Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group



Meeting Date:    Monday, 27 February, 2017

Location:            Meeting Room 2 - Ulladulla Civic Centre, Princes Highway Ulladulla

Time:                   5.00pm



Please note: Council’s Code of Meeting Practice permits the electronic recording and broadcast of the proceedings of meetings of the Council which are open to the public. Your attendance at this meeting is taken as consent to the possibility that your image and/or voice may be recorded and broadcast to the public.





1.    Apologies

2.    Confirmation of Minutes

·      Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group - 24 October 2016............................................ 1

3.    Reports

TA17.1......... Tourism Managers Report.............................................................................. 7

TA17.2......... Destination Marketing Update...................................................................... 13

TA17.3......... Events and Investment Update.................................................................... 28

TA17.4......... Visitor Services Update................................................................................ 30

TA17.5......... Chair's Report............................................................................................... 32

TA17.6......... Industry Presentation.................................................................................... 33                         

4.    General Business

TA17.7......... Verbal report - Council amenities and waste update

Verbal update on amenities maintenance and rubbish collection in the Shoalhaven Region

Brett Carter, Assets and Works, Park Operations

Rubbish collection in public spaces, council parks and areas.

Brad Davis, Assets & Works, Asset Management

Cleaning of public amenities in Council managed public propertie

TA17.8......... Verbal Report, Brett Carter, Unit Manager - PARKS AND FACILITIES

After lots of feedback and talk from Tourism business and visitors over our busy season about cleaning of amenities and rubbish pick up schedules, Brett will give a verbal update on schedules and strategy of Parks and Facility cleaning.


 Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group – Monday 27 February 2017

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Clr Alldrick

Clr John Wells

Clr Jo Gash

Clr John Levett

Clr Greg Watson

Clr Mark Kitchener

Ms Lynn Locke - Chairperson

Mr David Goodman

Ms Michelle Bishop

Ms Melissa McManus

Mr Stephen Bartlett

Mr Matt Cross

Ms Annie Cochrane

Mr Matthew Forbes

Ms Catherine Shields

Ms Jo Thomas


Quorum – Majority of the members


Purpose and delegated authority

·           Inform the development, implementation and review of council priorities from the Shoalhaven Tourism Master Plan and councils corporate plan

·           Represent the tourism industry and advise and make recommendations to Council on matters relating to tourism, the development of tourism and the future of tourism in the Shoalhaven.

·           Promote the direct and in-direct value and benefits of tourism within the Shoalhaven and on a regional, state and national basis.

·           Make recommendation on the expenditure of the annual Shoalhaven marketing budget as provided by Council.

·           Appoint suitable representatives to fill casual vacancies

·           Inform and recommend policy for tourism related funding programs, and where required by Council, vote on related matters.






Minutes of the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group



Meeting Date:    Monday, 24 October 2016

Location:            Jervis Bay Rooms, City Administrative Centre, Bridge Road, Nowra

Time:                   5.00pm


The following members were present:


Ms Lynne Locke - Chairperson

Clr Joanna Gash

Clr John Wells

Clr Mark Kitchener

Mr David Goodman

Ms Catherine Shields

Ms Michelle Bishop – arrived 5.15pm

Ms Melissa McManus

Mr Stephen Bartlett

Mr Matt Cross

Ms Annie Cochrane – arrived

Mr Matthew Forbes

Ms Jo Thomas


Others Present:


Clr White

Clr Proudfoot

Clr Pakes

Coralie Bell – Tourism Manager

Shannan Perry-Hall – Tourism Events and Investment Specialist

Joe Puglisi – Visitor Services Manager

Kristy Mayhew – Marketing Specialist

Georgia Herring – Digital Marketing Assistant




Apologies / Leave of Absence


Apologies were received from Clr Watson, Clr Findley



Confirmation of the Minutes


Resolved (David Goodman / Clr Gash)

That the Minutes of the Shoalhaven Tourism Board held on Monday 25 July 2016 be confirmed.





Declarations of Interest






TA16.1       Tourism Manager's Report

HPERM Ref: D16/316064

Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group receive the Tourism Manger’s Report for information.


RESOLVED (Matt Cross / Stephen Bartlett)

That the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group receive the Tourism Manger’s Report for information.



