Shoalhaven Sports Board



Meeting Date:     Wednesday, 28 March, 2018

Location:            Ulladulla Training Room, Ulladulla Council Administrative Centre, Deering St, Ulladulla

Time:                   5:00pm


Please note: Council’s Code of Meeting Practice permits the electronic recording and broadcast of the proceedings of meetings of the Council which are open to the public. Your attendance at this meeting is taken as consent to the possibility that your image and/or voice may be recorded and broadcast to the public.





1.    Apologies

2.    Confirmation of Minutes

·      Shoalhaven Sports Board - 13 December 2017.......................................................... 1

3.    Declarations of Interest

4.    Presentations

SB18.1........ West Street Oval and Facilities

Sam Driesen Club President and Chrissy Lakey Club Vice President would like to address the Committee in relation to West Street Oval and its facilities.

5.    Reports

SB18.2........ Review of Councils Policies - Sportsgrounds Management and Grants Program........................................................................................................................ 5

SB18.3........ Shoalhaven Sports Board - Current Projects Update.................................. 20                         

6.    General Business

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 Shoalhaven Sports Board – Wednesday 28 March 2018

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Mr David Goodman – Chairperson

All Councillors

Mr Russ Pigg or nominee

Mr Andrew Johnstone

Mr Syd Weller

Mr Roger Walker

Ms Elaine Caswell

Mr Tony Hardman

Ms Elizabeth Tooley

Ms Lisa Kennedy

Mr Phil Newlyn

Mr Keith Wallace



Quorum – Seven (7)



The Shoalhaven Sports Board (Board) is to provide advocacy for the sporting community on policy, direction and strategic planning related to Council’s objectives. To achieve this policy and strategic objective, the Board will be strategic in nature and focus on appointments to achieve this outcome.









Minutes of the Shoalhaven Sports Board



Meeting Date:     Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Location:            Jervis Bay Rooms, City Administrative Centre, Bridge Road, Nowra

Time:                   5:00pm



The following members were present:

Mr David Goodman - Chairperson

Clr Patricia White

Clr John Wells – arrived 5.09pm and left 6.24pm

Clr Nina Cheyne – left 6.23pm

Clr Bob Proudfoot – left 6.19pm

Ms Elaine Caswell

Mrs Elizabeth Tooley

Ms Lisa Kennedy

Mr Tony Hardman

Mr Phil Newlyn

Mr Syd Weller – arrived 5.19pm

Ms Jane Lewis – Recreation Community and Culture Section Manager



Others Present

Susan Edwards – Social and Infrastructure Planning Manager



Apologies / Leave of Absence


Mr Roger Walker, Mr Andrew Johnstone, Clr Gash and Clr Pakes.



Confirmation of the Minutes

RESOLVED (Clr White / By consent)


That the Minutes of the Shoalhaven Sports Board held on Wednesday 06 September 2017 be confirmed.






Declarations of Interest










SB17.21     Shoalhaven Sports Board - Current Projects Update

HPERM Ref: D17/401854

The Shoalhaven Sports Board discussed the interior of the indoor sports centre.  Staff have received advice from the Hon Ann Sudmalis MP to advice that Shoalhaven City Council has been successful towards gaining funding towards fit out, this is a competitive process and the funds are not guaranteed.  The fit out was originally presumed to be the responsibility of the operatorHowever, Council has now recognised the need to fund fit out estimated at $2.9mil.

Note: Clr Wells arrived, the time being 5.09pm.

The chair advised that the new amenities block at Ison Park was good, however, disabled showers not were included, also the players are protected in the rain but not to the ladies toilets.  The Council was thanked for the project funds.

Note: Syd Weller arrived, the time being 5.19pm.

Discussion were held around the proposed $500,000 for sports field upgrades. The Board discussed the best ways to consult and include the Shoalhaven Sports Board.  Staff propose to contact all the sporting associations (the Shoalhaven Peak Bodies).  There will also be a checklist developed Checklist to ensure everyone is consulted and as part of the email all clubs will be copied in, this will also ensure sports that do not have a peak body are not missed.  It is intended to identify their top priorities of fields and potentially floodlighting, and workshop the information back collectively and collaboratively prior to rolling the program forward.  The guidelines of what can be applied for will be communicated at time of consultation .  This will only be available if the special rate variation (SRV) is approved by IPART and Council.

