Business and Employment Development Committee



Meeting Date:     Wednesday, 28 August, 2019

Location:            Jervis Bay Rooms, City Administrative Centre, Bridge Road, Nowra

Time:                   4:00pm


Please note: Council’s Code of Meeting Practice permits the electronic recording and broadcast of the proceedings of meetings of the Council which are open to the public. Your attendance at this meeting is taken as consent to the possibility that your image and/or voice may be recorded and broadcast to the public.





1.    Apologies

2.    Confirmation of Minutes

·      Business and Employment Development Committee - 29 May 2019......................... 1

3.    Declarations of Interest

4.    Reports

BE19.14...... Performance of the Shoalhaven Economy - June 2019................................ 7

BE19.15...... Princes Highway Corridor Strategy.............................................................. 13

BE19.16...... SPBA Personal and Professional Mentor Program 2019 - a Business Support Program sponsored by the Economic Development Office......................... 15

BE19.17...... Development in Shoalhaven - Significant Projects...................................... 19

BE19.18...... Update - Shoalhaven Business Chamber.................................................... 24

BE19.19...... Department of Planning, Industry and Environment Update....................... 26

BE19.20...... Basin Business Forum Celebrates 1 Year of Networking............................ 28

BE19.21...... Milton Ulladulla Business Chamber............................................................. 30                         

5.    General Business

BE19.22...... Regional Development Australia Update

Andrew Wales (Employment Facilitator, Far South Coast) will provide an update on behalf of Regional Development Australia, including the Regional Employment Trials for the Shoalhaven.


 Business and Employment Development Committee – Wednesday 28 August 2019

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John Lamont – RDA – Chairperson

All Councillors

Chief Executive Officer or nominee

Fiona Phillips MP (or nominee)

Shelley Hancock MP (or nominee)

Gareth Ward MP (or nominee Tony Emery)

Graham Baxter / Scott Inman – Southern Regional Business Enterprise Centre

Jemma Tribe – President, Shoalhaven Business Chamber

David Goodman – Shoalhaven Business Chamber

Fiona Hatcher – Regional Development Australia FSC

Anna Finch – Shoalhaven Professional Business Association

Lexie Meyer – Community

James Coburn – Community

Mary-Jean Lewis – Milton Ulladulla Business Chamber

Alison Chiam – Shoalhaven Art Board Representative

Robert Crow – Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group

Paul Keith – Aboriginal Advisory Committee Representative

Peter Masterson – Department of Industry, Innovation & Science

Ian Morris – Shoalhaven Secondary Schools

Donna Payne – NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

Kate Morris – NSW TAFE

Representative – University of Wollongong, Shoalhaven Campus

Representative – Defence

Representative – Manufacturing

Representative – Construction



Quorum – Six (6)



·      To assist in the implementation of the Economic Development Strategy and monitor and report on performance.

·      Support the expansion of industry activities within the Shoalhaven, across all sectors.

·      Encourage the location of new industries in the region which will lead to an increase in the number of employment opportunities for the residents of the region

·      Grow the socio economic base of the Shoalhaven.

·      Examine and review employment development strategies and report on initiatives to carry their strategies forward.






Minutes of the Business and Employment Development Committee



Meeting Date:     Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Location:            Jervis Bay Rooms, City Administrative Centre, Bridge Road, Nowra

Time:                   4:03pm



The following members were present:


Clr Patricia White

Clr John Levett

Clr Mark Kitchener

John Lamont - Chairperson

Tony Emery – representing Gareth Ward MP

Robert Crow – representing Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group

Alison Chiam – representing Shoalhaven Arts Board

Jemma Tribe – representing Shoalhaven Business Chamber

David Goodman – representing Shoalhaven Sports Board

Anna Finch – representing Shoalhaven Professional Business Association

Fiona Hatcher – representing Regional Development Australia FSC

Peter Masterson – representing Department of Industry, Innovation & Science

Donna Payne – representing NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

Lexie Meyer – Community

James Coburn – Community

Mary-Jean Lewis – representing Milton Ulladulla Business Chamber

Stephen Dunshea - Acting General Manager


Also present:


Andrew Wales – Employment Facilitator Far South Coast

Marianne Jones – Economic Development Officer

Shannan Perry-Hall - Tourism Investments & Events Specialist




Apologies / Leave of Absence


Apologies were received from Clr Gash,  Kaye Morris, Paul Keith, Greg Pullen (Economic Development Manager), Coralie Bell (Tourism Manager) and Cathy Bern (Manager, Development Services).



Confirmation of the Minutes

RESOLVED (Jemma Tribe / Lexie Meyer)


1.    The Minutes of the Business and Employment Development Committee held on Wednesday 27 February 2019 be confirmed.

2.    Russ Pigg (General Manager) be thanked by the Committee for his input.





Declarations of Interest







BE19.7       BE18.27 - Outstanding Action - AusIndustry Update - report received - sub-committee formed - Incubator Hub

HPERM Ref: D19/66520

Fiona Hatcher (Regional Development Australia) suggested an option 3 could have been included: To implement the original resolution of the Committee (BE18.27):

That the Committee form a sub-committee comprising of Fiona Hatcher, Regional Development Australia, Deb Langton, President of the Shoalhaven Business Chamber, Clr Findley, a representative from the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet, Regional NSW, and Peter Masterton, AusIndustry, to consider options for an Incubator Hub in Nowra.