TA16.2       Destination Marketing

HPERM Ref: D16/316136

Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group receive the Destination Marketing Report for information.


RESOLVED (Clr Wells / Melissa McManus)

That the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group receive the Destination Marketing Report for information.




Surfing has been a really popular campaign along with the Spring Unspoilt. The new visitors guide will be going out in December.

The focus is on the new website and the summer campaign 100 Beach Challenge.


Note: Michelle Bishop arrived at the meeting.


TA16.3       Events and Investment

HPERM Ref: D16/316082

Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group receive the Events and Investment Report for information.


RESOLVED (David Goodman / Michelle Bishop)

That the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group receive the Events and Investment Report for information.



The Golf Courses used in the Shoalhaven Week of Golf event will be: Nowra, Shoalhaven Heads, Worrigee and St Georges Basin.

Staff will report back to the Committee in relation to the funds for the Indigenous Football Championships.



TA16.4       Visitors Services

HPERM Ref: D16/316148

Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group receive the Visitors Services Report for information.


RESOLVED (Stephen Bartlett / Matt Cross)

That the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group receive the Visitors Services Report for information.




New staff are arriving in the next few weeks, which will provide more services for the public as the ticketing is taking time, with new staff will have more time for tourism.

Receiving mostly positive comments from the public in relation to the new VIC.

If businesses bring in brochures we don’t put them all out due to space. However we do have digital display if businesses send an electronic brochure.



TA16.5       New Member Inductions

HPERM Ref: D16/320203

Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group receive the report for information.


RESOLVED (Clr Wells / Melissa McManus)

That the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group receive the report for information.




TA16.6       Future Meeting Dates

HPERM Ref: D16/320141

Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group decide on how often meetings are to be held and agree to future dates.


RESOLVED (David Goodman / Michelle Bishop)

That the future meetings for the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group be held bimonthly.



Note: The meetings begin in February 2017 and not coincide with any conflicting appointments. The first meeting be held in Ulladulla.


Note: Annie Cochrane arrived 5.30pm



TA16.7       Chair's Report

HPERM Ref: D16/320401

Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the Committee receive the Chair’s Report for information.


RESOLVED (Michelle Bishop / Melissa McManus)

That the Committee receive the Chair’s Report for information.




New members are encouraged to attend any events in the Shoalhaven as a STAG representative.

The Events Calendar on the Web is updated.

Tourism Induction workshops are available for new members and any others interested, to contact the Tourism Manager.

The Riverfest was very good, ran smoothly this year and the parade was well received. Locals want to see local entertainment and the Fireworks were fantastic. The market stalls and the food were great with lots of variety. The pontoon was well used and we have different ideas for use next year. The colour run attracted lots of participants and thanks go out to the team and volunteers.

The Navy wish to be further involved in the event next year.



TA16.8       STAG Working Group Updates

HPERM Ref: D16/316147

Note: Clr Gash left the meeting at 5.40pm

Note: Clr Wells left the meeting at 5.40pm

Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the Committee receive the Working Group report for information.


RESOLVED (Michelle Bishop / Annie Cochrane)

That the Committee receive the Working Group report for information.



We need the Wedding Industry to be working together cohesively. We have a good wedding website and need to bring it back to one major wedding expo event for the region. A meeting will be held after Christmas to look at how this will work seek industry feedback.

The walking group are working to create a brochure including the iconic walks of the Shoalhaven and we are seeking feedback from the National Parks. Also working on a joint partnership for joint funding a southern walks project.





TA16.9       Industry Presentation: International Tourism in the Shoalhaven.

HPERM Ref: D16/319582

Note: Clr Alldrick left the meeting at 6.06pm

Note: David Goodman left the meeting at 6.06pm

Note: Clr Pakes left the meeting at 6.06pm

Note: Clr Proudfoot left the meeting at 6.06pm

Note: Clr Kitchener left the meeting at 6.06pm


RESOLVED (Lynne Locke / Catherine Shields)

That the presentation from Matt Cross be received for information.



Matt Cross provided a presentation on Discover Jervis Bay and regional and international destination marketing.






TA16.10     Representative for the Business and Employment Development Committee


A representative from the STAG is to be nominated to be a member of the Business and Employment Development Committee.


RESOLVED (Michelle Bishop / Melissa McManus)

That Steve Bartlett be the nominated representative from STAG on the Business and Employment Development Committee.




