Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group – Monday 24 October 2016










Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group



Meeting Date:    Monday, 24 October, 2016

Location:            Jervis Bay Rooms, City Administrative Centre, Bridge Road, Nowra

Time:                   5.00pm





1.    Apologies

2.    Confirmation of Minutes

·         Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group – 25 July 2016

3.    Reports

TA16.1......... Tourism Manager's Report............................................................................. 9

TA16.2......... Destination Marketing................................................................................... 17

TA16.3......... Events and Investment................................................................................. 25

TA16.4......... Visitors Services .......................................................................................... 27

TA16.5......... New Member Inductions.............................................................................. 31

TA16.6......... Future Meeting Dates .................................................................................. 32

TA16.7......... Chair's Report............................................................................................... 34

TA16.8......... STAG Working Group Updates ................................................................... 36

TA16.9......... Industry Presentation: International Tourism in the Shoalhaven. ................ 38                         

4.    General Business


 Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group – Monday 24 October 2016

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Clr Annette Alldrick

Clr John Wells

Clr Jo Gash

Clr John Levett

Clr Mark Kitchener

Clr Greg Watson

Ms Lynn Locke - Chairperson

Mr David Goodman

Ms Catherine Shields

Ms Michelle Bishop

Ms Melissa McManus

Mr Stephen Bartlett

Mr Matt Cross

Ms Annie Cochrane

Mr Matthew Forbes

Ms Jo Thomas


Quorum – At least half plus one (1) of the members


Purpose and delegated authority

·           Inform the development, implementation and review of council priorities from the Shoalhaven Tourism Master Plan and councils corporate plan

·           Represent the tourism industry and advise and make recommendations to Council on matters relating to tourism, the development of tourism and the future of tourism in the Shoalhaven.

·           Promote the direct and in-direct value and benefits of tourism within the Shoalhaven and on a regional, state and national basis.

·           Make recommendation on the expenditure of the annual Shoalhaven marketing budget as provided by Council.

·           Appoint suitable representatives to fill casual vacancies

·           Inform and recommend policy for tourism related funding programs, and where required by Council, vote on related matters.




Minutes of the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group – Monday 25 July 2016

Page 1




The following members were present:


Clr Gash

Clr Kitchener

Clr Kearney

Clr Wells

Clr Tribe

Catherine Shields

David Goodman

Lynn Locke

Matthew Forbes

Matt Cross

Stephen Bartlett


Others present:


Craig Milburn – Director Corporate and Community Services

Coralie Bell – Tourism Manager


Apologies were received from Michelle Bishop, Melissa McManus, Clr Watson


1.            Election of Office Bearers                                                                                File 1490E


Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson Positions were declared vacant.


Craig Milburn, Director Corporate and Community Services called for recommendations in relation to voting methodology


By Consensus Show of Hands was determined to be the voting method.


Craig Milburn, Director Corporate and Community Services called for nominations for Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson


MOTION:                                                                                  Moved: Clr Wells / Second: Clr Gash


RESOLVED that Lynn Locke be nominated as Chairperson for the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group.




MOTION:                                                                           Moved: Lynn Locke / Second: Matt Cross


RESOLVED that Catherine Shields be nominated as Deputy Chairperson for the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group





The Mayor congratulated Catherine Shields on her term as Chairperson and her long standing dedication to the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group.


The SCRTO has recently received an international award and for this Council to invite the Group to the last Council Dinner. (Mayoral)


MOTION:                                                                  Moved: David Goodman / Second: Lynn Locke


RESOLVED that Catherine Shields be nominated to remain as the RTO representative.




2.            Minutes of Previous Meeting


MOTION:                                                                             Moved: Clr Wells / Second: Clr Kearney


RESOLVED that the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group confirm the minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 25 April 2016.




3.            Chairs Report


Catherine Shields gave a brief verbal report and the following points were made:


·         Catherine thanked the Mayor as she has a background in Tourism and has been a big supporter of the Tourism Advisory Group

·         Thanks was also given to the Councillors and Clr Watson as he has always been a driver behind the Tourism Group

·         When the Tourism NSW came on board with the #unspoilt campaign they were a big supporter

·         Catherine also thanked Craig, Coralie and the Tourism Team

·         Shoalhaven Tourism has won State Awards

·         The Riverfest event has been a success because of all that are involved




4.            Tourism Manager’s Update                                                                              File 1490E


MOTION:                                                                     Moved: Clr Tribe / Second: Catherine Shields


RESOLVED that the Tourism Manager’s Update be received for information.