Peter Masterson (Department of Industry, Innovation & Science) clarified that an incubator hub differs from a co-working space, which offers desk space rental and, often, add-on office services. Co-working spaces are good for sole operators. An incubator (or accelerator) hub is more suited to a tech startup or intellectual property startup, developing a new product or service. Applicants are required to go through an assessment process and pass a structured course that covers areas such as marketing, branding, digital strategy, pitching for funding. He advised that an Incubator Hub should only be pursued if there are potential tech startups in the region. A ‘pipeline’ of startups would be needed to obtain Government funding. AusIndustry will offer advice but they lack the local knowledge that the Committee can provide.

It was agreed to constitute the sub-committee as previously resolved, allowing for changes of representatives.


Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the action to form a sub-committee to consider options for an Innovation Hub in Nowra be reviewed. 


RESOLVED (By consent)


1. The Committee reaffirm its previous resolution to form a sub-committee to consider options for an Incubator Hub in Nowra. 

2. The sub-committee comprise the membership as previously determined, updated to reflect changes in representation since the original resolution.




BE19.8       South East Australian Transport Strategy (SEATS)

HPERM Ref: D19/167289

Clr White reported on the recent SEATS meeting which she had attended with Marianne Jones (Economic Development Officer). SEATS involves councils from Wollongong south to Melbourne, including inland councils. Initially working on connecting freight movements, the group now includes tourism and other activities relating to roads, air, and ports. It works as a group to lobby State and Federal government and industry stakeholders on transport matters.

This most recent meeting followed the State elections in NSW and Victoria, plus the upcoming Federal election, which provided the opportunity to advocate for priority projects with the candidates.  SEATS is pressing for 80:20 funding for the Princes Highway.

The NSW Government is moving the RMS to become part of Transport for NSW from 1 July. Senior Transport and Roads Minister Andrew Constance will have overall responsibility. The RMS Southern Region NSW has a new Local Government Liaison officer.

$960M has been awarded with the commitment to duplicate the Princes Highway to the NSW-Victoria border. This will include upgrading the Princes Highway intersection with Jervis Bay Road. Other improvements are planned from Burrill Lake to Batemans Bay, and for the Moruya bypass, where work on the highway is to be combined with the building of a new regional hospital that will front onto it.

The Federal Government has promised $500M for the Princes Highway, $400M of which will fund the Milton Ulladulla bypass.

There is a problem of capacity for jobs, and finding enough contractors to fill the jobs. There are RMS training centres at Bomaderry and Batemans Bay with new trainees. The capacity for jobs will have flow-on effects on rents and services.

The estimated cost of duplicating the highway to the border $16 billion, and will take 10 to 15 years. The 80:20 funding that SEATS is seeking will boost if can be obtained.

The GHD strategy report on the Princes Highway from Wollongong to Adelaide is due to be released at the end of May. David Goodman asked about the Nowra bypass road, and Clr White anticipated it may be noted in the GHD strategy report.

Shoalhaven City Council is being funded by SEATS to undertake a project, led by the Economic Development team, to set out the priority projects from a local government perspective.

Clr White confirmed the road section from Nerriga to Braidwood is not being upgraded to B-Double standard.


Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the Committee receive the report about the involvement of the Economic Development Office in SEATS for information.


RESOLVED (David Goodman / Alison Chiam)

That the Committee receive the report about the involvement of the Economic Development Office in SEATS for information.




BE19.9       Development in Shoalhaven - Significant Projects

HPERM Ref: D19/169312

The Committee accepted the report for information.


Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the report of the General Manager (Planning Environment & Development Services) regarding the update on development in Shoalhaven be received for information.


RESOLVED (Fiona Hatcher / Robert Crow)

That the report of the General Manager (Planning Environment & Development Services) regarding the update on development in Shoalhaven be received for information.




BE19.10     Report of the NSW Premier & Cabinet - Illawarra Shoalhaven DPC Regional

HPERM Ref: D19/158758

Donna Payne (NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet) explained that there had been some changes to the machinery of government, which mean that the functions of the regional group will be moving into a new, large Department of Planning, Industry and Environment. The function and staffing will remain the same.

Planning for the STEMship VET pre-employment program is going well. The first cohort will be starting in July/August.

The guidelines for the new round of Stronger Country Communities Fund grants will be released in the second half of June. There will be a particular focus on youth targeted programs.


Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That this report be received by the Committee for information.


RESOLVED (Donna Payne / Peter Masterson)

That this report be received by the Committee for information.







BE19.11     Report of the Shoalhaven Business Chamber

Jemma Tribe (Shoalhaven Business Chamber) spoke to the Shoalhaven Business Chamber report for the period January to March 2019. The report had been submitted in advance but had not been included on the agenda due to communication issues.

·     The Lunch & Learn series has been booked out, and has been very well received. Topics included Government Services to Support Your Business and Savvy Solopreneurs.

·     The Twilight Garden Party for Women in Business was also successful.

