Strategy and Assets Committee



Meeting Date:     Tuesday, 12 February, 2019

Location:            Council Chambers, City Administrative Centre, Bridge Road, Nowra

Time:                   5.00pm


Membership (Quorum - 5)

Clr John Wells - Chairperson

Clr Bob Proudfoot

All Councillors

General Manager or nominee





Addendum Agenda


Mayoral Minute

Mayoral Minute

MMS19.1.... Mayoral Minute - Representation Shoalhaven River Bridge.......................... 1


General Manager

SA19.19...... Grant funding offer from Infrastructure NSW - Restart NSW, for Improvement to the Cattle Exhibition Precinct at Nowra Showground.......................................... 2

Finance Corporate & Community Services

SA19.20...... Acceptance of Grant Funding - Shoalhaven Regional Gallery - Environmental Management System...................................................................................... 5                           




Addendum Agenda - Strategy and Assets Committee – Tuesday 12 February 2019

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MMS19.1    Mayoral Minute - Representation Shoalhaven River Bridge


HPERM Ref:       D19/43673 

Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That Shoalhaven City Council partner with the Shoalhaven Business Chamber (SBC) and express its concern to the RMS, Member for South Coast, Member for Kiama, Minister for Roads, Premier for NSW and the Shadow Cabinet in respect to the lack of feedback from the December roundtable held with RMS and the local members held at the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre.

Council affirms that grade separated intersections as part of an integrated road network upgrade for the Shoalhaven Bridge and its approaches are a priority.

Council requests how the RMS plans to upgrade and improve the road network in and around the North and South Intersections over a short, medium and long-term timeframe if grade separation is not in the current plan and has traffic modelling for the hospital improvements been considered, particularly for emergency vehicles.

Council in partnership with the Shoalhaven Business Chamber conduct a press conference expressing the joint position on grade separation.




The SBC executive members met this morning with myself, councillors Wells and White and senior staff to discuss the absence of direct feedback from RMS following the detailed discussions in December.

The Shoalhaven River Bridge replacement and the adjoining North and South road network are a priority project not just for the Shoalhaven but the region at large. There is a high level of community consensus in respect to the bridge and its integrated road network having a project life horizon that deals with the volumes of traffic beyond a decade from completion, particularly in the context that the next Nowra by pass has no planning or budget parameters in forward plans. The opportunity to improve the bridge and its adjoining integrated road network is a ‘once in a lifetime’ project that will have a major impact during construction on the whole of the community and beyond. Many will question the disruption if the benefits of the project do not have longevity hence the push to get it right now.



Addendum Agenda - Strategy and Assets Committee – Tuesday 12 February 2019

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SA19.19     Grant funding offer from Infrastructure NSW - Restart NSW, for Improvement to the Cattle Exhibition Precinct at Nowra Showground


HPERM Ref:       D19/30407


Group:                General Manager's Group 

Section:              Economic Development  

Purpose / Summary

Council made an application under Round 1 of the Restart NSW – Environment & Tourism Program and has been informed that the application has been approved. It is necessary to accept the funds urgently to ensure a legal grant deed is exchanged before the upcoming election.

Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the General Manager be authorised:

1.    To accept the grant of $919,105 from Infrastructure NSW under the Restart NSW – Environment & Tourism program to upgrade facilities in the cattle exhibition precinct at the Nowra Showground,

2.    To report to Council as part of the next Quarterly Budget Review the funding options for the Council contribution to the Project.

3.    To write to the Member for South Coast thanking the NSW Government for the funding grant from Restart NSW – Environment & Tourism program




1.    The recommendation be accepted as written.

Implications: The grant offer is accepted and Council will confirm the source of additional funds at the next Quarterly Budget Review. The total project is estimated at $1,225,473.


2.    The recommendation be amended.


3.    An alternative resolution be proposed.


4.    The grant offer be refused by resolution.



Under Round 1 of the Restart NSW – Environment & Tourism, Council submitted an Expression of Interest in April 2017 to enhance facilities at the Nowra Showground. This application was not successful; however, when Round 2 of the Program was announced an extension was given to the unsuccessful applicants to resubmit a proposal to the Phase 2 of the assessment process.

