10 additional locations now installed (additional to Lyrebird & Vincentia Ovals), as follows:
Berry Sporting Complex – 2 fields

Bomaderry Sports Complex - 2

Crookhaven Park - 3

Ison Park – 6

Francis Ryan Reserve – 2

St Georges Basin Sportsground – 3

Ulladulla Sporting Complex – 2 fields, 8 netball courts

Lighthouse Oval – 1

Vic Zealand Oval – 3

Huskisson Oval – 3


Stage 2 (seventeen fields funded by SCCF funding as above) & 3 (4 fields currently unfunded) will see all floodlit fields including Management Committee sites, to have Illuminators installed.  

WHS manuals - Management Committees

30 Manuals have been ordered and will be delivered one at a time to Committees, with an induction run by the WHS team and supported by Community and Recreation Unit staff.

Grandstand Seating

Staff have submitted application to Community Sports Infrastructure grant, to install sheltered grandstand seating at sites identified via previous requests and Community Infrastructure Strategic Plan (CISP):

Callala Sports Complex

Finkernagel Oval

Vic Zealand Oval

Lyrebird Park

Floodlight Upgrades

Initial investigations are being undertaken at Rugby Park to increase power supply to allow operation of all existing lights.

Bernie Regan has been identified as requiring upgrade. Forward planning investigations will be undertaken, aligned to staff workplans.

Boongaree Masterplan

Berry District Park / Sporting Complex renamed to ‘Boongaree’, following a public community consultation process.
Staff have been in discussion with user groups regarding field realignment, detailed design of irrigation and drainage, and floodlighting upgrade.

At this point there has been no indication of the community’s desire to form a volunteer-run Management Committee.  Staff will continue to work with the community towards this.
Berry Tennis Club exploring options to undertake Licence / be managed by Council.

Seasonal Programs

Topdressing - October 

Weed Control - underway

Fertilising – during spring/summer months

These are undertaken at locations identified by the Parks Unit supervisors.

Huskisson Oval

Field condition following Carnival will be addressed by staff in the occupancy agreement.  The Carnival will be required to lay turf (rather than seeding) following the event, on fields that are required for immediate play.

Ulladulla Sporting Complex Rugby League

The drainage system has compromised by topdressing.  The soil that was sent for testing had a higher than optimal silt content. Council staff to monitor

Sports Grants Program

A separate Report will be presented to this meeting

Hall of Sporting Fame

A separate Report will be presented to this meeting

Nowra High School

Negotiations are continuing for the management of the sportsground to return to the school.  Clubs have been advised of pending changes.

Thurgate Oval Amenities

Amenities building is complete.


Community Engagement

As required, community engagement will be undertaken for the various projects detailed in this report.


Sporting Groups Workshops

Nowra held 14 August 2018 and Milton held 29 August 2018

No written feedback has been received, however we received lots of positive verbal support of the idea and the execution of the workshop.



 Shoalhaven Sports Board – Wednesday 26 September 2018

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SB18.12     2018 Shoalhaven Hall of Sporting Fame


HPERM Ref:       D18/300304


Group:                Finance Corporate & Community Services Group 

Section:              Recreation Community & Culture 

Attachments:     1.  Application Form - Nomination for Inclusion in the Shoalhaven Hall of Sporting Fame   

Purpose / Summary

Providing advice to Shoalhaven Sports Board regarding the status of the 2018 Sporting Hall of Fame event.

Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the Shoalhaven Sports Board

1.    Endorse the 2018 Sporting Hall of Fame to be held on 30 November 2018

2.    Nominate two representatives from the Shoalhaven Sports Board to assist with the development and implementation of the Sporting Hall of Fame 2018. 

a)   Insert name as decided in meeting

b)   Insert name as decided in meeting




1.    Committee members adopt the recommendation as printed

Implications: This will allow council staff to continue for the planning of the Sporting Hall of Fame. The 2018 Sporting Hall of Fame nominations will open for nominations on the 17 September 2018 and presentations will be made on the 30 November 2018. 


2.    Committee members not accept the report and provide an alternative

Implications: This may have implications for the event to be held this year in line with Councils decision to hold the event every 4 years.



The Shoalhaven Hall of Sporting Fame Award program was established in 2004 to recognise Shoalhaven residents that have excelled in sport. The event is held every four years, three rounds of inductions have been held, with the last one being in 2014.

Planning for the 2018 Shoalhaven Sporting Hall of Fame Awards is underway and will follow the 2014 event format. 

The presentation evening will be held at the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre on Friday 30th November 2018. Nominations will be accepted under three categories.

-     Shoalhaven Elite Athlete

-     Shoalhaven Sporting Hero

-     Shoalhaven Sporting Animal

Nominations will open on the 17th September 2018 and close on the 19th October 2018 and will be widely advertised using a variety of mediums.

Eligibility criteria for each category are provided in Attachment 1. 