·     The Women’s Conference last week attached some 300 attendees.

·     Two Meet the Candidates Breakfasts had been held with State and Federal candidates.

·     The 2019 Shoalhaven Business Awards Gala Season is to be launched on 30 May. The portal on the SBC website will go live and will show past winners, unveil the Awards theme and categories. The Gala Night will be on Friday 23 August.

RESOLVED (Jemma Tribe / Donna Payne)

That the report of the Shoalhaven Business Chamber be received for information.





BE19.13     Additional Item - Information Updates from Members

Shoalhaven Arts Board

Alison Chiam (Shoalhaven Arts Board) reported on the Shoalhaven Arts Board’s recent round of Professional Grants. Another round will be made available in the next financial year.

The Contemporary NOW Art Prize will be run in August. Sponsorship opportunities are still available, and interested sponsors should contact Bronwyn Coulston (Manager, Arts & Culture).

The Arts Board is also working on establishing a Foundation for the Arts, aimed at infusing money into the community for arts related projects. A working group is drafting the constitution and seeking seed funding. Donations to the Foundation will be tax-deductible.


Shoalhaven Professional Business Association

Anna Finch (Shoalhaven Professional Business Association) reported that the 10 Year Anniversary of the SPBA will be celebrated on 14 June. The event will include the graduation of the 14 mentorees.

On 13 June SPBA will hold its bi-monthly breakfast meeting for mentorees on The Great Pitch.

The Shoalhaven Young Professionals Mentoring program will be finishing in June.

Anna noted the Executive Compass 2.0 leadership program, funded by Building Better Regions Fund.

SPBA is working with the Allied Health network, forming a chapter. People in Allied Health professions are often small business owners. 

Clr Digiglio acknowledged SPBA for their engagement with health. The Shoalhaven has a high ageing population and many with disabilities, and this is part of the economic platform. It is important to work together with businesses and workers to maintain health and wellness, and attract professionals to the area.



John Lamont presented the update provided by Kate Morris. On 30 April Nowra TAFE held a Manufacturing Training needs focus group to discuss ways in which TAFE could support and provide relevant training to the Shoalhaven Manufacturing Industry sector. A proposed action was the establishment of a Shoalhaven Advanced Manufacturing Skills Cluster. The group is to meet regularly to serve as a think tank for manufacturing across the Shoalhaven. Their meeting proposed the following course development at Nowra TAFE:

·     Cert I Manufacturing - commencing 3 June. Names of interested participants may be sent to

·     Investigation and development of entry-level program in Process Manufacturing.

·     Further the discussion to develop an entry-level training in Lab Technology. This course will be a generic entry level program, possibly a Skill Set taken from the Cert III in Lab Technology. 

·     The welding program for existing workers in the Manufacturing industries is now full.


Regional Development Australia

Fiona Hatcher reported that the SYVI Program is continuing. The South Coast Youth Leadership Forum Has been extended to the Bega Valley, and will be taken into Jervis Bay Territory.


Department of Jobs and Small Business

Andrew Wales is the Employment Facilitator for the Far South Coast, an area where there are significant employment issues. The department is working to identify innovative projects to be funded that address local employment needs. Currently they are dealing with 13 projects – there are 50 in the pipeline. Andrew works with them to refine the project until they are viable; they are then assessed by a panel from the RDA; the  RDA provide feedback to Andrew and the proponents; a formal application then goes to AusIndustry, then to the Department of Small Business office. Three projects among the number due for approval are located in the Shoalhaven.


Office of Gareth Ward MP

Tony Emery reported that the Business Chamber Policy Committee is concerned about the intersection designs north and south of the Nowra Bridge. RMS have reported the submissions back to the community. Shoalhaven Council should be more proactive in releasing the design plans for the ENSA and Moss Street vicinity, to secure the debate and uptake from politicians that would help obtain funding.

Bundanon Trust has received $22M funding from the Federal Government this budget, provided over three years, towards the master plan at Riversdale. This is positive for employment and visitation. There have been some issues around the development application which are being addressed. It is hoped that work will commence in February. As a member of the Bundanon Trust Board, Tony wished to thank Shoalhaven City Council on behalf of the Board Management for its support in obtaining finance at State and Federal level, and assisting with the design and DA issues; in particular he thanked Development Services staff and Russ Pigg.


Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group

Rob Crow (Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group) noted that Shoalhaven Tourism has recently won awards for the 100 Beach Challenge campaign: first place at state level and second place at national level. The campaign is aimed at educating locals as well as visitors about the variety of destinations. Evidence is accruing at statistical level that the flow of tourists is starting to become consistent across the year. The Events team’s efforts are helping to spread traffic across the year.


General Manager

Stephen Dunshea (Acting General Manager) noted the Draft Delivery Program, Operational Plan and Budget for 2019/2020 is on public exhibition until 6 June. Submissions are welcome. Several community information sessions have been held across the city. Council is improving the transparency of these documents – the detailed capital works program gives an indication of when projects likely to happen.

A number of traineeships are open at the moment across Council, facilitated by Hunter Valley Training Corporation, aimed at young people looking for their first employment first opportunity or anyone seeking to re-enter the workforce. These are 12 month administrative positions. Details can be found on the HVTC website.