Note: Kristy Mayhew provided a presentation of Marketing Strategy







5.            Tourism Events & Investment Specialist Update                                             File 1490E


MOTION:                                                                   Moved: Matt Cross / Second: Matthew Forbes


RESOLVED that the report regarding Tourism Events & Investment Specialist Update be received for information.




Note: Shannan Perry-Hall provided a presentation on the Event Strategy


6.            Private Functions on Public Reserves (Weddings) Update                             File 8180E


MOTION:                                                                       Moved: Clr Tribe / Second: David Goodman


RESOLVED that a Working Group be established to review the policy and make appropriate recommendations to Council, comprising of the following members Clr Tribe, David Goodman, Stephen Bartlett and Lynn Locke.



7.            Visitor Information Centres Update                                                                File 11726E


MOTION:                                                                                Moved: Clr Tribe / Second: Matt Cross


RESOLVED that the report regarding Visitor Information Centre be received for information.



8.            Next Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group Meeting                                       File 1490E


MOTION:                                                                  Moved: David Goodman / Second: Lynn Locke


RESOLVED that the next meeting of the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group be held in Ulladulla on 24 October 2016.






9.            Additional Item – Future Meeting Times


MOTION:                                                                  Moved: David Goodman / Second: Lynn Locke


RESOLVED that all future meetings of the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group commence at 5.00pm.





10.          Additional Item – New Membership – Nomination – Jo Thomas


Note: A report is being submitted to Council on 26 July 2016 in relation to a new nomination for membership from Jo Thomas.


11.          Additional Item – Movable River Pontoons


Note: the Group was advised that Council is sourcing 12-18 movable pontoons which will be placed along the river for events.


12.          Additional Item – Northern Shoalhaven Sporting Complex


Note: Staff advised that the Northern Shoalhaven Sporting Complex is out on exhibition.


13.          Additional Item – Email regarding Air B&B


Note: the Group discussed generally holiday accommodation options like Air B&B. It was noted that:


·         Shoalhaven has always allowed the renting out of dwellings (without DA consent)

·         State Government is undertaking a review because concerns have been raised in many locations not only by operators but also by residents living near rental properties.

·         There is a clause in our LEP has been adjusted to enable to Council to step in and require consent in problematic circumstances where there is an amenity impact.

·         Council had not previously wanted to implement a system of regulation for the 4000+ holiday homes in Shoalhaven given the role they play in our tourism economy.

·         Council has made a submission  to the current State Government Inquiry into short term rentals

·         It was agreed that the STAG do not consider any formal position until the outcome of the Inquiry.





There being no further business, the meeting concluded, the time being 6.58pm.



Lynn Locke





 Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group – Monday 24 October 2016

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TA16.1       Tourism Manager's Report


HPERM Ref:      D16/316064


Group:                Corporate & Community Services Group

Officer:               Coralie Bell - Tourism Manager


Attachments:     1. Tourism Action Plan Summary




Purpose / Summary

To give a brief outline of Tourism Activity over the last quarter.


Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group receive the Tourism Manger’s Report for information.



1.    Receive the report for information


2.    Request more information


Tourism Manager Update



What a wonderful part of the world we live in and boy is it busy! With the first quarter of this year complete the team have really found their rhythm and are hitting a whole set of new strides.


Throughout council I have been across;

-     Lady Denman Master Plan

-     Worrowing Heights Master Plan

-     Place Making  workshops

-     Nowra region precinct branding

-     Community Strategic Planning for the next 10 years

-     Significant changes to the LEP in regards to event DA’s and permissions

-     NAIDOC week

-     Disability Inclusion Action Plan

-     New Councillor inductions




In the region;

-     There have been some significant changes to how the ‘Unspoilt’ campaign with be run going forward with the SCRTO board deciding the next campaign will be run outside the RTP

-     No formal news on the new Destination Networks however anecdotal evidence suggests that Chairperson interviews have taken place

-     Region visits continue with the tourism executive team traveling to Shallow crossing, Milton/Ulladulla, Husky and Nowra Bomaderry / Berry. We are still managing to get across the region every quarter and meeting face to face with operators is one of the most important things we do. A schedule of dates is sent out with tourism talk regularly.