The current events table was discussed and the Board raised the following points:

·    Callala Sports Park – The fields are underutilised

·    SCaRP – Currently an economic consultant is undertaking an analysis and will be reported Council. Croquet will be dealt with separately and there is no funding, this will need to be a budget bid.  This is not eligible for grant funding until a detailed design is created.

·    In relation to the proposed archery – staff are currently trying to investigate another site, if this is not possible it will be back to the community on the Bernie Regan site.  The Board suggested the Watersleigh site and perhaps arranging a partnership.

·    The Shoalhaven Heads Pump Track is a community driven project.  Council staff have received representation from some of the community they do not believe the consultation process was efficient.  There is no Council proposal and no decision has been made.

Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the report regarding Current Projects Update be received for information.


RESOLVED (Elaine Caswell / Phil Newlyn)

That the report regarding Current Projects Update be received for information.













SB17.22     Additional Item - Asset Register - Budget Bids - Sports Ground Buildings

It was advised that staff would liaise with Brad Davis regarding the sports grounds buildings on Councils asset register.  The Shoalhaven Sports Board would like to know the age of the buildings, the current condition and how long these buildings have lasted.  This information would be useful in identifying budget bids.  It was noted that this is an operational process undertaken by Assets for all of Councils assets.



SB17.23     Additional Item - Milton Ulladulla Rugby Football Club Expression of Interest - Regional Development Application

The Shoalhaven Sports Board were advised that the Milton Ulladulla Rugby Football Club would be making a serious Expression of Interest in the Round 2 - Regional Development Applications (RDA) to replace their building.  The Development Application has rolled over and the Club are in the process of getting costings updated.  It is estimated to be approximately $1.2Mil.



SB17.24     Additional Item – Shoalhaven Sports Board – Role of Committee – Sports Tax

The Shoalhaven Sports Board discussed the role that the Board play, and in particular, to the recent correspondence the Shoalhaven Sports Board communicated to the wider community in relation to the proposed sports tax.  Staff advised that what was relayed to the community was incorrect information and the Board remains a Committee of Council and therefore bound by the Code of Conduct.  The Committee members are entitled to an individual opinion and can submit an individual submission; however, if stating the views are representing the Shoalhaven Sports Board, the information must be approved by all Shoalhaven Sports Board members as a whole and agreed upon.

Clr White enquired whether all Policies requested at the Council meeting in relation to the sports tax will continue to be reviewed.  Staff advised those only relating to the sports tax are now null and void.  All others are corporate wide policies and will be reviewed and brought back to Council prior to being put on public exhibition.

The Sports Board continued to discuss the fees and charges reports that were reported to Council.  Staff advised that some of the reports were already prewritten and the Shoalhaven Sports Board were included in the Councillor Briefing as a courtesy.



Note: Clr Proudfoot left the meeting, the time being 6.10pm.


SB17.25     Additional Item – Illawarra Academy of Sport – Scholarships – 2018 – Strategic Plan

Clr Wells advised that he is the Vice President of the Illawarra Academy of Sport. the academy has had 168 athletes inducted in 11 sports and provided 29 scholarships.  The scholarships are aimed at 13 -18 year olds at a sub elite level, for one year (free access).  This provides access to a health and fitness assessment, health (diet, nutrition & drugs) and sport (including match recovery) as well as further education on public speaking and handling the media.

The strategic plan for the future is to broaden the range of sports provided and include disadvantage groups, focused on the future structure and direction of sport at a national, state and regional level.  Many major sports have developed their own academies and the Illawarra Academy of Sport is not in the business of competing with other academies.  The next scholarships will be advertised mid-2018.  The Academy has also developed online modules for those who would like to continue with their own coaching for the sports element but would like the access to the health and fitness assessment and health and additional information.