Stephen announced that in addition to Russ Pigg’s retirement in August, Carmel Krogh (Director, Shoalhaven Water) is resigning, effective the end of July, to take up her new role as President of the Australian Water Association.

David Goodman congratulated Shoalhaven Water and Council on the recent recognition of its water quality.


RESOLVED (Clr White / Lexie Meyer)

That the General Business Updates be received for information.




There being no further business, the meeting concluded, the time being 5.15pm.



Mr John Lamont




 Business and Employment Development Committee – Wednesday 28 August 2019

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BE19.14     Performance of the Shoalhaven Economy - June 2019


HPERM Ref:       D19/275196


Group:                CEO Group 

Section:              Economic Development  

Purpose / Summary

To update the committee on recent economic trends


Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the report by the Economic Development Manager on Shoalhaven economic trends as at June 2019 be received for information.




1.    The recommendation be accepted as written.


2.    An alternative recommendation be proposed.



There are several releases of data from the ABS and various Government agencies that have presented quite positive news for the Shoalhaven economy.


In the June quarter 2019 the Estimated Residential Population of Shoalhaven would have passed 105,000. This figure is derived by extrapolating the most recent ABS ERP series forward from June 2018.

Labour Market

With regard to employment within the Shoalhaven the following table shows the latest statistics:


% change


% change


% change































The latest unemployment rate for Shoalhaven is 6.27% which would be close to “full” employment in a regional area like Shoalhaven. Of concern would be that the majority of the unemployed are “youth” (aged below 25).

There would also be underemployment in the employed labour force owing to factors such as casualisation and lifestyle choices.

Industry is generally reporting difficulties in recruiting staff, especially those with skills.

The local trends are consistent with those on the national scene, but for an area that traditionally has had unemployment rates at least 50% above the state and national averages, the current situation is quite positive.


CAPEX Indicator

The current major Capital Projects by Government during the past year are:

•           Princes Highway – Bomaderry to Berry

•           Shoalhaven River Bridge Design

•           Shoalhaven Medical Precinct planning including Carpark construction

·        South Coast Correctional Centre (Project now completed)

·        Shoalhaven Water – Nowra Sewer upgrade


Impending projects include:

·        Shoalhaven River Bridge

·        Rail upgrade – Bomaderry to Berry

·        Shoalhaven Hospital upgrade



The level of employment that is within these major projects is quite high, currently around 250 FTEs, and this will be decreasing the unemployment levels. The “Skills Legacy Programs” being run in conjunction with major state and federal project are also addressing the issue of youth unemployment as well as within other local disadvantaged groups.


Economic Indicators

Since 2013 Council has been monitoring the Gross Regional Product (GRP) for the Shoalhaven LGA. This is calculated by REMPLAN using the expenditure method gathered through the National Accounts and ATO data.

GRP is the total value of final goods and services produced in the Shoalhaven region over the period of one year. As can be seen from the table, this includes exports but subtracts imports.


GRP Expenditure Method


Household Consumption


Government Consumption


Private Gross Fixed Capital Expenditure


Public Gross Fixed Capital Expenditure


Gross Regional Expenses


plus Regional Exports


minus Domestic Imports


minus Overseas Imports


Gross Regional Product


Per Capita GRP ($'000)


Per Worker GRP ($'000)



Of interest is that the GRP per worker and GRP per capita are actually moving towards the NSW average as shown in the graphs below:


This demonstrates that the Shoalhaven economy is moving ahead in the industry sectors that have above average productivity, export income and employment such as Public Administration & Safety (incl Defence), Construction, Manufacturing, Finance & Insurance Services, and Accommodation & Food Services.


Over time the GRP will move closer to the NSW average and Shoalhaven is trending quite positively:



Shoalhaven GRP

Index / worker

January 2013



January 2014



January 2015



January 2016



December 2017



June 2019




The sustainability of our industry sectors is reflected in these figures and other factors such as the agricultural outputs from this area despite being drought affected, but our reliance on the irrigation from the REMS scheme, our fishing and aquaculture sectors and the timber harvesting and processing sectors maintain the overall production.

The relative size of economies can be determined by comparing GRP and this is shown below:


Port Macquarie LGA


Mid Coast LGA


Port Stephens LGA


Maitland LGA


Muswellbrook LGA


Newcastle LGA


Lake Macquarie LGA


Hawkesbury LGA


Blue Mountains LGA


Wollongong LGA


Shellharbour LGA


Kiama LGA


Shoalhaven LGA




Dubbo LGA


Albury LGA





Policy Implications

The trends exhibited by the Shoalhaven economy are quite positive and much of this can be attributed to the pipeline of government infrastructure projects for which Council has played a major lobbying role. The continuance of this leadership role is essential, or the Shoalhaven may not sustain this growth and fall back into an era when unemployment was too high.



 Business and Employment Development Committee – Wednesday 28 August 2019

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BE19.15     Princes Highway Corridor Strategy


HPERM Ref:       D19/271328


Group:                CEO Group 

Section:              Economic Development 

Attachments:     1.  EDO April 2019 Federal Government Princes Highway Corridor Strategy Submission Shoalhaven City Council (under separate cover)   

Purpose / Summary

To inform the Business and Employment Development Committee about Shoalhaven City Council’s submission to the Princes Highway Corridor Strategy.

Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the report on the Princes Highway Corridor Strategy be accepted for information.




1.    Accept the report as written


2.    Propose and adopt an alternative resolution



The Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities (DIRDC) has engaged GHD Advisory to work in partnership with the Australian, NSW, Victorian and SA Governments to deliver a Princes Highway Corridor Strategy. The strategy will seek to integrate planning along the entire corridor and align asset management priorities and investments. 

The Princes Highway Corridor Strategy will develop an evidence base to underpin a ‘whole-of-corridor’ perspective of the current and future role of the Princes Highway, including economic, social and environmental factors. It will support meaningful engagement with industry and key stakeholders and provide the evidence necessary to allow governments to make informed investment decisions.

The objectives of the Strategy are:

·    Promoting better access and connectivity to and along the corridor

·    Improving safety and providing efficient driving conditions along the length of the corridor

·    Activating the corridor as a means to drive better regional development and industry performance

·    Promoting more efficient and environmentally sustainable use of the corridor

·    Supporting corridor investments which are value adding, well-informed and linked together as part of an overarching vision for the corridor.

The Australian Government is delivering the Strategy in partnership with the NSW Government, the Government of Victoria and the Government of South Australia. The Princes Highway Corridor Strategy will be delivered by late 2019.

The Princes Highway is a national road asset running along the southeast coast of Australia, beginning in Sydney and ending in Port Augusta. Part of Australia’s Highway 1 network, the 1,941 km route extends through New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, and serves as an important connection between the metropolitan centres of Sydney, Wollongong, Melbourne, Geelong and Adelaide.

Excluding capital cities, over 1 million people live in the local government areas traversed by the Princes Highway, with an estimated 50% living in urban centres or townships. The highway supports from below 1,000 vehicles per day in rural sections to over 60,000 vehicles per day in urban centres.

The highway is also an iconic tourist road, forming part of the Grand Pacific Drive along the New South Wales south coast and links to the Great Ocean Road on the west Victorian coast. The route is a strategically important corridor for freight movements and provides regional industries such as forestry, metal manufacturing, timber, beef, seafood, horticulture and dairy producers with access to domestic markets and major ports.

In February 2019, GHD Advisory released the ‘Princes Highway Corridor Strategy – Issues Paper”. The Issues Paper summarised a number of issues and opportunities to be considered in the development of the Princes Highway Corridor Strategy. The purpose of the Issues Paper is to identify broad issues and opportunities rather than site specific projects.   

GHD Advisory sought feedback on the Issues Paper up to 12 April 2019. Shoalhaven City Council provided a written submission.  The submission is attached for information.


Community Engagement

The engagement by GHD has been with councils, government agencies, industry, business associations, transport interest groups and the like. The request for further information that was not raised in the initial consultative phase was sought from interested parties and the attached submission by Council sought to raise some additional items along the corridor that had not been raised.


Policy Implications

The Economic Development Office advocates for projects and investment in the region for the betterment of the people of the Shoalhaven. Submissions are in line with Shoalhaven City Council’s Community Strategic Plan and underlying plans and strategies. 





 Business and Employment Development Committee – Wednesday 28 August 2019

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BE19.16     SPBA Personal and Professional Mentor Program 2019 - a Business Support Program sponsored by the Economic Development Office


HPERM Ref:       D19/245079


Group:                CEO Group 

Section:              Economic Development  

Purpose / Summary

To provide the Committee with an overview of a program delivering personal and professional development to staff from local businesses.

Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the report on the Shoalhaven Professional Business Association SPBA Personal and Professional Mentor Program 2019, a Business Support Program sponsored by the Economic Development Office, be received for information




1.    Endorse the recommendation as written


2.    Propose and adopt an alternate resolution



2019 marks the sixth year that the SPBA Young Professional Mentor Program has been delivered for the Shoalhaven Professional Business Association. 84 young professionals have graduated from the program – and 58 mentors have shared and given of their time, experience and knowledge. Some of our mentors have been past mentorees and other mentors have become mentorees.

The 2019 program commenced at capacity with 15 mentorees and 15 mentors. One mentoree left the program after the mentoree briefing, citing ‘unable to commit the time needed’, which left 14 mentorees. 14 mentorees and 14 mentors graduated from the program.

Shoalhaven City Council (through the Economic Development Office for the last five years and Shoalwater in the first year) and UOW Shoalhaven Campus have supported the SPBA Young Professional Mentor Program since its inception – and their support is highly valued and appreciated; without this support the program would not be delivered.

A Management Committee matches the mentoree with the mentor and takes time and allows for robust discussion to ensure the matching is appropriate. Each year, mentorees and mentors give feedback on how well this process works. Members of the Management Committee attend both mentor and mentoree briefings to gain a better understanding of the participants to enable the matching to be appropriate. This is appreciated by all the mentorees and mentors and enhances the Management Committee’s understanding of the program participants.