-     Visitors Centre Famil program has been revamped and due to start again in the next couple of months after the move with a focus on Book Easy operators.

-     South Coast Tourism Awards are on again.

-     Berry Business Chamber are looking at installing “Historic Town” TASOC signage and are working to tick some boxes for “Historic Town” criteria that needs to be met, including historic building signage. Tourism have agreed to pay a proportion of the costings and will fund the installation of the TASOC signs once approved by the TASOC committee.


Tourism issues that have come across my desk;

-     Drawing Rooms Rocks; issues with access and parking

-     Hyams Beach; access and parking plus community long term strategic planning.

-     Reporting and inconsistent messaging of economic development impact of tourism, National Visitors Survey vs Remplan.


As a team tourism have delivered;

-     VIC official opening and new merchandising set ups

-     Surfing PR and confirmation of the Junior World Surfing champs to be held in  Mollymook

-     National Parks joint funding application

-     Jemma had a boy

-     Unspoilt spring campaign

-     XPD and Fairgrounds landing pages linking marketing, VIC and large events

-     Surfing PR campaign featuring Tyler Wright

-     Upgrades to the Ulladulla VIC with stock and displays now matching Nowra



I have attended and / or presented at; 

-     Attended the Destination Wollongong partner functions

-     Presented at the Australian Regional Development Conference in Canberra

-     Attended and sat on a panel at the NSW Business Chamber Tourism Seminar in Wollongong.

-     Presented at the Jervis Bay Tourism Meeting in Huskisson

-     New Councillors meet and greets


Inclusive tourism, workshops and more

-     Accessible tourism workshop

-     Accessible events workshop

-     World Tourism Day event with Minister John Ajaka.    


Please see Attachment 1: Tourism Action Plan Summary for a detailed overview of business plan actions and status as requested.


Looking forward to working with both new and old members as we continue to grow this important industry throughout our beautiful region.  As always, your continued support and advocacy is invaluable and much appreciated.




 Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group – Monday 24 October 2016

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PDF Creator


PDF Creator


PDF Creator


PDF Creator


PDF Creator



 Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group – Monday 24 October 2016

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TA16.2       Destination Marketing


HPERM Ref:      D16/316136


Group:                Corporate & Community Services Group

Officer:               Kristy Mayhew - Tourism Marketing Specialist




Purpose / Summary

To provide a summary of Destination Marketing activity over the last quarter, July –September 2016.


Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group receive the Destination Marketing Report for information.



1.    Receive the report for information


2.    Request more information


Progress Report

Surfing PR Campaign in market, includes media PR famils, interviews with Tyler Wright and digital marketing including social and search engine optimisation. Sydney Weekender due in region 19 + 20 October to spotlight surfing during November.

Unspoilt spring burst in market now with “high impact digital” and “always on” activations to continue. The campaign is again a finalist in the 2016 NSW Tourism Awards for Destination Marketing. We are hosting an “Insta-meet” with Lauren Bath (458K followers) from 7 November. Planning has started for the 2017 campaign.

New website ‘expression of interest’ pack is out now and there has been a large response with over 40 packs sent out to interested parties. Submissions closed on 14 October.

2017 Visitors Guide advertising expressions of interest have been out and now have closed, approximately 14 pages booked. Content is being compiled with a local journalist and Katie Rivers is capturing a few gaps in photography. We also have an underwater photographer in region to try and capture a cover shot. A strong focus on including accessibility information throughout the guide, in partnership with ‘It’s Heaven’. 


100 Beach Challenge is part of our beach diversification and regional dispersion strategy and marketing are working to launch the campaign with the visitors guide in December, encouraging both visitors and locals to tick off all 100 beaches in the region. Development of collateral and google trails on track.


Events promotion continues with formal marketing support.

-     Fairgrounds (2 Dec) to host some high profile lifestyle journalists in Flash Camp tents;

-     Nitro Circus on gaining additional Canberra market share (closest tour to ACT);

-     XPD (Adventure Racing) support hosting Japan, New Zealand and official XPD race callers on a full day Famil on 7 November to Jervis Bay;

-     Surfing Junior Championships – launch 19 October – trying to connect local board riders and stars such as Tyler and Owen Wright (surf guide ambassador) to this big announcement.