TA16.11     Long Table Feast - Earth Wind Fire Water


Annie Cochrane advised the Meeting of a recent event that took place in Milton. Long table feast and the event raised approximately $28,000 for Jindilara respite care.


We are wanting to put the Shoalhaven on the map as a food destination.



TA16.12     South Coast Tourism Awards


Catherine Shields advised that the South Coast Tourism Awards are being held on Wednesday 26 October 2016 and we have a few finalists from the Shoalhaven. The event is being held at the HARS Aviation Museum – Illawarra Airport.

Southern food operators operating as the “Food Alliance” are also State finalists for the Unspoilt Campaign.




Note: Michelle Bishop left the meeting at 6.37pm




There being no further business, the meeting concluded, the time being 6.43pm.



Ms Lynne Locke







 Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group – Monday 27 February 2017

Page 7



TA17.1       Tourism Managers Report


HPERM Ref:      D17/29356


Group:                Corporate & Community Services Group 

Section:              Tourism


Attachments:     1. Tourism Action Plan Summary FEB 2017

2. Green Plarque Project, progress report Jan 2017.




Purpose / Summary

To give a brief outline of Tourism Manager Activity over the last quarter.



That the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group receive the Tourism Manager’s Report for information.




1.    Receive the report for information

2.    Request more information


Tourism Manager Update

Wow, what a busy season! From all accounts, all I keep hearing is that we are busy and that people are everywhere. After having three weeks off I am now back and running full pace.

Throughout council I have been across;

-     Walking working group meetings

-     “Walking on country’ Aboriginal video project

-     Budget training

-     Fees and Charges updates

-     Council quarterly reporting

-     Arts Centre promotional project

-     International delegation council to council meetings

Out in region

-     VIC staff out in region in Husky and Hyams in partnership with the ranger’s services

-     Catch up with neighbouring LGA tourism groups and Book Easy

-     Site visit at Terry Snows equine property – Willinga Park

-     On the ground, Visitors Guide distribution

-     Meetings with National Parks

-     Hyams Beach CCB meetings on issues with traffic and tourism

-     Met with Illawarra Business Chamber representatives

-     Met with Sussex Inlet community about promotion of the region

-     Anthony Lavour from Destination NSW was in region presenting outcomes of the unspoilt campaign to regional councillors

-     Met with Kangaroo Valley tourism about their priorities and how we can help

-     Met with Redhead Village Association -  Manyana and Bendalong community group about tourism related issues.

-     … and let’s not forget the Christmas parties all over the place!

-     Beach Wheelchair launch

-     Disability Inclusion Action Plan

Tourism issues that have come across my desk;

-     Drawing room rocks continues to have access issues

-     Brogers Creek swimming hole, local issues with access

-     Bendalong, traffic and access, plus concerns with surf schools

-     Huskisson main street upgrade requests from local business community

-     Amenities, cleaning and rubbish collections over busy periods

-     Traffic issues at Lake Tabourie, google maps access issue, now resolved.

As a team tourism have delivered;

-     New website contractor engaged and currently in development

-     Formally a new permanent position in our team structure for a graphic designer, interviews completed early Fe 2017.

-     Formal approval for a contacted Multi Media contract position

-     Visitors services to over 9000 enquiries out in region!

-     Ongoing features in media including 4 major articles in Canberra Times

-     Visitors Guide out in region with consistent positive feedback

-     New STAG member’s recruitment - in progress now

I have attended and / or presented at; 

-     Adventure World Race – opening ceremonies and more

-     South Coast Tourism Awards

-     Kiama Tourism After Hours

-     NSW Tourism Awards with the ‘Unspoilt” campaign 2016 a finalist.

Tourism Grants approved;





$ amount


Jervis Bay Tourism & Promotions


Precinct Marketing

Jervis Bay Tourism Visitor Free Maps - Edition 4




Approved. Required a print run before Christmas.

Berry & District Historical Society

Tourism Development Funding

Green Plaque Project – Historical buildings in Berry



Approved, see Attachment 2 for progress report.