The program was launched in January which enabled interested mentorees and mentors to hear firsthand about the program from mentorees and mentors, as well as to have the timetable for the program to consider the commitment.

A primary area of marketing is through referrals and recommendations. As the program is now in its sixth year, the 80+ mentorees who have graduated through the program recommend to their networks and peers to register to be part of the program. The Shoalhaven business community also sees value in the program, and financially backs employees to be a mentoree – some businesses have had mentorees in almost every year of the program.

The referrals and recommendations are just not for the mentorees. Newly arrived professionals usually in management positions, are encouraged to mentor by other mentors to increase their networks, knowledge of the local area, and to gain new friendships. SPBA has benefited from the calibre of mentors this program has attracted.

Each year the SPBA mentor program stages an event to promote young professionals in the region – to build confidence and to create opportunities for teamwork and challenge. This year it was The Great Pitch. The Great Pitch filled the SPBA breakfast in June and attracted new professionals to SPBA.

The 2019 program

·      Attracted new professionals to the program as mentorees

·      Attracted seven new mentors to the program – some mentors new to SPBA

·      Grew the membership base of SPBA

·      Enabled current members to be either part of the program as mentorees and/or mentors and to have the opportunity to offer professional development to their teams/staff.

The mentors are the key ingredient that enables this program to be a success. As volunteers, mentors bring an expectation and a willingness to contribute to growing young professionals in the region – and for regional growth. Without exception, the mentors come with no other purpose other than to support and build up their mentorees.

This wonderful spirit of sharing and giving can be disappointing if the mentoree withdraws from the program or if the mentoree does not commit fully to the program.



The graduation of the mentorees and to thank our mentors was held on Friday 14 June 2019 as part of the 10 year celebration of SPBA.



Program Aims and Deliverables

Feedback from both mentorees and mentors (see below overview) reflect that the aims of the program were delivered.






Program Aims

Achieved for Mentorees

Achieved for Mentors

Greater connections and networks within young professionals



Greater connections and networks widely among Shoalhaven professionals and young professionals



Increased knowledge and skills



Increased personal confidence



Learning opportunities



The opportunity for members to engage more fully with young professionals



Acknowledgement and recognition of Shoalhaven young professionals



Increased profile and reputation of SPBA

Not asked


Delivery of member needs in 2018 for SPBA

Not asked


Presentation opportunities within SPBA



Increased awareness of knowledge, skills and experience of people in the Shoalhaven.





1.    As in previous years, the mentorees (and mentors) who attend all sessions gain much more from the program. Not just in knowledge but in networks, engagement, building relationships and confidence. The Knowledge Tables were well attended at the beginning and not as well attended at the end by mentorees. The mentorees who attended all the sessions gained more from the program – evident by the feedback.

2.    There was a very high level of expertise, knowledge and experience brought to the program by the mentors.

3.    Mentors new to the region gained from widening networks and connections with the SPBA community. 

4.    The Pitch worked well, with everyone part of a Pitching Team.

5.    One mentoree (not a professional) responded that matching worked well – her feedback requested ‘more structure to the program’ and noted ‘uncertainty if on the right path’

6.    All mentors have their own style. Mentors adjust their style to suit the needs of the mentorees. Some mentorees are enthusiastic and enjoy a greater challenge where the mentor takes on a more ‘coach’ role. Other mentorees require space to talk over situations without too much challenge where the mentor occupies a more ‘mentor’ space – listening and sharing experiences. The balance is fine – especially with mentorees not able to communicate clearly to the mentor to change pace. This is covered in both the mentor and mentoree briefings.

Financially the SPBA Personal and Professional Mentor Program is budgeted to break even. With the “in kind” contribution taken into account the program has a value of approximately $35,800. In 2019, the program ran at a slight deficit.

The SPBA will consider a recommendation to offer the same program in 2020.


Community Engagement

This unique program involves a number of Shoalhaven businesses and business people and is considered to make a vital contribution to business growth in the region.


Financial Implications

Council, through the Economic Development Office. has been the major financial sponsor of this program via a “sponsorship” commitment underwritten in a Memorandum of Understanding with the Shoalhaven Professional Business Association.



 Business and Employment Development Committee – Wednesday 28 August 2019

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BE19.17     Development in Shoalhaven - Significant Projects


HPERM Ref:       D19/169320


Group:                Planning Environment & Development Group 

Section:              Development Services 

Attachments:     1.  No Progress or Recent Approvals

2.  Larger Applications under Assessment   

Purpose / Summary

To provide a list of:

·    Development approvals that have issued that have not progressed further.  This also includes relatively recent approvals;

·    Larger applications under assessment.

Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the report of the Chief Executive Officer (Planning Environment & Development Services) regarding the update on development in Shoalhaven be received for information.




1.    Receive the report for information.

Implications:  the report will be noted.


2.    Resolve and alternate resolution and direct staff accordingly.

Implications:  this would be dependent on the decision.



This is a regular report to inform the Committee of larger developments under assessment and list applications that appear to have been stalled / not progressed (noting also that the list would contain relatively recent approvals).




