Youth Advisory Committee



Meeting Date:     Wednesday, 16 November, 2016

Location:            Jervis Bay Rooms, City Administrative Centre, Bridge Road, Nowra

Time:                   10.00am



Please note: Council’s Code of Meeting Practice permits the electronic recording and broadcast of the proceedings of meetings of the Council which are open to the public. Your attendance at this meeting is taken as consent to the possibility that your image and/or voice may be recorded and broadcast to the public.





1.    Election of Chairperson (every meeting)

2.    Acknowledgement and Welcome to Country

3.    Apologies

4.    Confirmation of Minutes

·        Youth Advisory Committee – Wednesday 27 July 2016

5.    Declarations of Interest    

6.    Presentations

YA16.2........ Presentation - Code of Conduct & Meeting Procedure

7.    Reports

YA16.3........ Youth Advisory Committee Terms of Reference......................... 7                    

8.    General Business


 Youth Advisory Committee – Wednesday 16 November 2016

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Purpose and delegated authority

To represent the interests and views of young people to Council and the Community in accordance with the delegation set out below:

·          To advise and recommend to Council staff on matters of an operational nature and implement policy relating to the interests and views of young people and/or within adopted budgets;

·          To recommend to Council on policy matters and other matters not able to be delegated by Council;

·          To provide recommendations to Council on Strategic and Financial directions relating to Youth in the Shoalhaven;

·          To commit expenditure up to the limits determined by Council, including grant funding.




Minutes - Youth Advisory Committee – Wednesday 27 July 2016

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The following members were present:

Beatrix Brady - Chairperson

Tane Clarke

Mikayla Barnes

Erin McKay

Suzie Glenday

Lauren Allen

Megan Jeffers

Meirah Patterson


Others present:

Donna Corbyn – Youth Development Officer

Kaye Rhodes – Casual Community Development Project Officer

Kim Waters

Alison Taylor – Vincentia High School Teacher




Apologies were received from Greg Hand, Nowra Christian School, Clr White

1.               Election of Chairperson


Note:  A Chairperson is to be elected for each meeting.


MOTION:                                                                                     Moved: Consent


RESOLVED that Beatrix Brady be appointed as the Chairperson for the Youth Advisory Committee meeting held on Wednesday 27 July 2016.



2.               Acknowledgement to country


Beatrix Brady gave the Acknowledgment to Country.

3.               Minutes of Previous Meeting


MOTION:                                                                                     Moved: Consent


RESOLVED that the Minutes of the meeting of the Youth Advisory Committee held on Wednesday 4 May 2016 be confirmed.




Business arising from the previous minutes


International Youth Day Awards Ceremony

International Youth Day Awards Ceremony which were to be held on International Youth Day, 12 August 2016 needs to be postponed and a decision made regarding what date to hold the International Youth Day Awards Ceremony.  There was an email for an e-meeting sent Monday 25 July 16 to confirm whether the committee accepted to postpone the Award Ceremony, however, as the e-meeting did not receive a quorum by Tuesday 26 July 2016 5.00pm it can no longer be held on 12 August 2016.  The reason that the International Youth Day Awards Ceremony needs to be postponed is there is a need to cover the costs of a list dignitaries including MPs, School Principals, Head of Albatross etc that Council is required to invite to such events and they must be covered by budget of the Committee conducting the Ceremony.


The International Youth Day Awards Ceremony needs to be scheduled on a date that is suitable for those committee members heavily involved, as outfits have already been bought for helpers and ushers in their sizes.


A comment was raised in regards to formals in late November being an issue for school students and as 11th November is Remembrance Day, there may be diary conflicts for dignitaries who wish to attend.


At their recent Planning Day the Youth Advisory Committee allocated $6,200 of their funds and have $2,083 remaining.  Donna Corbyn advised this may be enough to cover the dignitaries that may RSVP to the awards ceremony.  Donna Corbyn further advised that if there was any shortfall, it could be considered to be covered by the Youth Development Officer’s Budget.


Donna Corbyn advised that the International Youth Day Awards Ceremony received more sponsorship offers than was necessary and we had to decline some sponsorship offers.


Bomaderry Bowling Club has waived the room hire fee.


The entertainers, Chloe Dadd, and Zeke Cameron have offered to provide their services free of charge.  However, this may change due to their availability on a new date.


There is the need to cover the cost of food and prizes for each nominee and their support person, plus dignitaries and sponsors.  The sit down meal is $35 per head, a cocktail “mocktail” menu is expected to be considerably less.


It was restated that the awards are everyday heroes’ awards (community awards) to acknowledge the nominees.  They are not academic or sporting awards.


The committee were also advised that the nominations received to date have been low in number and that with support of the committee, a change of date will provide an opportunity to promote the event further and receive more nominations.


