Minutes of the Youth Advisory Committee



Meeting Date:     Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Location:            Jervis Bay Rooms, City Administrative Centre, Bridge Road, Nowra

Time:                   10:00am



The following members were present:


Clr White – Chairperson

Sophie Dobell – Shoalhaven High School

Andrea Charalambous – Shoalhaven High School

Xanthe Pheeney – Ulladulla High School

Joel Cable – Ulladulla High School

Billy Forbes – Ulladulla High School

Michael James – St Johns High School

Bonnie Butler– St Johns High School

Pallas Retimaha – representing Shoalcoast Community Legal Centre

Hannah Schofield – representing TAFE NSW, Shoalhaven


Others present:

Hayley Lyon – The Project Factory – Way to Blue

Kim Waters – Teacher, Ulladulla High School

Jo-anne Coleman – St Johns High School

Robyn Presdee – St Johns High School

Donna Corbyn – Youth Community Development Officer

Ruth Woodbridge – Social and Infrastructure Planner


Robyn Presdee opened the meeting with an acknowledgment of country.



Apologies / Leave of Absence


A leave of absence was received from Clr Alldrick.

An apology was received from David Marshall, representing Ann Sudmalis MP



Confirmation of the Minutes

RESOLVED (By consent)


That the Minutes of the Youth Advisory Committee held on Wednesday 7 February 2018 be confirmed.




Declarations of Interest







YA18.5       Berry District Park Detailed Concept Presentation - Liliana Hutchinson

HPERM Ref: D17/426185

Ruth Woodbridge, Social and Infrastructure Planner, provided an update on the Berry District Park.

A children’s consultation morning was held in March. Representatives from the local public school, preschool and sporting groups were invited to participate. At the consultation morning facilities that were voted on by participants included a pump track, flying fox, learn to ride facility, pathways and picnic facilities. It is proposed to put the detailed design plan on exhibition in July.

Ruth tabled a flyer at the meeting for “Name Your Park”. Council is currently asking interested people to make suggestions for the naming of the park. Submissions have been extended for two weeks and close on 30 May 2018. Submissions and voting on suggested names can be made at Council’s “Get Involved” webpage: https://getinvolved.shoalhaven.nsw.gov.au.



YA18.6       Youth Employment Innovation Challenge

HPERM Ref: D18/143988

Hayley Lyon – Digital Business Development and Strategy Director (The Project Factory – Way to Blue) gave a presentation about the Youth Employment Innovation Challenge – a tool designed to bring vocational opportunities and jobs to those aged 15-24 in rural NSW.


Hayley advised that The Project Factory produce apps, games and websites for corporate and government clients. The NSW Government want to create a solution to assist young people to create jobs in regional areas.

Hayley sought and received permission to voice record the conversation.

The Committee discussed generally:

·         Levels of access to smart phones and reception/coverage;

·         What skills are needed and are taught at school to obtain employment;

·         Contact with potential employers/approachability of/access to employers;

·         Ideal employer/s, brands, sectors;

·         Local careers days;

·         Working remotely/flexible working arrangements;

·         Current employment;

·         Challenges/skills needed to work with people; and

·         How people want to feel at the end of a day’s work.





YA18.10     Youth Week 2018

Donna Corbyn advised that International Youth Day this year is Sunday 12 August.

The Committee proposed to hold an event Thursday 9 August 2018.

Ulladulla High School agreed to take the lead with assisting Donna to arrange and host the event.

Kim Waters advised that the Youth Advisory Committee is a priority for Ulladulla High School and the school budgets for a staff member to attend.


RESOLVED (By consent)


1.      The Youth Awards are conducted in the exact same format as previous years with $300 prize money for each Award allocated from the Youth Advisory Committee budget;

2.      The Youth Awards categories are the same as for 2017; and

3.      The event style is to be a stand up cocktail and finger food.




General Business


YA18.11     Additional Item - Youth Advisory Committee Planning Day

Donna Corbyn proposed to hold a planning day at the end of June/early July to allocate 2018/2019 budget on items in Council’s Community Strategic Plan.


RESOLVED (By consent)

That the Committee holds a planning day on Wednesday 4 July 2018.