Consultation with various stakeholders was undertaken and the application was submitted to address the following:

The Nowra Showground is the venue for a number of agricultural livestock events that draw participants from across NSW with some interstate followers and participants.

The area set aside for livestock showing and judging at the Showground needs to be enhanced to grow these events and attract additional events. This project will enhance livestock handling, stabling and fencing, the judging arena and spectator facilities, provide additional toilet and canteen amenities to cater for larger crowds. An area for caravans for livestock attendants to care for the livestock will also be provided.

The improved facilities will attract at least 3 new events and provide a year round ability to host additional livestock events to Nowra/Shoalhaven and offer better amenities to the campers that utilise the Showground at other times.

The project components include:

•     Fencing around Cattle Judging Yard

•     Upgraded and increased seating including accessible seating and pathways

•     Drainage and guttering to improve environmental outcomes

•     Cattle ramp improvements

•     The construction of a much needed Judging Room/Office

•     A kitchen upgrade to cater for events.

•     Amenities block upgrade – including disability access

•     The construction of a new accessible amenities block including showers

Tourism in the Shoalhaven forms an important part of the local economy. Unfortunately, visitation is very seasonal with significant variations between peak and off-peak periods. This project is a strategic approach in addressing this issue for the following reasons:

·    Agricultural shows are scheduled outside of the peak periods and serve to provide an economic boost to the region in low periods. 

·    Agricultural shows are well attended, and people come from all over the state and interstate to attend

·    Attendance at agricultural shows is longer in duration because of the need to take care and rest livestock. This means people stay longer in an area.   

·    A niche market. A focus of building the tourism market through developing infrastructure that will support a variety of niche agricultural shows means that the Shoalhaven can establish a tourism point of difference without competing with other NSW regional areas. The agricultural shows that will grow at the Nowra Showground are specific e.g. the Steer Spectacular and the NSW Holstein Show.


A full costing and economic analysis was required to be submitted with the application and this was compiled by the Economic Development Office.

The overall cost of the project will be $1,225,473 and the amount requested from Restart NSW was $919,105 being 75% with Council to contribute $306,368.


Community Engagement

Community consultation was undertaken during the preparation of the grant application with, the Holstein Australia, South Coast Beef Producers, Nowra Showground Society and Council staff.

This area could be used for so many different type of agricultural shows during the year. Most of the animals shown at the annual agricultural show hold smaller shows throughout the year and if this area was promoted that it was available at other times of the year with state of the art facilities I am sure it would be utilized and bring people from all over NSW to the Shoalhaven. – Nowra Show Society.  


Other animal shows could include dog, alpaca and goat shows.


Policy Implications

The project is consistent with the use of a Showground and supported by the Nowra Show Society.


Financial Implications

Council will be required to contribute $306,368. The project will run over 2 financial years from March 2019 to February/March 2020. These funds are proposed to be identified at the next Quarterly Budget Review.


Risk Implications

Operational risks comparable with a construction project of this size were itemised in the application and revolved around weather, safety, contactor performance, and time delays. All risks were assessed as manageable.



Addendum Agenda - Strategy and Assets Committee – Tuesday 12 February 2019

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SA19.20     Acceptance of Grant Funding - Shoalhaven Regional Gallery - Environmental Management System


HPERM Ref:       D19/12064


Group:                Finance Corporate & Community Services Group 

Section:              Recreation Community & Culture  

Purpose / Summary

To seek Council’s approval to accept $600,000 (excl GST) from the Department of Planning & Environment as part of their NSW Regional Cultural Fund program towards the Environmental Management System at Shoalhaven Regional Gallery, Nowra. This will allow the funding agreements to be finalised prior to the State election.

Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the General Manager be authorised to:

1.    Accept the grant funding of $600,000 (excl GST) from the NSW Regional Cultural Fund, with the monies being used to install industry standard climate control system for the Shoalhaven Regional Gallery;

2.    Write to Department of Planning & Environment and The Honourable Don Harwin MLC, Minister for the Arts, to thank them for the grant.




1.    Council accept the grant of $600,000 awarded to Shoalhaven Regional Gallery from the NSW Regional Cultural Fund

Implications: The grant will contribute to the cost associated with the installation of an industry standard climate control system for the Shoalhaven Regional Gallery to enable a suitable environment in the exhibition spaces.