Community Engagement

Council will advertise the calling of nominations though social media and sporting organisations and the Shoalhaven Sports Board.  Council are currently developing a detailed engagement strategy.   The event will be promoted through the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre, Council contacts, the Shoalhaven Sports Board and media.




 Shoalhaven Sports Board – Wednesday 26 September 2018

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 Shoalhaven Sports Board – Wednesday 26 September 2018

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SB18.13     Sports Grants Program 2018/2019 - Funding


HPERM Ref:       D18/300459


Group:                Finance Corporate & Community Services Group 

Section:              Recreation, Community & Culture  

Purpose / Summary

To advise the Shoalhaven Sports Board of the funding applications for the Sports Grants Program (SGP) 2018/2019 and to seek Council approval for the allocation of funding to the recommended applications.


That the Shoalhaven Sports Board approve the following 6 applicants for the 2018/19 Sports Grants Program:

1.    Shoalhaven Mariners Baseball Club – Construct Batting Cage: $35,350

2.    Shoalhaven Netball Association – Upgrade P.A System: $22,505.93

3.    Berry Shoalhaven Heads Cricket Club – Rebuilding Practice Nets: $40,000

4.    St Georges Basin Football Club Inc – Sub-Surface Drainage Field 1: $47,667

5.    Berry Riding Club Inc – Top Dressing Riding Areas: $8,674

6.    Shoalhaven District Football Association - Ison Park Field 1 - Replace Existing Floodlights with LED: $30,000




1.    Adopt the recommendation as above.

Implications: This will allow the SGP funds to be allocated and the projects to proceed.


2.    Provide an alternative recommendation which provides staff direction.

Implications: Unkown until advice received - this will delay the SGP and may result in funding not being spent.



The purpose of the Sports Grants Program (SGP) is to assist Shoalhaven sporting groups to undertake new works or improvements to existing fixed assets at sporting facilities on Council managed land. It is not for maintenance activities.

As per the Sports Grants Program (POL16/219), applications for funding occur annually. Information was sent to all sporting clubs on Council’s database advising clubs of the scheme and requesting that clubs make an application prior to 30 June 2018.

The total 2018/19 budget is $208,278.  The following twelve (12) applications for funding were received (in chronological order of receipt) with a total fund request of $283,168.33. 

1.    Turf Wicket Soil Replenishment – Shoalhaven Wide

2.    Construct Batting Cage – Ison Park South Nowra

3.    Upgrade/Replace P.A System – Park Road Netball Courts Nowra

4.    Shipping Container on Concrete Slab – Berry Sporting Complex

5.    Upgrade Floodlights Field 1 with new LED lights – Ison Park Field 1

6.    Rebuilding Practice Cricket Nets – Berry Sporting Complex

7.    Re-Surface 2x Synthetic Grass Tennis Courts – Berry Sporting Complex

8.    Purchase of Portaloos – Berry Equestrian Centre

9.    Construction of Slab, Access Ramp and Verandah Roof – Berry Equestrian Centre

10.  Sub-Surface Drainage – St Georges Basin Sporting Fields Field 1

11.  Upgrade Floodlights -  Lyrebird Sports Park Field 4

12.  Top Dressing Riding Ares – Berry Equestrian Centre

Six of these applications are recommended to fund. 

The recommendation is to deliver the 6 conforming projects.  This includes a project deferred in 2017/2018 – St Georges Basin Football Club – Sub Surface Drainage. 


TABLE 1 – Summary of Conforming Applications:




Est cost (Ex In Kind Labour)

Funds Requested

Club Contribution

Fund Considered

Shoalhaven Mariners Baseball Club

Ison Park Baseball Field

Construct Batting Cage





Shoalhaven Netball Association

Park Rd Netball Courts

Upgrade P.A Sysytem





Berry Shoalhaven Heads Cricket Club

Berry Sporting Complex

Rebuild Practice Nets



$20,000 +

(Community Building Partnership)


St Georges Basin Football Club Inc

St Georges Basin Sporting Fields

Sub-Surface Drainage Field 1 (or 2 fields?)





Berry Riding Club

Berry Equestrian Centre

Initial Top Dressing Riding Arenas


$ 8,674

$ 4,337


Shoalhaven District Football Association

Ison Park (Field 1)

Replace Existing Floodlights with LED













Table 2 – Assessment of Projects Recommended for Funding Consideration

Club Project

Compliance with Strategic and Other Plans of Council -50%

Value of Additional In-Kind Labour to Contribute – 15%

Percentage of Funding Club is Contributing - 10%

The Apparent ‘readiness’ of the Project to Proceed -15%

Benefit to Other Users of the Reserve – 10%


Shoalhaven Mariners -Batiting Cage







Shoalhaven Netball – Upgrade PA System







Berry Shoalhaven Heads CC – Cricket Nets







St Georges Basin FC – Drainage Field 1







Berry Riding Club – Top Dressing







Shoalhaven District Football Association – LED Floodlights








The projects not recommended include:

·    Four projects deemed to be ineligible under the Community Infrastructure Guidelines (CIG), 

·    Berry Tennis resurfacing project which has been funded by another scheme,

·    Shoalhaven United Football Club floodlight upgrade request for Lyrebird Park.  This is the second of three (3) applications for Shoalhaven football grounds.  This application is for a smaller, junior ground and the club is able to fund a smaller percentage contribution to the project.  Consequently, the two (2) other projects are recommended and this project deferred for consideration 2019/20.