Email marketing is ongoing with Tourism Talk to operators (700) and a Visitor Email (2,000), both sent out monthly. The October EDM has been distributed and includes a comprehensive operator survey for feedback on Tourism Services.


VIC and the Entertainment Centre

-     Partnered with SEC marketing staff to develop stronger promotion of the Encore Café;

-     Working with VIC staff to develop visual merchandise training;

-     Working to resolve some ongoing tech issues with the touch screens;

-     Developing own merchandise such as postcards etc;

-     Undergoing the print of a promotional wrap for Joe’s new van.


Training and Development

-     PR training with LBPR completed in region with very positive feedback. LBPR may come back to do another session in November on how to maximise the exposure by hosting bloggers.

-     We are continuing “Business Sessions” into 2017 with the courses getting very positive feedback across 213 participants. Currently in discussion about hosting training in Jervis Bay in addition to original locations of Nowra and Ulladulla plus investigating a few new courses such as:

Content Creation (making video);

Online presence (Google, TripAdvisor, Get Connected and other listings);

Facebook 3; 

Instagram 2.


New content plan for Facebook

In August we implemented a new strategic way of planning Facebook posts using a themed content plan. This allows us to ensure the variety of content in our Facebook posts match our strategic marketing goals and campaigns, and reach our target audience.





Partnerships: Building strategic relationships with Visit Canberra and Destination Wollongong, and continuing strong relationship with South Coast LGAs to continue unspoilt.


Up Next

-     Visiting Friends and Relatives Campaign (Winter, 2016)

-     Develop a formal internal and external Communications Plan

-     Bushwalking Guide

-     2017 Unspoilt content creation

-     Assist in facilitating trade events

-     NPWS collaboration







Digital Marketing Results

Facebook: Visit Shoalhaven  July – September 2016.

This quarter

Last quarter

This quarter 2015























Best post


Twitter: @visitshoalhaven















Instagram @visitshoalhaven




Best post





















 Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group – Monday 24 October 2016

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TA16.3       Events and Investment


HPERM Ref:      D16/316082


Group:                Corporate & Community Services Group

Officer:               Shannan Perry-Hall - Tourism Events & Investments Specialist




Purpose / Summary

To update the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group on events and investment in the Shoalhaven region.


Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group receive the Events and Investment Report for information.




1.    Receive the report for information


2.    Request more information


Event and Investment Update

Past supported events (since 1st July 2016)


Surf Lifesaving NSW IRB State Championships

2016 Motocross Nationals

AFL Junior State Championships

Surf Lifesaving IRB National Championships

State Team Time Trials Weekend (Cycling)

Husky Running Festival

Men’s Bowls State Pennant Finals

Women’s Bowls State Pennant Finals


In Progress


·    Events

Shoalhaven River Festival – Nowra – 22 - 23/10/16

Huskisson Triathlon Festival – Huskisson – 30/10/16 

XPD World Adventure Race Championships – Shoalhaven – 09 – 18/11/16

Inaugural National Indigenous Football Championships – Nowra 03 – 05/11/16

PGA Australian Senior Championships – Mollymook – 24 – 26/11/16

Fairgrounds – Berry – 02 – 03/12/16

Callala Ultimate Triathlon Festival – Callala – 10 – 11/12/16

Big Husky Triathlon Festival – Huskisson – 17 – 19/02/17

National Pop Up Cinema – Nowra – 02 – 07/02/17

Shoalhaven Week of Golf – Shoalhaven – 12 – 17/02/17

Grapest 5km Run – Coolangatta Estate – 04/03/17

Nitro Circus – Nowra – 22/04/17

Southern Cross SUP Festival – Sussex Inlet – 28/04/17

NSW Country Junior Rugby Union Country Champs – Nowra – 20 – 21/05/17

Garden Clubs of Australia National Convention – Ulladulla – 05 – 10/11/17

For a full list of events in the Shoalhaven visit             


·    There has recently been a change to the LEP which means events held on public land no longer require development consent. This has resulted in changes to the way we process events. We have taken the opportunity to include requirements from the Disability Inclusion Action Plan.