It was mentioned that there is a need for some nominations for the Good Neighbour Awards Category as there have not been any received.


It was decided that the Youth Advisory Committee would hold International Youth Day Awards Ceremony on November 4th 2016.  It will take the format of a “Mocktail” function where guests would stand and mingle before sitting down for the official awards ceremony. The awards will now be a “Mocktail” drug and alcohol free event.  This would be cheaper on the Youth Advisory Committee’s Budget.


Note: Lili Hutchinson arrived, the time being 10.25am.


This event will be evaluated by the Youth Advisory Committee with the view to becoming an annual event if successful.  If this occurs, the aim will be for the Awards to be held on International Youth day, 12th August day each year.


MOTION:                                     Moved: Beatrix Brady / Second: Tane Clarke




a)              The “Mocktail stand up” International Youth Day Awards Ceremony event be postponed from 12 August 2016 to be held 4 November 2016, doors opening from 5pm for a 6pm start.

b)              The Youth Advisory Committee provide extra promotion of the event to receive more nominations.

c)               Kaye Rhodes to confirm with the Bomaderry Bowling Club, Current Speakers and Entertainers.




Note:  Kaye Rhodes confirmed at the meeting with Bomaderry Bowling Club and it has been scheduled for 4 November 2016.




4.               Youth Advisory Committee Budget Allocations from Planning Day 2016           File 1506E


Donna Corbyn advised that the projects that have been allocated funds must be delivered and provide an invoice to Council prior to 30 June 2017.


MOTION:                                   Moved: Tane Clarke / Second: Suzie Glenday


RESOLVED that in accordance with the Committee’s delegated authority from Council that the Youth Advisory Committee resolve to allocate funds from their budget to projects as described below.





5.               Additional Item – Youth Week 2017 – Electronic Think Tank – Speak. Share. Change


An initiative of the Illawarra and south Coast Youth Services Conference Network, Speak, Share, Change will be a key event regionally on the Youth Week 2017 calendar. Forum based events will be held on the same topic, on the same day, at the same time, across the region. Events may host groups of 6 – 66 young people with the common goal of coming together to share their thoughts about the topic.


        #  Donna Corbyn tabled the first draft of the idea and is seeking feedback and ideas.


Ideally in the future this would become state-wide.

6.               Additional Item – Forum for Youth with Ann Sudmalis MP


Ann Sudmalis MP has spoken to Donna Corbyn as she is wanting to get young people from the local area together in a forum to discuss the issues she should be advocating for our youth.  Donna Corbyn suggested to Ann Sudmalis MP that Shellharbour, Kiama and Wollongong be included.  Donna Corbyn advised she would include diversity in the group i.e. youth school students and youth not attending school.

Ann Sudmalis is the best way to pass your message on to Federal Government.

7.               Additional Item – Join Shoalhaven Youth Advisory Committee FaceBook Page


Donna Corbyn urged the Youth Advisory Committee to join Shoalhaven Youth Advisory Committee FaceBook Page so that they can find out about projects that council is seeking feedback on and other related youth issues.


Please note: Donna Corbyn monitors the committees FaceBook Page all day as she is the administrator and anything inappropriate will be taken down according to council’s social media policy and the members were urged to read the pinned post on the page.

8.               Additional Item - Bay and Basin Hub Master Plan


Shoalhaven City Council is currently undertaking the Draft Bay and Basin Hub Master Plan for the crossroads site at Vincentia. Part of which included a regional skate park.  Some time ago it was decided there would be a local skate park at Sanctuary Point and a Regional skate park to be at the crossroads site.


The Draft Plan is out for Community Consultation at the moment, Donna Corbyn encouraged the Youth Advisory Committee members to look at the Bay and Basin Hub Master Plan and information on Councils Webpage and send an email to Council of your feedback.  Any submissions will be seen by the assessors and the Councillors.

9.               Additional Item - Huskisson Foreshore Masterplan and Development Options


The committee was advised that the Huskisson Foreshore Masterplan and Development Options is out for consultation.


Donna Corbyn encouraged the Youth Advisory Committee to put their opinions out there, the links will be updated on the committees FaceBook Page.

10.            Additional Item - Bomaderry/Nowra Regional Sports and Community Precinct Masterplan


Donna Corbyn tabled the Bomaderry/Nowra Regional Sports and Community Precinct Masterplan and information and again asked for young people to comment on the $60Mil staged Masterplan. Donna will send out links.

11.            Additional Item – ParkRun                                                                                       


Kim Waters raised that the ParkRun is a great initiative to keep community active.  It is an international run at 8am every Saturday.  More information is provided at ParkRun.


There are infrastructure issues at Ulladulla as the paths cannot cross roads without traffic control at 8am.  It was advised that Ulladulla have an active Community Consultative Body who could bring this issue to Council on behalf of ParkRun Volunteers in the area.