 Business and Employment Development Committee – Wednesday 28 August 2019

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 Business and Employment Development Committee – Wednesday 28 August 2019

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 Business and Employment Development Committee – Wednesday 28 August 2019

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BE19.18     Update - Shoalhaven Business Chamber


HPERM Ref:       D19/253228


Submitted by:    Jemma Tribe, President Shoalhaven Business Chamber  

Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the Committee receive the Shoalhaven Business Chamber Update report for information.




The Shoalhaven Business Chamber have held the following events in recent months:

Event:                  Shoalhaven Business Awards Launch Party

Location:              Silos Estate

Attendees:           52

Event:                  Lunch N Learn: Fiducian Financial Services

Location:              Shoalhaven ExServicemans Club

Attendees:           24

Event:                  Breakfast Seminar: Cyber Crime

Location:              Shoalhaven ExServicemans Sports Club

Attendees:           52

Event:                  Lunch N Learn: The Marketing Clan

Location:              Quest Nowra

Attendees:           22

Event:                  Business Awards Finalist & Sponsor Evening

Location:              Flame Woodfire Pizzeria

Attendees:           80

·    SBC members continue to have concerns regarding the Nowra Bridge Project. Letters of concern are still being sent in from local businesses, media requests are continuing and community members have raised their concerns directly with Chamber members.

·    The SBC ‘hot desk’ is fully functional and being utilised by members, which is fantastic.

·    SBC have successfully obtained a RET grant for a workshop called ‘What Employers Are Looking For.’ Please save the date for October 16 at the SEC and contact us if you would like to be involved.

·    Our bi-monthly newsletter has gone out with a new feature called ‘Members Events.’ Members are invited to submit details of events to the SBC office that can be included in the next edition

·    Business Award preparation and publicity is continuing. (A verbal report can be offered at the meeting to provide up to date information.)

·    We are establishing a ‘Business Brains Trust’ made up of retired business people in the local community who will meet on a bimonthly basis and provide mentoring support for business chamber members who request advice.

Upcoming Events:

Event:                  Shoalhaven Business Awards Gala

Location:              Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre

Date:                    Friday 23 August 2019

Event:                  Lunch N Learn: TAFE Illawarra

Location:              TAFE Bomaderry

Date:                    Tuesday 17 September 2019

Event:                  Annual General Meeting

Location:              Nowra Golf Club

Date:                    Wednesday 18 September 2019

Event:                  Women in Business: Bangalay Dining

Location:              Bangalay Retreat, Shoalhaven Heads

Date:                    Thursday 19 September 2019

Event:                  Mega Business After Hours: Bendigo Bank

Location:              TBC

Date:                    TBC September 2019

Event:                  ‘What Employers Want’ Employment Expo

Location:              Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre

Date:                    TBC October 2019

Event:                  Business After Hours: Nowra Motorcycles

Location:              Nowra Motorcycles

Date:                    TBC October 2019

Event:                  Lunch N Learn: Tribe Business Consulting

Location:              Quest Nowra

Date:                    28 November 2019

Event:                  Business After Hours: Online Labour Hire

Location:              Online Labour Hire

Date:                    TBC November 2019

Event:                  7th Annual Charity Golf Day

Location:              Nowra Golf Club

Date:                    Friday 29 November 2019

Event:                  Women in Business: End of year function

Location:              TBC

Date:                    TBC December 2019

Event:                  Christmas Drinks

Location:              CBD Nowra

Date:                    TBC December 2019



 Business and Employment Development Committee – Wednesday 28 August 2019

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BE19.19     Department of Planning, Industry and Environment Update


HPERM Ref:       D19/267077


Submitted by:    Donna Payne  

Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the report from the NSW Government’s Department of Planning, Industry and Environment be received for information.




1.   Machinery of Government. Changes within the NSW Government took effect on 1 July 2019. The former Department of Premier and Cabinet regional development and coordination functions have now been integrated into a new cluster called the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE).


2.   Country Universities Centre (CUC) Ulladulla. In February 2019 the NSW Government announced it will invest $8 million to open a minimum of five new CUCs, expanding on existing and developing Centres in Cooma, Broken Hill, Goulburn, Moree/Narrabri, Grafton and Griffith/Leeton. CUCs will be established in locations where community support, suitable facilities and a clear business case demonstrate the need and viability.

CUC is a not-for-profit organisation that makes tertiary education more accessible for regional communities. These regional campuses are known as affiliates and they work in partnership with the central Country Universities Centre entity to establish an affiliate CUC campus operated by and for the local community. The model delivers supported learning to regional students, providing them with access to campus-level technology, facilities, tutors and a network of fellow students close to their homes.

In 2018 there were 292 regional students attending CUC campuses studying 130 different degrees from 30 Australian universities.

A CUC Ulladulla Steering Committee was established in the first quarter of 2019 with responsibility for developing a project business case, identifying suitable facilities and community engagement to determine whether to establish a CUC in Ulladulla. Membership includes Shoalhaven City Council, NSW Government, local businesses, community organisations and employers. A community engagement plan has been developed and consultation with community members and other stakeholders commence in mid-August.