SB17.26     Additional Item – Shoalhaven Sports Board – Additional Workshop Meeting – Strategic Plan

The Shoalhaven Sports Board decided to revisit the strategic plan in the new year, and a Board Member only meeting be scheduled for Wednesday 21 February 2018 at 4.00pm to workshop the strategic plan.  Susan Edwards will forward out the draft and Shoalhaven Arts Board’s strategic plan for guidance.



Note: Clr Wells left the meeting, the time being 6.24pm.


SB17.27     Additional Item – Competition Game – Destination Wollongong

The Committee discussed an upcoming Rugby League competition game between the English super league side of Hull and Wigan being run through Destination Wollongong.  It is intended to include coaching clinics at schools and the showground.  Shannon Perry-Hall is chasing further information on this.



SB17.28     Additional Item - Opening Ison Park - Community Engagement - Attendance

Syd Weller advised that he attended the opening of Ison Park, however was disappointed in the level of attendance by Sports Board Members.  The Committee discussed the need to promote sport within sport and foster engage better with the players and user groups.



Note: Clr Cheyne left the meeting, the time being 6.23pm.


SB17.29     Additional Item - $100 – Children Registered for Sports – Association – Funding Source

The Shoalhaven Sports Board discussed the $100 that children are entitled to once registered for a sport (which continues for 3 years).  It was suggested that if a child elects to play a sport that is not affiliated with an association (complete with insurances) they would not be entitled to the money. 

Elaine Caswell advised that she had received an email as part of the association for Pony Club requesting the association to pay $3500, for the children to receive the $100 it appears to be coming from the state level.  Elaine enquired whether all sports would be paying the same.  No other board members were aware of the email.  It was decided that Elaine would forward the email to David Goodman as the chairperson and he would forward it out to all members for their information and follow up with the Hon Gareth Ward MP.




Note: The Committee was wished a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



There being no further business, the meeting concluded, the time being 6.41pm.



Mr David Goodman







 Shoalhaven Sports Board – Wednesday 28 March 2018

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SB18.2       Review of Councils Policies - Sportsgrounds Management and Grants Program


HPERM Ref:       D17/342122


Group:                Finance Corporate & Community Services Group 

Section:              Recreation Community & Culture


Attachments:     1.  Draft Sportsgrounds Management Policy

2.  Draft Sports Grants Program (Capital Works) Policy   


Purpose / Summary

Council is required to review all policy changes and the below Public Policies have been reviewed and are presented for adoption with the changes highlighted.



That Council adopt:

1.    The Sportsgrounds Management Policy with the changes highlighted.

2.    The Sports Grants Program (Capital Works) Policy with the changes highlighted




1.    Adopt the Policy changes as recommended.

Implications: Council staff will update the Policies and implement the changes in relation to management of Council’s sportsgrounds, and the Capital Works Grants Program


2.    Not adopt the recommendation and give further instruction to staff.

Implications: Any deviation from the changes recommended would require staff to redraft the policies and could result in ambiguity in terms of use of sportsgrounds, mis-alignment to the Community Infrastructure Strategic Plan 2017-2036 and lack of detail around the requirements for Capital Grant funding support.




POL17/15 – Sportsgrounds Management Policy

The purpose of the Sportsgrounds Management Policy is to provide guidance to staff and sportsgrounds users in terms of responsibilities and communication requirements.

This Policy has been reviewed with recommended changes to the responsibilities and maximisation of use of facilities, along with minor formatting and sequencing changes.


POL17/90 – Sports Capital Works Partnership Program


The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance in relation to grant funding in relation to capital works improvements on Council managed land, in conjunction with Shoalhaven sporting groups.


This Policy has been reviewed with recommended changes to:


·    the naming of the Policy to make it clearer what the Policy relates to;

·    ensure alignment to the Community Infrastructure Strategic Plan 2017-2036,

·    seek further information from applicants in order to assist with council decision making and,

·    include a summary of the Procurement guidelines, for clarity for sporting groups and for consistency with the current Procurement procedure.


Policy Implications

No other policies are related to this matter and therefore there is no impact from these recommended changes.