2.    Council do not accept the funding and provide an alternate direction to staff.

Implications: Shoalhaven Regional Gallery, Nowra will continue to only be able to display exhibitions of contemporary artworks that do not require a stable environment that meets industry display requirements. This will restrict the calibre of works that can be exhibited and is likely to result in increased costs being incurred in the maintenance of the existing system, or a complete failure of the existing system. This would have a severe adverse impact on the ability to show works, and on the Gallery’s and Council’s reputation. 



The NSW Regional Cultural Fund was established by the NSW Government to support the development of cultural infrastructure in regional NSW that enables bold, exciting and diverse arts and cultural activities.

Through the investment of $100 million, the NSW Regional Cultural Fund aims to strengthen regional arts, screen, culture and heritage, and revitalise local communities through strategic investment.

Round two (2), in which we were successful, offers applicants a share in $47 million in funding, including up to $5 million specifically for regional public library infrastructure projects, and support for the creation and installation of artist-led public art.

Shoalhaven Regional Gallery (SRG) intends to use the money to install a new Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system within the exhibition spaces which will be designed to meet the requirements and visitation figures for all gallery usage.  It will also be designed with greater energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. The inclusion of the automatic doors at the gallery entrance will assist with creating an airlock and reducing the air exchange between the gallery and the outdoor environment, thus helping the HVAC system to operate more efficiently as it is not needing to constantly regulate temperatures and humidity. 

The key elements of the project are summarised below. 

New Packaged Units

Replacement packaged air conditioning units will be selected based on specific design requirements. Units will be selected based on a high coefficient of performance (COP) to ensure energy consumption and cooling capacity are optimised.

High Efficiency Motors (EC Motors)

High efficiency motors will be installed in fan coil units, where appropriate controlled by variable speed drives (VSD).

BMS Recommissioning

Controls will be upgraded to suit the new equipment including the introduction of a Building Management System (BMS) that can provide the accurate control, interrogation and monitoring required by the facility to meet loaning obligations. The BMS system will ensure optimum operating control and therefore energy efficient operations

Optimisation of space

The new system will be designed to optimise the space available for Gallery purposes, with the installation of all plant on the roof of the building where possible. This will remove existing plant from store rooms and free up opportunities for the Gallery to achieve better and safer use of space. 

By using the grant funds for this project, SRG will be able to meet the community’s aspirations to engage with historic works at the Gallery, rather than having to travel to Sydney or Canberra, or not see these works at all. In having the flexibility to exhibit a wide range of works from state and national collections, as well as works from other regional gallery collections, we will satisfy the desires of existing visitors and increase the scope and size of our audience by appealing to a wider range of community members.


Community Engagement

The ability to obtain delicate and historical artworks and objects from loaning institutions will provide curatorial and research opportunities for local artists, tertiary students, cultural organisations, schools and other community groups. This will benefit the community widely as access to pieces of a delicate and/or historical nature currently require a substantial journey by individuals, schools and groups to other exhibiting institutions. Providing access will lead to strong community engagement with visual arts, communicating the stories behind the pieces and in turn contributing to the health and wellbeing of the community. 

In undertaking this work, SRG will be better positioned to establish networks with other galleries and museums, pooling resources to generate sustainable transport costs associated with high profile touring shows, create high quality education resources and public programs, thus supporting each other to deliver quality content to our communities. 

A vibrant and well attended Regional Gallery plays an important role in benefiting the community and local economy; bringing people together, creating community ownership of cultural projects, promoting coherent regional identity and strengthening the local economy.  The completion of this project will build visitation numbers, capturing a large percentage of the significant tourism with visitation from outside the region, and attracting more spending in the surrounding businesses of Nowra. 


Financial Implications

The grant funding will be used towards the costs associated with the HVAC project, ensuring that SRG is able to deliver the works. The indicative budget to date suggests a total project cost of between $850,000-$990,000. The final budget will be known once the scope of works and tendering has taken place. 

With the grant funding, and a commitment of $300,000 from Council’s capital works allocation in 2018/19, the works will be delivered without further cost to Council. Should amounts above $900,000 be required, support will be sought from the Club Grants Category 3 funding program, or other suitable grant funding bodies.