Sussex Inlet Chamber of Commerce & Tourism

Precinct Marketing

Jacobs Drive Street Banners





Key priorities over the next few months;

-     Website development

-     New Tourism Master Plan / Sustainable Tourism Plan

-     17/18 budget planning and forecasts

-     17/18 business plans

-     Local Government Tourism Conference (presenting)

-     Inclusive Tourism

-     Developing capability for developing conferences and events


Please see Attachment 1: Tourism Action Plan Summary FEB 2017 for an updated overview of business plan actions and status as requested.



 Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group – Monday 27 February 2017

Page 10


PDF Creator


PDF Creator


 Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group – Monday 27 February 2017

Page 12


PDF Creator



 Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group – Monday 27 February 2017

Page 13



TA17.2       Destination Marketing Update


HPERM Ref:      D17/23962


Group:                Corporate & Community Services Group 

Section:              Tourism


Attachments:     1. Tourism Monitor Year Ending Sept 16




Purpose / Summary

To provide a summary of Destination Marketing activity over the last quarter, October – January 2017.


Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group receive the Destination Marketing Report for information. 




1.    Receive the report for information

2.    Request more information


Progress Report

Latest Tourism Figures (YOY Sept 2016)

We are pleased to report that the Tourism Research Australia figures for the year ending September 2016 have been released and are once again showing positive growth across most KPI indicators although nights in region continue to struggle. Some comparative regional benchmarks include; strong declines reported from NSW Central Coast; The Shoalhaven has one third of all the visitation (10 Million) for the entire south coast (Wollongong to Victorian Border).


One other key highlight is that these figures include our last Winter period, of which we focus much of our marketing on. Jobs and visitor spend are increasing and the perception of tourism within the Shoalhaven community is reported to be increasing in positivity since the new team has been in place, evidenced by the decrease in negativity in community noticeboards by locals. See Attachment 1 for the full report.

New Website - 

The Shoalhaven Tourism website has been old and tired for some time and in need of complete overhaul. We are pleased to report that after a competitive EOI process we have engaged in a website redevelopment contract with Feel Creative. We received over 30 applications, meeting with the top three to make the important decision. Feel are a digital agency that thinks outside the box and are more than web developers, understanding the creative and marketing processes and having worked for a range of clients from Sony through to Brimbank Council. Their approach was by far the most innovative, and based on user experience and itineraries. They will be pushing us to use the latest technologies and integrate our services from inspirational content all the way through to booking. We aim to complete this project in mid-2017, and look forward to keeping you updated as it progresses. 



100 Beach Challenge -
In order to showcase our brand, the diverse and vast beach product of our region and to disperse people throughout the region (and free up hot spots), we created the 100 Beach Challenge. The soft launch was a 6 page pull out in the visitor guide and go live on a fully mobile geo-locative game based on google maps in which you: check in to the beach (within 500m of a dropped pin), upload a photo and share your check in on social media. We will be doing an official launch in February and March with a PR campaign, video and activations throughout the year for both the Visitor and VFR market. We are excited that there already 87 people playing online plus many more playing with the hard copy book pull out. Watch this space as we use it as a platform to build the brand and engagement into the future.



Walking on Country -

Tourism is working in collaboration with our Aboriginal Liaison Officer to create a video for promotion of Aboriginal culture and heritage in the Shoalhaven region. We are sharing the costs and have worked closely on storyboards and are supporting staff to project manage this video into a successful creative project that highlights both local Aboriginal culture in our region and Aboriginal tourism operators. This project will go through extensive community consultation and we are only at the beginning stages of location scouting and creating a short video to start more formal consultation.  



Recruitment –

Permanent Graphic Design Position – position has been filled. Welcome Lisa to the team as an official permanent member of staff. 

1 year contract for a multimedia content creation position has been approved for recruitment when our photography contract is finished, in March 2017.


Publicity -
Final Surfing Report – LBPR is entering this campaign in the ‘2017 Mumbrella CommsCan Awards’ – the largest PR and communications awards in Australia. The final figures came to exposure of over 103 pieces of Media coverage with 6 pieces pending including Jetstar magazine. Tyler Wright has also been nominated for the top sporting award in the world – ‘The Laureus’ and mentioned the Shoalhaven and Culburra Beach in an interview with triplej Breakfast recently. She continues to be our ambassador post campaign due to the synergy of the partnership.


TV highlights -

-     Getaway are visiting Jervis Bay in February and we are assisting with an itinerary

-     Travel Channel US visited Jervis Bay on 12 January for a ‘Secret Beaches’ feature for US TV.