Table 3 – Projects not recommended for approval – The following table lists the not-recommended applicants:





Est Cost (ex In Kind Labour)

Funds Requested

Club Contibution

Reason for non Recommendation

Shoalhaven District Cricket Association

City Wide

Turf Wicket Soil Replenishment

$ 5,583

$ 3,722

$ 1,861

Maintenance Request

Berry Shoalhaven Heads JRLC

Berry Sporting Complex

Shipping Container on Concrete Slab

$ 8,242

$ 4,826

$ 2,378

Temparary Structure

Berry Riding Club Inc

Berry Equestrian Centre

Purchase of 2x Port-a-Loos

$ 9,020

$ 6,014

$ 3,006

Temporary Structure

Berry Riding Club Inc

Berry Equestrian Centre

Construction of Ramp and Verandah Roof



$ 5,089

Additions to Temporary Structure

Berry Tennis Club

Berry tennis Courts

Re-Surface 2 x Synthetic Grass Courts




Funding approved by other means

Shoalhaven United Football Club

Lyrebird Sports Park

Upgrade Floodlights Field 4 to LED 100 LUX




2nd application this year, and successful recipients 2017/18

Policy Implications

All projects that are identified to proceed comply with the Sports Grants Policy.


Financial Implications

$208,278         2018/19 Sports Grants Program budget funding available

$184,196         Total Council contribution for six (6) projects recommended this year

$  24,082    Unspent balance to be transferred to the Minor Improvements Active Recreation budget


Risk Implications

In the event that Berry Shoalhaven Heads Cricket Club does not receive grant funding (Community Building Partership), an additional $19,000 may be required for this project.  As this addresses a significant safety issue and is a beneficial contribution to the upgrade of the district park’s sporting facilities, it is recommended that should this funding be required, it be met by the sportsgrounds operational budget.   


 Shoalhaven Sports Board – Wednesday 26 September 2018

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SB18.14     Australia Day - Nominations


HPERM Ref:       D18/322966


Group:                Finance Corporate & Community Services Group 

Section:              Human Resources, Governance & Customer Service 

Attachments:     1.  2019 - Australia Day Nomination Form   

Purpose / Summary

To advise the Committee that the nominations for the 2019 Australia Day Awards opened in August 2018.

Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the Shoalhaven Sports Board:

1.    Receive the Australia Day Nominations report for information; and

2.    Actively promote the Australia Day Nominations.




1.    As recommended.

Implications: Nil.



The Shoalhaven has many people who achieve great success and make a significant personal contribution to better the region and improve the lives of others.  Shoalhaven City Council recognises these individuals to be of great importance. One of the ways in which we do this is via our “Australia Day Awards” each year.

The Australia Day Awards seek to recognise outstanding contributions to the local community during 2018 based on the following categories:

·    Citizen – 25 Years and Over

·    Young Citizen – 24 Years and Younger

·    Sports Person – 19 Years and Over

·    Junior Sports person – 18 Years and Younger

·    Outstanding Contribution to the Environment

·    Outstanding Contribution to an Inclusive Shoalhaven - This category is for nominees who have made an outstanding contribution to making the Shoalhaven a more inclusive community for people of all abilities, ages and/or cultures.

·    Outstanding Emerging Artist - This category is open to artists of any age, practising any art form including writer, visual/ digital artist, performer etc

·    Outstanding Contribution to Arts & Culture - This category is open to both artists and non-artists contributing to the arts in any capacity

Nomination forms will be made available online in August and can be found via this link and at the following Council buildings:

·    Nowra Administration Building

·    Ulladulla Administration Building

·    Nowra Aquatic Centre

·    Nowra Library

·    Ulladulla Aquatic Centre

·    Ulladulla Library/Civic Centre

·    Bay and Basin Leisure Centre

The Nomination form is attached to the report and nominations are open until Friday 30 November 2018.

The awards will be an exciting event in recognising the achievements of our local community heroes.

We encourage all members of the Shoalhaven Sports Board to make nominations for the awards and share the information and nomination forms within the Community.


Community Engagement

Council staff will liaise with Council committees and advisory groups, CCBs, sporting associations, not for profit organisations, service providers and community groups by either working directly with the committees to spread the message and information, visiting their meetings and sending out constant communications. Other engagement and communications platforms including community stands, noticeboards, advertising, media, videos, social media, speaking engagements, posters in Council Buildings and interviews will be utilised. 



 Shoalhaven Sports Board – Wednesday 26 September 2018

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