YA18.12     Additional Item - 2017/2018 Budget

Donna Corbyn requested ideas for spending the remaining 2017/2018 budget.

Donna suggested a proposal for an alternative learning environment for students at risk of disengaging in formal education, possibly to be held in the Youth Centre.

Ulladulla High School proposed a donation to the Dunn Lewis Centre. Donna advised that funds cannot be used for program delivery (i.e. teaching staff) and that they can only provide for venue hire and resources.


RESOLVED (By consent)

That the Youth Advisory Committee allocate the remaining unspent funds in the 2017/2018 Youth Advisory Committee budget to cover the costs of community-based alternative learning programs at youth specific venues to keep students engaged at school, shared between Bomaderry, Nowra, Shoalhaven, Vincentia and Ulladulla High Schools.








YA18.7       Applications for Membership

HPERM Ref: D18/141567


That Council:

1.      Appoint Ms Hannah Schofield and Ms Pallas Retimaha as community members to the Youth Advisory Committee.

2.      Write to Ms Schofield and Ms Retimaha to notify them of their appointment and invite them to all future meetings.


That Council:

1.    Appoint Ms Hannah Schofield and Ms Pallas Retimaha as community members to the Youth Advisory Committee.

2.    Write to Ms Schofield and Ms Retimaha to notify them of their appointment and invite them to all future meetings.




General Business


YA18.8       Safe and Healthy Night Time Activities for Teenagers - Ulladulla High School

HPERM Ref: D18/81579

The Youth Advisory Committee resolved on Wednesday 7 February 2018 that this item be added to the next agenda. This request was from Ulladulla High School.


Xanthe Pheeney thanked the Committee for the West Ulladulla park, work done at the Ulladulla Lighthouse and the provision of bike racks at Ulladulla High School.

Xanthe suggested a working group comprising representatives from Council, schools and the Youth Centre to come up with ideas for night time activities for teenagers.


Donna will raise with Ulladulla Youth Centre to include and invite Ulladulla High School students to the Ulladulla Youth Interagency meetings to discuss issues and concerns to arrange safe and healthy night time activities.


Clr White suggested councillor representation at the Interagency meeting.


YA18.9       Beach Safety and Infrastructure in North Mollymook and Burrill Lake - Ulladulla High School

HPERM Ref: D18/81588

The Youth Advisory Committee resolved on Wednesday 7 February 2018 to add this item to the next agenda. This request was from Ulladulla High School.


Ulladulla High School students raised the issue of beach safety at Burrill Lake and asked Council to examine the safety of swimmers. Students noted a number of near drownings over time and a drowning death in 2014. Ulladulla High School representatives requested a lifeguard to patrol Burrill Lake.

Clr White informed the Committee of the events at Burrill Lake and the signage installed following the drowning, the method of providing lifeguard services across the Shoalhaven according to beach ratings and through the budget process. Clr White advised that lifeguards are contracted annually, usually in September, and that weekend lifeguards are usually volunteers.

Ulladulla High School to research and prepare a report to the next Youth Advisory Committee meeting on provision of lifeguard services at Burrill Lake.

Ulladulla High School students also raised concerns about the safety of pedestrians at North Mollymook. Ulladulla High School to present to the next meeting. Clr White suggested students contact Scott Wells at Council to research Council’s footpath plan and invite Scott to the next meeting in relation to Beach Road, North Mollymook.


RESOLVED (By consent)


1.      The Committee makes a submission to Council requesting consideration of the provision of Lifeguard services at Burrill Lake from 15 December 2018 through to Easter long weekend 2019;

2.      Ulladulla High School give a presentation at the next Youth Advisory Committee meeting about pedestrian safety at North Mollymook; and

3.      A member of Council staff responsible for Council’s footpath plan is invited to attend the next Youth Advisory Committee meeting.




YA18.13     Additional Item - Enforcement of Plastic Bag Ban in Huskisson and Vincentia

Bonnie Butler raised concerns that the plastic bag ban in Huskisson and Vincentia is not being enforced. The Committee agreed to add this issue as an item on the agenda for the next meeting. Clr White suggested to invite Clr Gartner from the Sustainable Futures Committee to speak to the issue.




There being no further business, the meeting concluded, the time being 12.02pm.



Clr White