·    Development of the River Festival Event Management Plan

·    Shoalhaven Events Capacity and Capability Review

·    Working with possible investors and developing links with local real-estate agents to facilitate desired outcomes.

·    Working with Flashcamp on a glamping accommodation site and related experiences for 2017.



Up Next

·    Events

Huskisson Long Course Weekend – Huskisson

Empire Touring – Music Festival – Nowra

Australian Junior Surfing Championships – Culburra

·    Continue to work with marketing to attract and secure events that are in line with our promotional focus.

·    Updated EOI For Funding forms

·    Streamlined sponsorship agreement process

·    Investor familiarisations

·    Events guide including check lists and case studies

·    Research event funding sources

·    Business events and conference planning



·    Estimated economic benefit from secured events this quarter is $5.4 million, with sponsorship of $37,000 across 12 events

·    Secured $60,000 additional funding for the Events Partnership

·    Secured 5 new events for the region in line with our promotional focus

·    Event marketing support schedule to wring the life out of event opportunities

·    Fairgrounds working with Flashcamp to produce a glamping and local produce restaurant experience

·    Continuing to build robust relationships with enthusiastic like-minded investors passionate about the Shoalhaven

·    Updated Information for potential investors including new research

·    Formalised criteria based on event and investment aims




 Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group – Monday 24 October 2016

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TA16.4       Visitors Services


HPERM Ref:      D16/316148


Group:                Corporate & Community Services Group

Officer:               Joe Puglisi - Visitor Centre Manager - Nowra




Purpose / Summary

To give an update of Visitor Information Services over the last quarter.


Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group receive the Visitors Services Report for information.




1.    Receive the report for information


2.    Request more information



In July 2016 the Nowra Visitors Centre relocated to the Shoalhaven Entertainment centre and the staffing structure around visitors services changed.


In Progress

·    Nowra move complete and new staff recruitment and training ongoing

·    Integration of box office and tourism strategies/ activities

·    Upgrade of accommodation booking site

·    VIC Familiarisation program in development

·    2017 visitors guide, data updates and advertising bookings

·    Ticketing for Nitro Circus

·    Ulladulla merchandising and layout now reflecting Nowra with income to tourism

·    New staff recruits to boost staff in Ulladulla Visitors Centre

·    Ongoing Mystery Shop reports with positive results

·    Improvement and expansion of distribution channels for VIS Guide and other publications


Up Next

·    Supplementary Visitors Centres to be reviewed this year

·    Increased focus on bookeasy operators

·    Volunteer Program partnered with Community Development to pilot a program over Summer Holidays

·    VIS Business Plan in development

·    Itinerary Building planning

·    Packaging solutions



Nowra results this quarter



July 2016: Accommodation bookings 31 = $7,149; ticket bookings - 43 = $4,652;

Total Increase of +37% YOY


August 2016: Accommodation booking 45 = $6,503; ticket bookings 134 = $9,070;

Total increase of +297%YOY


September 2016: Accommodation bookings $10,330; ticket bookings 8 = $306;

Total decrease of -25% YOY


July – September 2016

Total increase of 7%


Comments: August 2016 sales and part September reflect Nowra Players performance which was not put through Bookeasy last year. Nowra Players sales are now put through SABO ticket sales system.



July 2016 - 22% on forecast; August 2016 + 26% on forecast; September 2016 +26.5% on forecast. Forecast sales estimated at 42% of previous sales after VIC move based on 75% less floor space, decreased stock levels, and physical move consolidation. Overall sales are a healthy 16% above forecast.


Merchandising units were not available until 5th August, thus adversely affecting July sales.


Note: Bestselling items to date this financial year include books such as Nowra Sports climbing, Camps 8 Australia and Walks of the Shoalhaven as well as local chocolates.


Comments: While difficult to measure actual VIC numbers at SEC, the SEC door counter numbers indicate a much greater exposure of the VIC and its services to a much broader audience. Increased exposure to the local market influences positively spending habits of the VFR (Visiting Friends and Relatives) market.


Comments: July – Sep increase of + 6.8%. It was projected that there would be little impact on email inquiries with the VIC move. These figures reflect initial expectations.



Comments: The projection for VIC phone calls was for limited impact on the number of calls.

While there were less phone calls in the first two months September is showing an increase, indicating a normalisation of expectation of phone call numbers.


