Minutes of the Nowra CBD Revitalisation Strategy Committee



Meeting Date:     Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Location:            Jervis Bay Rooms, City Administrative Centre, Bridge Road, Nowra

Time:                   4.07pm



The following members were present:


Mr James Caldwell - Chairperson

Mr Phil Costello - Director, Planning Environment and Development

Mr Paul Keech - Director Assets and Works

Ms Annie Aldous

Mr Scott Baxter

Ms Lynnette Kearney

Mr Brendan Goddard – arrived 4.27pm

Mr Wesley Hindmarch – arrived 4.32pm


Others present:


Clr Joanna Gash

Clr Patricia White

Stephen Dunshea – Director Finance, Corporate and Community Services

Jessica Rippon – Executive Strategy manager

Gordon Clark – Strategic Planning Manager

Sara McMahon – Governance Unit Manager

Roslyn Holmes – Unit Manager – City Design and Support

Jessica Volkanovski – Strategic Planner





Apologies / Leave of Absence


Apologies were received from Clr Findley and Luke Sikora



Confirmation of the Minutes

Business arising from the previous Minutes:

Clr White congratulated Staff for having the McDonalds sign moved at South Nowra.


RESOLVED (James Caldwell / Annie Aldous)

That the Minutes of the Nowra CBD Revitalisation Strategy Committee held on Wednesday 11 April 2018 be confirmed.





Declarations of Interest








CBD18.36  Nowra CBD Revitalisation Strategy - Budget Update

HPERM Ref: D18/176834

Jessica Volkanovski addressed the meeting in relation to the proposed Winter Event and made the following comments:

·         The Sub Committee met to prepare a Winter Event for this year based around a community Arts Project

·         The draft concept to engaging a consultant for a Paint by Numbers Arts project in Egans Lane

·         Will also be coordinating Food/Coffee trucks

·         It is suggested that the event be held on Thursday 12 July 2018 (between 11am-4pm)

·         The proposed budget for the Paint by Numbers project including music, entertainment and flyer distribution is estimated at $4,550

James Caldwell questioned whether the funding is partial or full and stated that he would like to see presence of the Committee assisting in this project on the day.

Jessica Volkanovski advised that the flyers will mention the Nowra CBD Revitalisation Strategy Committee and advised that when the Committee is quoted it is always excluding GST.

It was raised that in relation to the $50,000 for the Nowra Business Chamber, who will arrange the Quarterly/Annual Auditing and pay for that.

Action: Stephen Dunshea advised that he will come back to the Committee with a response as to the auditing and management of the promotional funds and will also provide the protocols in relation to the roles, responsibilities and risks etc.

Note: Brendan Goddard arrived at the meeting at 4.27pm

Note: Wesley Hindmarch arrived at the meeting at 4.32pm


Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the Committee receive this report for information.


RESOLVED (Scott Baxter / Lynnette Kearney)

That the Nowra CBD Revitalisation Strategy Committee undertake a Winter Event in the CBD on Thursday 12 July 2018 at a cost of $4550 excl GST to be funded from the Promotions and Activations Budget.




CBD18.38  Additional Item - EOI - Winer Event - response - Bundanon Trust

Wesley Hindmarch tabled a letter from Bundanon Trust and addressed the meeting in relation to a recent meeting with Bundanon Trust.

In response to the letter from Bundanon Trust, Wesley made the following comments:

·         To note that the initial nominated budget is excessive

·         Planet Nowra might be more suitable

·         Will go back to Bundanon with festival sizes that may be more appropriate for the budget

·         Respond back to the Trust seeking examples and express that the Committee is interested however need to modify the scope, and involve them in a scope.

Clr White suggested that it had already been agreed to open the opportunity for EOI to other groups

Jessica Volkanovski advised that the EOI document will be distributed to the Committee for review and comment prior to going out to public EOI.

It was suggested that a panel be formed to review the EOI document, staff will liaise with members to form the panel.

A draft of the EOI document for 2019 and possibly beyond could possibly be ready by the end of June.


Action: Staff to clarify that the (up to) $50,000 is for funding for a group to organise the event.


RESOLVED (Wesley Hindmarch / Lynnette Kearney)

That an EOI continue as planned for an event in 2019 and a response be sent to Bundanon Trust.