Financial Implications

The adoption of these Policies will ensure that Councils sportsgrounds are managed as optimally as possible and in line with Councils Strategic Plan and that Grant funding is prioritised based on financial information received from Sporting Groups.  There is no impact on current budgets from these Policies changes.




 Shoalhaven Sports Board – Wednesday 28 March 2018

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 Shoalhaven Sports Board – Wednesday 28 March 2018

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 Shoalhaven Sports Board – Wednesday 28 March 2018

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SB18.3       Shoalhaven Sports Board - Current Projects Update


HPERM Ref:       D18/76271


Group:                Finance Corporate & Community Services Group 

Section:              Recreation Community & Culture




Purpose / Summary

To provide a brief project update to the Sports Board on current projects under development by Council.


Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the report regarding Current Projects Update be received for information.




1.    Adopt the recommendation and Council staff continue progressing current projects under development

Implications: This will enable staff to continue progressing projects as discussed in the report


2.    Not adopt the recommendation and provide an alternative resolution with direction for staff

Implications: Unknown until Board identify alternatives



The following is a brief project update of current projects under development.

Berry District Park Detail Design

Council have been working with the community to develop the concept design into detail design for delivery.  There will be a Childrens Consultation at Berry District Park on the 25 March 2018 from 10am – 12pm (drop in) encouraging 0-18 year olds (refreshments provided)









Youth Week 13-22 April 2018

Shoalhaven Indoor Sporting Centre

Shoalhaven Indoor Sports Centre is quickly picking up momentum in the new year. Two major milestones are currently in progress including;


·    With fabrication of the buildings structural steel columns and trusses progressively completed off-site, they are presently being delivered and assembled on site ready for lifting into position. Erection of structural steel, provides an impressive indication of the size and form of the facility. As the framework evolves over the next couple of months it will commence from courts 2,3,4 in an easterly direction over the mezzanine and sow court.


·    After a month of preparation, including support columns construction, formwork and reinforcement placement, the mezzanine floor was poured last Thursday 22 Feb 2018, this is an important component of the mezzanine construction. Local suppliers provided steel reinforcement and concrete for the pour with 225 cubic metres required for the slab.


Once the structural steel installation is complete, arrival of select precast wall panels will be installed, the roof will follow soon after. Car park construction continues with the stormwater drainage system installed, earthworks for the front bus bays excavated ready for services installation. Overall the project is currently on track.




Shoalhaven Community & Recreation Precinct (SCaRP)

Council’s Ordinary Meeting of the 27 February, 2018 it was resolved to:


1.    Council support the Rescission Motion and put the SCaRP Masterplan on hold.

2.    With respect to the Athletics Facility, Council:

a.    Immediately engage with the Athletics Club to investigate an alternate site for a new facility with a commitment to fund works and seek grant funds in the short term. 

b.    Provide funding of up to $300,000 in the 2018/19 budget for project scoping, consultation, and design work with a view to delivering a plan that will be construction ready by 2020.

c.    Immediately apply as is practical, for sporting grants for the construction of the facility

3.    Council commit to maintaining the Bomaderry Aquatic Centre in its present form

4.    With respect to the Croquet Club:

a.    Council advise the Croquet Club it may remain in its current location and to proceed with its expansion plan; and

b.    A report be submitted back to Council on funding options for the croquet facility

5.    Council advise all other Sports Associations and Stakeholders of this decision.

6.    A review of the Masterplan Design commence to provide for a new 50m outdoor pool and swimming complex as part of the current works plan for SCaRP and priorities which now include an athletics facility.


Croquet has been advised along with all stakeholders and those who had previously made a submisison on the project.


The planning for an athletics track will form part of the work program for 2018/19 subject to this being funded by Council in the budget.


Draft Bay & Basin Community Hub Master Plan

It was resolved that Council:

1.    Adopt the Draft Bay and Basin Community Hub Master Plan

2.    During development of detailed design Council incorporate additional Learn to Swim/Therapy Pool

3.    Continue the licence with the Department of Education for the existing building at Sanctuary Point and staff liaise with local community and user groups to maintain the Sanctuary Point Library and develop it further in the current location or nearby should the Department of Education require the land back.