Note: * Box Office figures for 2015 were not available. Estimated less 38% based on the increase of ticket sales this quarter. **July 2016 figures corrupted; figure based on year on year average.                                                                  


Ulladulla Results this quarter

Merchandise Sales

July to September 2016 $5,730


Visitor numbers (manual count) 4,376


Please note: manual counting is proving to be unreliable and is estimated to be double the figure. In future these figures will be compared to door count.


Same quarter last year

Jul 2015 – Sept 2015:  $6189


Comments: Although YOY figures show a loss, since the new stock and merchandising has been in place in Ulladulla (23/8/16) the trend line is improving sales, especially in local produce which have increased by more than double on same period last year last year.







 Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group – Monday 24 October 2016

Page 30



TA16.5       New Member Inductions


HPERM Ref:      D16/320203


Group:                Corporate & Community Services Group

Officer:               Coralie Bell - Tourism Manager




Purpose / Summary

Shoalhaven Tourism would like to invite all new members to an induction meeting.


Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group receive the report for information.




1.    Advise members wishing to attend, accept the draft agenda and propose a suitable date.

2.    Advise members wishing to attend and make changes to the draft agenda and propose a suitable date.

3.    Advise no interest in a new member induction.



With the new council the STAG has several new members and staff are proposing an induction.


Draft Agenda

1.   Meet the team

2.   SWOT – understanding key strengths, weaknesses and opportunities and threats for tourism in our region

3.   Statics – update on the latest figures and some information about how we collect our numbers with National and International Visitors Surveys

4.   Overview of strategic direction, including presentations from key staff on current operational plans as well as a summary of what we are working on right now

5.   Q & A


 Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group – Monday 24 October 2016

Page 31



TA16.6       Future Meeting Dates


HPERM Ref:      D16/320141


Group:                Corporate & Community Services Group

Officer:               Coralie Bell - Tourism Manager




Purpose / Summary

To decide on the times, dates and regularity of the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group.



Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group decide on how often meetings are to be held and agree to future dates.




1.    Agree to meet the minimum of 4 times per year and;

a.    Accept the proposed dates and times below

b.    Advise alternative dates and/or times


2.    Agree to meet bi-monthly and;

a.    Accept the proposed dates and times below

b.    Advise alternative dates and/or times


3.    Advise alternative meeting schedule and dates.



The Terms of Reference advise a minimum of 4 meetings per year however informal conversations have made suggestions for bi-monthly meetings. STAG meetings are currently on a Monday at 5pm. Traditionally STAG have not met over Dec and Jan due to peak tourism activity for industry.



Suggested meeting dates, 4 times a year.

Mon 27 February 2017, 5pm.

Mon 22 May 2017, 5pm.

Mon 28 August 2017, 5pm.

Mon 27 November 2017, 5pm.

As noted in other reports in this paper there are working groups who are meeting regularly and undertaking a lot of hands on projects as part of STAG and the overall Tourism program.

Should Bi Monthly meetings be considered necessary some dates are proposed below. Additional meeting will require staff to produce additional reports and take them away from undertaking direct tourism related activities.   STAG always has the option on calling additional meetings if it feels it necessary.

Suggested meeting dates, bi-monthly meetings.

Mon 23 January 2017, 5pm

Mon 27 March 2017, 5pm

Mon 29 May 2017, 5pm

Mon 24 July 2017, 5pm

Mon 25 September 2017, 5pm

Mon 27 November 2017, 5pm



 Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group – Monday 24 October 2016

Page 33



TA16.7       Chair's Report


HPERM Ref:      D16/320401


Submitted by:    Lynn Locke




Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the Committee receive the Chair’s Report for information.



A note from the Chair

This is my first report as Chair of STAG and I would like to welcome all our new members and Councillors that now form part of our group.


I feel that is important that all STAG members are aware of the importance of tourism industry participation.  This could involve joining a working group, attending business chamber meetings, liaising with industry participants and just generally being ambassadors for tourism.


The Tourism Manager and I would be more than happy to meet with any new members that may like to have an induction and a meeting to better understand their role or the role of the Tourism Office.


Being part of a working group can be rewarding and can provide you with an insight into the Tourism Office structure and the many hats they wear.