Addendum Reports


CBD18.37  Nowra CBD Revitalisation Committee - Project Update Report

HPERM Ref: D18/187027

Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the Committee note the progress report on the following projects:

1.    Wayfinding Signage

2.    Banner System for Princes Highway

3.    Raised Planter Boxes

4.    Permanent Festive Lighting for Junction St & Berry St


Note: The Committee decided to deal with each project separately


Wayfinding Maps

Roslyn Holmes addressed the meeting regarding an update and progress on the Wayfinding signage and made the following Comments:

·         Each sign will carry identical information or slightly different information (heritage or historic/shopping etc)

·         Will have a standardised map for all 3 signs

·         Suggested areas for signs are Junction Street, Bus Depot/Library and Jelly Bean Park

·         The Committee need to provide clear ideas of what map and signage they want

The signs will have additional information regarding locations of public toilets etc.

Does the Committee want a “You are here map” or Wayfinding Map?

Clr Gash suggested that staff come back with designs

Action: Staff will come back with a simple directional map. It was noted that the map will be the same on each sign.


RESOLVED (Wesley Hindmarch / Annie Aldous)

That the Sub-Committee in conjunction with staff develop a concept for the signs and report back to the Committee



Planter Boxes

Staff would prefer to finalise and purchase prior to the end of financial year.

With respect to the individually requested planters Ros will follow up afterwards



Lynette Kearny suggested that Nowra CBD do a Mini Vivid.

Clr White addressed the meeting and made the following comments:

·         In Junction Street, Council pays for the power for the lamp posts.

·         In the lattice between the lamp posts can fix lights to the lattice

·         Propose projected lighting onto nominated facades in Junction, Berry and Kinghorne Streets

·         Have met with Lynette, Council Engineers and Roslyn Holmes to discuss lighting and globes etc and it was suggested to have a trial on the façade of the CBA.

·         For the big trees on Berry Street suggested flood lighting which would need $25,000 approval

Roslyn Holmes advised that she had received a quote for $25,000 for the Berry Street lighting, however the opportunity for that quote is now closed.


MOTION (Paul Keech)

That the Nowra CBD Revitalisation Strategy Committee agree to fund changing colour flood lighting of the two (2) fig trees on Berry Street, Nowra outside the Library up to $30,000

MOTION lapsed due to lack of a seconder.


RESOLVED (Lynnette Kearney / Brendan Goddard)

That the Festive Lighting Sub-Committee conduct lighting of the four (4) nominated building facades in Junction Street and present a further report and implementation costs back to the Committee (receive 2 quotes and conduct an e-meeting for the final voting of funds).

For:             Phil Costello, Paul Keech, Annie Aldous, James Caldwell, Scott Baxter, Brendan Goddard, Lynnette Kearney and Wesley Hindmarch





Staff advised the following in relation to the banners:

·         For the banners on Endeavour Energy poles, they have a process that must be followed

·         Will nominate a 3 month rotation on Banners

·         Will secure quotes for banners and poles

Action: This is a work in progress and will report back to the Committee


Berry Street Footpath

Staff advised that there is a plan in the attachments to the Agenda.

If the Committee proceed with the plan as attached, Council is able to grow the parking by 3 car parks and have a café blister. Staff need the Committees preferred opinion and advised that it may need a crossing in the future.

Staff requested feedback if the Committee was in approval of the suggested plan, and if so will go out to public consultation.

Note: The Committee agreed and are happy with the suggested Plan for the Berry Street Footpath upgrade  (as provided in the report) and approve for Council to continue with public exhibition.


RESOLVED (By consent)

That the Committee proceed with the plans as presented (D18/186450) which depict a 2.4m pedestrian separation centred between garden beds and café blister and that if in the future funding is allocated for a 3.6m wide pedestrian crossing to be placed in this same location, then modification to the garden beds and café blister will be undertaken to allow for installation of a crossing.

Note: The benefit of proceeding with the narrow separation is that it minimises carpark loss of up to 3 spaces in Berry Street.





General Business


CBD18.39  Additional Item - Footpath Berry Street - Owner Contributions

The Committee raised a question regarding whether Council was going to discuss with land owners regarding contributions to the footpath?

Staff advised that no decision was made in relation to approaching land owners and quotes would need to be sought first to provide costings to land owners.

The Committee were advised about projects being “shovel ready” and that what the Committee is trying to achieve is in line with the Masterplan.




CBD18.40  Additional Item - Report Request - Capital Works Projects

It was requested that a report be submitted to a future meeting with capital works projects.

Clr Gash advised that the Committee can view the Capital Works Budget on Council’s website.




Note: it was requested that the next meeting be held in August 2018. Note that the Chairperson is away 5-25 August 2018.



There being no further business, the meeting concluded, the time being 6.13pm.



Mr James Caldwell