Lili Hutchinson will gain further information from Kim Waters as there is potential for flow on effects such as tourism opportunities.


There was positive feedback for Bay and Basin infrastructure to hold ParkRun.


A challenge for local volunteers is that environmental engineers approve the costing which you can seek $20,000 of funding for, however it does not cover everything.


It was raised that Vincentia does not have many places for mountain biking.  Donna Corbyn said there is a great muddy track which starts from Basin View behind the properties.

12.            Additional Item – Ambassador Program Development


Lili Hutchinson provided information on the Ambassador Program Development information which has been developed through the Crime Prevention Program.


There will be General Information Centres throughout the CBD to decrease Steal from Retail.  It will be piloted in the Nowra CBD initially and replicated in following years throughout the Shoalhaven.  From a pilot you can evaluate what went well and what needs to change for a different suburb etc.  The Ambassador Development Program will be implemented by working in conjunction with TAFE, PCYC, Mission Australia, various business and user groups.  It will be community developed and driven.  Starting in October 2017 through to February 2018.  It will be strong through the summer months.  People will have a greater sense of safety and welcoming as well as promoting the tourism aspect and a proud community.  Lili Hutchinson would love to see the Youth Advisory Committee there.  The program will compliment what is good rather than what is bad. 


The Program to be designed by the Community in conjunction with Council. Ambassadors will be young people in high school, TAFE or another accredited program. The Program is set to begin in October 2017 and will provide Youth with Tourism, local area knowledge and Customer Service experience.


Representatives between the ages of 16-24 would be appreciated throughout the program development phase. For more information: Lili Hutchinson 4429 3529


The Ambassador Program Development meeting will be held on 12 September 2016, in the Jervis Bay Room, Council Administrative Centre from 1 pm – 3 pm. 



MOTION:                                                                                     Moved: Consent


RESOLVED that Mikayla Barnes, Tane Clarke and Lauren Allen attend the Ambassador Program Development on behalf of the Youth Advisory Committee 12 September 2016 at 1pm until 3pm in Jervis Bay Rooms 1 &3.




There being no further business, the meeting concluded, the time being 11.47 am.


Beatrix Brady





 Youth Advisory Committee – Wednesday 16 November 2016

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YA16.3       Youth Advisory Committee Terms of Reference


HPERM Ref:       D16/343804


Group:                Corporate & Community Services Group

Officer:                Donna Corbyn - Community Development Officer - Youth


Attachments:     1. Attachment - Report - Youth Advisory Committee - 16/11/16 - Policy - Terms of Reference - Youth Advisory Committee




Purpose / Summary

For the Youth Advisory Committee to adopt the Policy - Terms of Reference – Youth Advisory Committee for the Committee, to be used as a guide by both Council and the Committee to outline roles and responsibilities.




That the Youth Advisory Committee receive the Policy – Terms of Reference – Youth Advisory Committee for consideration, discuss and endorse a final version of the Terms of Reference and recommend to Council for adoption.




1.    Adopt the Youth Advisory Committee Terms of Reference (Recommended)

Implications: The Policy - Terms of Reference – Youth Advisory Committee provide a framework in which the committee operates and it is recommended that these are referred to Council for adoption to help guide the committee.


2.    Council provide an alternative recommendation.

Implications: Unknown until alternate recommendation



Guidelines have previously existed for the Youth Advisory Committee, however these have not been in the format of a policy document, although they been adopted by Council.  A Terms of Reference (TOR) document describes the purpose and structure of a project, committee, meeting, negotiation, or any similar collection of people who have agreed to work together to accomplish a shared goal. TOR show how the object in question will be defined, developed, and verified.


The TOR for the operation of the Youth Advisory Committee reflect the current structure and format of the Committee. They assist in clarifying the purpose, role and operation of the committee.


Community Engagement

This report to the committee is the engagement process. Council has previously resolved to review its Committees and Boards and the development of the draft TOR fulfils this requirement. The draft TOR will be discussed as part of this meeting with an opportunity provided to participants to develop the TOR further for the committee to consider. Feedback from the committee will determine as to whether the reported TOR is accepted, or amendments included arising from this meeting or if these are to be further developed through a workshop for future reporting to Council.


Financial Implications

The Youth Advisory Committee are allocated a budget each year with delegated authority that enables the committee, as a purpose of the committee; to provide a mechanism for young people to address youth issues themselves. All projects, activities and programs either developed/delivered or supported by the committee must meet outcomes of Council’s Community Strategic Plan. Budget allocations and yearly planning are incorporated into the committees annual planning day.


The development of a TOR does not have an operational impact of the committee’s budget.




 Youth Advisory Committee – Wednesday 16 November 2016

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