I would also encourage all members to attend any of the free and relatively inexpensive sessions that are being offered through Council.  These include Facebook, Instagram, PR and coming up ‘Working with Bloggers’.  These sessions are a great initiative and something that I feel is important and very informative.  It also gives us the time to network with industry participants and make them aware of our direction.


I have attended the recent Wedding Workshop as part of that working group.  It is particularly interesting to understand how those involved in all aspects of weddings from venues to celebrants actually work and how important it is for them to work together as a group.  It is also good to see how important weddings are to Tourism and how we can best support them.


The opening of the Visitor Information Centre at the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre has been a fantastic move and I encourage all members to take the time to walk through and familiarise themselves with what is available, opening times and how the whole area is working.


I have attended one of the Tourism Team Meetings to see just how this dynamic group work.  It was very enlightening and the group of staff, under the guidance of Coralie, are certainly working hard to develop tourism in this area.


The Shoalhaven River Festival, which was an initiative of the STAG four years ago, is growing into the Signature Event of the Shoalhaven which has always been our aim.  It is a free community event that gives, in particular, the Nowra area ownership of their ‘own’ event.  


As a group we need to continue to work to encourage events within the Shoalhaven particularly as now our visitation figures are outstanding.


I am always available to discuss with any members any issues or ideas you may have.  My hope for our future is that we all work together to ensure tourism in the Shoalhaven continues to grow.


Lynn Locke

Chair, Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group.  


 Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group – Monday 24 October 2016

Page 35



TA16.8       STAG Working Group Updates


HPERM Ref:      D16/316147


Submitted by:    Wedding Working Group and the Walking Working Group




Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the Committee receive the Working Group report for information.



STAG have several Working Groups where members can get involved in more in depth projects. This report provides an update on the current active groups. 


Wedding Working Group – update by Lynn Locke


Members of the STAG Wedding Working Group met with industry representatives on the 31st August. 16 industry representatives attended the meeting, the agenda included:

·      Changes that you have noticed (if any) since the introduction of the Private Functions on Public Reserves Policy

·      Factors that are hindering you while doing business or growing your business

·      Ideas to help the industry grow sustainably

·      Locations that could be developed to specifically cater for outdoor weddings

·      Gaps in regional service delivery (if any)

Outcomes and recommendations to note from the meeting include:

·    Mixed reports on the increase/decline of weddings since the introduction of the Private Functions of Public Reserves policy

·    The possible formation of an industry group to advise on priorities

·    Provision of feedback through Shannan on what locations from the policy are the best for the green cathedral

·    Provision of feedback through Shannan on recommended changes to the policy

·    Focus on one wedding expo in the region instead of many

·    Another meeting of the Industry group and the STAG Working Group will occur in 6 months

Walking Working Group – Update to given by Coralie Bell


The Walking Working Group (Michelle Bishop, Matthew Forbes and Cllr Mark Kitchener) have been meeting regularly to identify and develop walking promotion in the region. Various projects underway include;

·    Development of an iconic walking guide

o Flyer concepts have been created

o Draft list of iconic walks has been finalised

o Walk list has been sent out for feedback to Booderee NP, National Parks and Wildlife, Ulladulla Local Aboriginal Land Council, the Aboriginal Advisory Group, Council internal staff and others

o Initial feedback has been received and the group is working through some issues raised in order to finalise the list.

·    Product development, a regional long walk.

o Initial proposal presented to STAG from a southern Shoalhaven walking group (Bushwalking Advisory Groups)

o Walking Working Group commissioned a commercial feasibility study into the validity of the walk

o Tourism worked with our parks team to audit the council owned parts of the track

o Joint grant application with National Parks has been submitted and is awaiting feedback.

What next:

·    The group are looking at walking the finalised iconic walks to check condition, location of carparks and amenities.

·    Create google trail of walks

·    Create marketing collateral including collecting correct information for brochure.



 Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group – Monday 24 October 2016

Page 37



TA16.9       Industry Presentation: International Tourism in the Shoalhaven.


HPERM Ref:      D16/319582


Submitted by:    Matt Cross, Discover Jervis Bay






Formal presentation to be given by Matt Cross, Discover Jervis Bay (10 min only).

1.   Overview of history and current partnership with Shoalhaven Tourism

2.   Highlights of current marketing activity and results achieved by DJB,

3.   What’s next, looking forward to the future of international tourism.