-     2 x Sydney Weekender pieces locked – Conjola and Cupitts episode aired in Feb + visit to Jervis Bay for Glamping is on the cards.


Canberra Focus -

In the development of the Canberra market, we have fostered a direct relationship with Tim the Yowie Man who writes adventure and travel based stories for the Canberra Times. He will be in region again in March for some more winter focussed activities in Murramarang NP. In assisting him with itineraries and story ideas last December, we received three double page spread articles:

-     “Dreaming of a White Christmas” we provided vials to collect and compare white sands from all 18 Jervis Bay beaches. Just up the hill from the wharf is the landmark Husky Pub, where, while searching for a white-coloured cocktail on the drinks menu, I line-up my cache of sand-filled test tubes along the bar. "They all look the same," is the most common response from other patrons, many interrupting their own sundowners to pass judgement on the white sands.


-     “Beautiful Booderee” a story on the rich indigenous history and iconic landmark hole in the wall. Excerpt:  A surprising number of Canberrans have not heard of Booderee National Park, despite the fact it attracts almost half a million visitors per year – more than Uluru and Kakadu national parks combined.


-     “Booderee’s Rich History” Tim covered the attractions in the park and also talked with the Freemans of Wreck Bay about their tourism product, such as Aunty Julie’s campfire yarns etc. Excerpt: Don't underestimate how long you will want to stay here. With 3.7 km of walking tracks, knock-out picnic shelters, barbecues and lots of green grass for the kids to roll on, you could easily enjoy the tranquillity of this man-made haven all day.



Visitor Services Marketing - 

Marketing is working closely with visitor services on a number of visitor experience initiatives.

-     In November, we did a big email push to operators to sign up to BookEasy and upgrade to ‘a ‘Gold Operator’ in order to be involved with Packaging. We will further push this in winter and develop packages for sale in the coming months.

-     We are undertaking a rationalisation of events, tours, exhibition and what to do on our current website. Making these events more tourism and less community focussed.

-     Marketing provided communications and logistic support for roving rangers in Hyams and Huskisson as well as collaborating on the development of the ambassador’s program

-     Investigation a new CRM database that can synchronise with all the communications needs of tourism, feed into our website and also replace tour spots.

-     We need new Brochures – Pets on Holidays, Kayaking and Surfing. These will be updated and reprinted. We had a huge response from both visitors and operators on how in demand these publications are.



Collaboration and Partnerships - 

As always, marketing works closely with Operators and Tourism Bodies within the region to align messaging and promote the successes and winners of the region to visitors. Some new relationships have been developing below

·    NPWS – connect with campaigns such as Young Adult and The Ocean is Calling + Share resources regarding images, video and PR famils

·    Forestry – talk to State Forest about how to utilise resources and build product development

·    Birdlife – working on a new flier for top 10 bird trails for the Shoalhaven

·    Berry Chamber – Assisting with Signage design, and google trails for TASOC info



Up Next -  

·    2017/2018 Business Plans

·    Re-Branding and reinvigorating relationships with the Satellite VICs with Joe

·    100 beach Challenge promotional development

·    Website metadata tagging and content production (Launch mid 2017)

·    Unspoilt – new campaign for Winter and Spring, hopefully with video content, TBC. 

·    Preparing the 2018 Visitor Guide media kit and content early.



Digital Marketing Report – prepared by Georgia Herring


Our Visitor Guide campaign is going well, with 1197 downloads of the PDF and 596 hard copy requests so far as direct conversions. Our most successful Facebook advertisement has reached 196 000 people so far.


Social Media Report – October 1 2016 – December 31 2016







Shoalhaven Tourism Email Subscribers












Shoalhaven Tourism Website









Weddings South Coast Website







 Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group – Monday 27 February 2017

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PDF Creator


PDF Creator


PDF Creator


PDF Creator


PDF Creator


PDF Creator


PDF Creator


PDF Creator



 Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group – Monday 27 February 2017

Page 28



TA17.3       Events and Investment Update


HPERM Ref:      D17/30526


Group:                Corporate & Community Services Group 

Section:              Tourism


Attachments:     1. DRAFT Event Policy with links and appendix documents (under separate cover)




Purpose / Summary

To update the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group on events and investment in the Shoalhaven region.


Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group receive the Events and Investment Report for information.




1.    Receive the report for information

2.    Request more information


Event and Investment Update

Past supported events (since 1st July 2016)


·         Surf Lifesaving NSW IRB State Championships

·         2016 Motocross Nationals

·         AFL Junior State Championships

·         Surf Lifesaving IRB National Championships

·         State Team Time Trials Weekend (Cycling)

·         Husky Running Festival

·         Men’s Bowls State Pennant Finals

·         Women’s Bowls State Pennant Finals

·         Shoalhaven River Festival

·         Huskisson Triathlon Festival

·         XPD World Adventure Race Championships

·         Inaugural National Indigenous Football Championships

·         PGA Australian Senior Championships

·         Fairgrounds

·         Callala Ultimate Triathlon Festival






In Progress


·    Events

National Pop Up Cinema – Nowra – 02 – 07/02/17

Outrigger State Titles – Ulladulla – 11 – 12/02/17

Shoalhaven Week of Golf – Shoalhaven – 12 – 17/02/17

Big Husky Triathlon Festival – Huskisson – 17 – 19/02/17

Grapest 5km Run – Coolangatta Estate – 04/03/17

Mud Muster – Nowra – 18/03/17

Willinga Park Open Day – Bawley Point – 18 – 19/03/17

Nitro Circus – Nowra – 22/04/17

Southern Cross SUP Festival – Sussex Inlet – 28/04/17

Culburra Beach Surfing Bash – Culburra Beach – 14/05/17

NSW Country Junior Rugby Union Country Champs – Nowra – 20 – 21/05/17

Winter Wine Festival – Various Locations – 10 – 11/06/17

For a full list of events in the Shoalhaven visit             

·    The revised DRAFT Events Policy and updated Event Application Forms have been finalised. A report will go to the February Strategy and Assets meeting of Council meeting for comment, and if approved will then go on public exhibit for comment for 28 days before it can be formally adopted.

See Attachment 1 for a copy of the DRAFT policy.

·    Working with possible investors and developing links with local real-estate agents to facilitate desired outcomes.

·    Working with Flashcamp on a glamping accommodation site and related experiences for 2017/2018

·    To compliment the 100 Beach Challenge online game and marketing campaign we are in the process of seeking expressions of interest from suitably qualified event operators to run the Shoalhaven 100 Beach Challenge Event. We are looking forward to working with an experienced event team to develop a signature annual event that showcases the Shoalhaven to a wide audience. The expression of interest documentation will be sent out this week to over 30 researched event management companies Australia wide.


Up Next

·    Business events and conference guide

·    Continue to work with marketing to attract and secure events that are in line with our promotional focus, we are currently working on a Health and Wellness Festival, long table dinners and surfing events

·    Work with Fairgrounds to secure state and national funding

·    Streamlined sponsorship agreement process

·    Research event funding sources



·    Estimated economic benefit from secured events this quarter is $5.4 million, with sponsorship of $37,000 across 12 events

·    Updated EOI For Funding forms

·    Shoalhaven Events Capacity and Capability Review

·    Event marketing support schedule to wring the life out of event opportunities

·    River Festival Event Management Plan

·    Continuing to build robust relationships with enthusiastic like-minded investors passionate about the Shoalhaven



 Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group – Monday 27 February 2017

Page 30



TA17.4       Visitor Services Update


HPERM Ref:      D17/37114


Group:                Corporate & Community Services Group 

Section:              Tourism




Purpose / Summary

To give an update of Visitor Information Services over the last quarter.


Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group receive the Visitors Services Report for information.




1.    Receive the report for information

2.    Request more information


Mobile Visitor Centre Programme

The Visitors Centre teamed up with the Council Rangers to deliver tourist information and car parking assistance to the large volume of visitors to the Hyam's' Beach and Huskisson area.


The programme ran for 3 weeks over Christmas and the 'long weekend' at end of January.

In total, just under 9,000 inquiries were handled (6,400 at Hyam’s, 2,500 at Huskisson).


The VIC staff gave out information about the immediate and general area around Jervis Bay, assisted with parking and logistics. They offered information on many issues including where to eat , cafes, kayak hire, walks, transport, pet friendly beaches, fishing/surfing spots, things to do in the area etc. etc.