3.   Shoalhaven Defence Industry Group (SDIG). Ongoing support of SDIG is a priority for the NSW Government’s Defence NSW Strategy. This Strategy seeks to promote the defence capabilities of key regional areas such as the Shoalhaven. SDIG will attend Pacific 2019 at Darling Harbour from 8 to 10 October 2019. Pacific 2019 is a global business event, attracting senior merchant marine, shore services, maritime and defence industry, military and government decision-makers from Australia and internationally.  SDIG will be hosted on the Defence NSW stand. 

Now in its 10th year promoting the defence industry capabilities of the Shoalhaven, SDIG has recently refreshed its webpage. Please visit to check it out.


4.   Invest Regional NSW Promotion. Building on the successful video case studies in the Shoalhaven City Council’s Proudly Shoalhaven campaign, the NSW government has also produced a series of short videos promoting the Shoalhaven as a region to live, work and invest. Featured entities are Global Defence Solutions, Nowchem, Manildra, Silos Estate, Kardia HR and The Old Schoolhouse (Milton). Proudly Shoalhaven featured businesses including MI Engineering, Air Affairs and Hanlon Windows will also be included in the campaign.

The campaign will include web and social media posts featuring these businesses talking about the benefits of establishing and operating their business in the Shoalhaven – and the lifestyle benefits.

See or follow Invest Regional NSW on LinkedIn


5.   Regional Growth Fund. Since its launch in 2017, the NSW Government has provided a total of $23 million in funding across 24 projects in the Shoalhaven through the program elements of the Regional Growth Fund. Highlights include:

·    Growing Local Economies (GLE) Shoalhaven City Council secured $4.95 million in funding for infrastructure upgrades at Albatross Aviation Technology Park in February 2019 and recently a further $1.36 million for a 20-tonne loading dock and carpark upgrades at Woollamia.

·    Stronger Country Communities Fund – Shoalhaven City Council has received funding for 14 community amenity and sporting infrastructure projects in Round 1 and 2 of this program. Round 3 is now open and applications are invited from councils and community organisations. This round has been expanded to cover programs and events as well as community infrastructure with at least 50 percent of the Shoalhaven’s allocation for youth-related projects. Applications close Friday 27 September 2019.

·    Regional Cultural Fund – Bundanon Trust has received a grant for $8.6m for infrastructure works.



 Business and Employment Development Committee – Wednesday 28 August 2019

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BE19.20     Basin Business Forum Celebrates 1 Year of Networking


HPERM Ref:       D19/268580


Submitted by:    Mary-Jean Lewis  

Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the report on the Basin Business Forum be received for information.




The Basin Business Forum (BBF) is an association of like-minded business owners and representatives who meet on the second Tuesday of the month for breakfast and networking in Sanctuary Point.

Commencing in July 2018, BBF has grown from approximately 5 to 30 members attending each meeting.

On 25 July 2019 BBF celebrated its first anniversary of meetings. In attendance were Greg Pullen, Marianne Jones and Sally Bacon from the Economic Development Office. We thank Greg, Marianne and Sally for their attendance.

BBF endeavours to grow its networking association and promote growth and opportunities in the Bay and Basin area.

BBF, with the assistance of Bendigo Bank and Sanctuary Point Community Pride (sponsor), headed the “Revitalise Sanctuary Point” My Community Project application for a grant from the State Government for $188,000. Members have rigorously donated their time and efforts in doing everything they can to ensure they are successful by encouraging the community and the Shoalhaven to vote for the project as the number one preference. Voting closed on 15 August 2019 and the winner or winners are to be announced in September.

BBF thanks the Shoalhaven Business Chamber and the Milton Ulladulla Business Chamber for their promotion of the Revitalise Sanctuary Point project and they hope to be able to announce their success at the next committee meeting.

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 Business and Employment Development Committee – Wednesday 28 August 2019

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BE19.21     Milton Ulladulla Business Chamber


HPERM Ref:       D19/268589


Submitted by:    Mary-Jean Lewis  

Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the report on the Milton Ulladulla Business Chamber be received for information.




The Milton Ulladulla Business Chamber (MUBC) AGM took place on 15 August 2019.

Mr Rob Richards has exited MUBC as President and Mary-Jean Lewis was nominated and accepted the position as President. Rob has been an extremely valuable and respected President and MUBC looks forward to the continued input and consulation with Rob as we move forward into the new year. We thank Rob for his dedication and commitment to MUBC.

Throughout 2019 MUBC has had a strong focus on its growth in membership numbers, as well as promoting a stronger attendance to the monthly Business after Five events and the value in local networking.

The Women’s Connection of Milton Ulladulla was established as an arm of MUBC, and has had two successful events througout the 2019 year with a further “Spring Connection” event to take place in mid-late October.

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MUBC is aware of the struggling retail industry in the area and seeks to promote the benefits that networking with other local business owners and representatives can have to their business growth and promotion.

The goals for MUBC for the 2019/2020 year are:

1.   Significant growth in membership and attendances.

2.   Continuing quarterly events by the Women’s Connection organisers.

3.   Realigning our connection and future shared events with the Shoalhaven Business Chamber.

4.   Organising a fresh and exciting local event to promote the new executive committee of the chamber and showcase what MUBC has to offer the local community.

5.   Establishing an energetic committee to arrange, promote and undertake the 2020 Milton Ulladulla Business Awards.