A Rescission Motion has been received on this item and will be dealt with at Councils Ordinary Meeting on 27 March 2018.


Shoalhaven Equestrian Centre of Excellence

The work is completed. Still in Defects Liability Period.

Staff are investigating the installation of signage and information about how to book and gain access to the facility.

Occupation Certificate approval waiting, once received, a licence needs to be finalised with Berry Riding Club to ensure there is ongoing maintenance.

Croquet Milton

Milton Croquet Club have been allocated a new location at the Ulladulla Sports Park, which is currently utilised as a stock pile site. The project is now with Project Delivery to prepare detail design, due to Community and Recreation week of 30 March 2018.


NSW Health – Making Healthy Normal signage

The Get in Step program has been very popular. We have undertaken an audit of the decals and one area being vandalised (Millards Creek Reserve Ulladulla) have been reinstalled but if vandalised again will not replace.


National Indigenous Football Competition

The National Indigenous Football Competition will be held from 31 October – 3 November 2018 at the Ison Park, Soccer Fields, south nowra.

This is the 3rd year and teams have participated from Queensland, North Coast and other parts of NSW.


Brief Summary of Work Program Projects Being undertaken or in Development FY 17/18 Development (in addition to above listed)




West Street Oval Sporting Complex

Nowra Albatross Vikings AFC have done a lot of work at the West Street Oval clubhouse, and are investigating the possibility of grant funding for future improvements:

- Changed the lights, and installed down lights

- Installed ceiling fans

- Painted the interior walls

- Ripped up the old carpet, and are replacing it with new carpet and lino

- Made a fenced-off kids area inside the club room, to make the facilities more family friendly

- Reinforced some of the external doors, as they are extremely weathered and weak

Round the Bay Walk – Callala Bay

Move from master planning to detail design

Shoalhaven Community and Recreational Precinct

Delivery of indoor sports centre.

Dog Signage

New large friendly signs to go up at strategic location in villages


Complete – Vincentia Oval, Lyrebird & Ison (1 field each)


Complete in January – 6 fields /3 sportsgrounds

Weed spraying

Complete in January – several sites

Cricket Wickets

Synthetic wicket replacement – Bomaderry Sporting Complex (2), Lyrebird Park, Lighthouse Oval Ulladulla, & Thomson Street Sporting Complex (1)


In progress at multiple sites

Nowra Gateway Park

Studies being undertaken regarding traffic and development of business plan.  Further progress will be subject to RMS confirming Highway route.

Bay and Basin Community Hub

On Hold

Floodlighting Charges

Collating data for Winter 2017 from seasonal allocation forms.  Invoices expect to be issued within the month.

Frogs Holla Sewerage Works

$100K budget – rock boring for connection to mains option is estimated at $400K.  Staff seeking quotation for on-site system, report will go to S&A as soon as details secured.

Ulladulla Sports Park – netball

Complete – opening 9 March 2018

Additional works completed within budget – cleaning of courts (club contributed $5K), laying of slabs for spectators.

New online bookings system

All public facilities – sportsgrounds, reserves, public halls
Preferred contractor has been selected, contract is being negotiated.  Management Committees have been advised.

Culburra Cougars Amenities Building

No written confirmation received from Department re funding

Added Area Flood lighting - Nowra Showground (unfunded)

Design done & show society approval received.  Waiting outcome of grant funding application .

Ison Park

Shoalhaven Football have received grant funding to install floodlighting at Field 6.  Design complete, contractor engaged.

Floodlighting Illuminators

Investigation of installation at sportsgrounds.  Enables code activation of floodlights - accurate on-charging of costs.  Staff have commenced consultation with users, identified priority sites and are investigating different service providers.

Management Committee Maintenance Subsidies

Subsidies paid as previously this financial year … 2018/19 subsidies will be subject to a financial review of committees.

WHS manual roll out to management committees

Staffing issues have delayed roll-out.  Identified as high priority and will be rolled out 2018.


Community Engagement

As required, community engagement will be undertaken for the various projects detailed in this report.