The feedback was very positive, both with locals and visitors. We are currently working with the Rangers to identify opportunities to continue the program at key times throughout the coming year.  


Visitor Guides Distribution Update

Overall, the Visitor Guide this year has been very well received. Over 25,000 guides have been distributed since late December. This represents an increase of 80% on this time last year. This is a result of an expansion of our distribution markets and the acceptance by operators as to the benefits of the guide as a promotional/information tool for their guests. The guides have been sent to almost all VIC's within the state of NSW and some to regional Victoria. They have also been distributed to many accommodation providers, holiday rental agents and to cafes, as well as supplementary visitor’s centres. Demand has been so high with local businesses we have a constant stream of requests coming in for more books with many operators commenting the book is “the best they have ever seen”.


In Progress

-     Nowra VIC has now taken over box office evening shifts from SEC

-     Lindsay Conway, one of our Visitors Service Supervisors, is going on maternity leave next month. We wish her well.


Coming up


-     Formal staff famils are beginning next Wednesday 8th February

-     Ambassador Programme almost ready to commence

-     Review of Supplementary centres 

-     Focus on packaging and its viability in assisting operators to cross promote their businesses.


Results this Quarter

Figures Oct - Dec 2016



October         $15,520

November     $12,399

December   $ 22,673


                                  Nowra          Ulladulla


October                        1482                1487

November                    1689                1650

December                    2140                1720



October                          935                   n/a

November                      921                   n/a

December                      987                   n/a



October                        1177                  531

November                    1431                  569

December                    1321                  710


Merchandise Sales

October                      $2101              $2931

November                  $1717              $4891

December                 $ 3713              $4183



Figures are on track with forecasts being met due to move of the Nowra VIC

While merchandise sales are stabilising, there has been a huge increases YOY in local produce sales with Nowra up by 250% and Ulladulla up 950%.


With the placement of staff at the Ulladulla Library we are seeing a change in attitude within the staff, becoming more tourism focussed as well as the continuing focus on the library.





 Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group – Monday 27 February 2017

Page 32



TA17.5       Chair's Report


HPERM Ref:      D17/36558


Select:                Lynn Locke, Chair




Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the Committee receive the Chair’s Report for information.



A note from the Chair

It will be great to meet with you all again since our last meeting in October and after what has been another boom season for the Shoalhaven.

The summer tourism figures I am sure will show that we remain the most popular tourist area. 

There were great reports of the success of the Ambassadors that were around providing information to visitors to the area.  I believe copies of the Shoalhaven Guide ran low as many tourists grabbed their copy of this fantastic publication.

Congratulations to the Tourism Team on the innovation of the 100 Beach Challenge and providing a pull out in the back of the Visitor’s Guide.  From all accounts this has proved very popular and will continue to run with many of the beaches having record visitation.

The STAG Induction was held in November and I hope it gave some insight to those that attended. 

Congratulations must go to our Board Members Steve Bartlett and Catherine Shields both whom have been appointed to Destination Network Boards as part of the Destination NSW new initiative to replace the previous Regional Tourism Organisations.  Both these members will prove invaluable to the Network Board with their knowledge of business and tourism.

We will in the near future revisit the wedding industry with a meeting of local participants to see if they have moved forward from our last catch up.  

The removal of the pontoons from the river was a small set back.  Prior to them being removed the amount of use they were getting and the number of people taking advantage of this great addition was quite outstanding.  Plans are underway to have them reinstalled within the next 2-3 months.

The number of international tourists to the area was also noticeable over the Christmas/New Year period.  Matt Cross has been instrumental in creating awareness of the Shoalhaven to overseas travellers and it is now paying off in all areas of the Shoalhaven.

Board positions will soon become vacant and we will be advertising accordingly. 

This year should be an exciting year for Tourism and I look forward to hopefully working with you all.

Lynn Locke


 Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group – Monday 27 February 2017

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TA17.6       Industry Presentation


HPERM Ref:      D17/29440


Select:                Matt Cross, Discover Jervis Bay





Formal presentation to be given by Matt Cross, Discover Jervis Bay (10 min only).

1.   Overview of history and current partnership with Shoalhaven Tourism

2.   Highlights of current marketing activity and results achieved by DJB,

3.   What’s next, looking forward to the future of international tourism.