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Meeting Date:     Tuesday, 22 May, 2018

Location:            Council Chambers, City Administrative Building, Bridge Road, Nowra



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 Ordinary Meeting – Tuesday 22 May 2018

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In accordance with Minute MIN18. 412C of the Council Meeting held on 22 May 2018, the following information which was initially produced as part of Confidential Report CSA18.10 - Potential site for the Sanctuary Point Library has been brought into the public.  


The purpose of this report is to inform Council about discussions about land holdings at Sanctuary Point and other matters raised in the Notice of Motion relating to affordable housing and community purpose needs. 


Based on the population benchmarking standards from the “People Places: A Guide for Public Library Buildings in New South Wales”, Council’s Library Services Manager considers that a library with a gross floor area of 1,500m2  is required for the Sanctuary Point locality. 


The Shoalhaven Affordable Housing Strategy prepared by Judith Stubbs & Associates which identifies selection criteria for parcels of land appropriate for affordable housing, namely: 

1.        Sites are at least 1,100 sq metres; 

2.        Sites are located within 400 metres of a good range of services, facilities and/or public transport; and 

3.        Zoning of R1 – General residential, R3 – Medium Density Residential and B4 – Mixed Use. 


Other Community Purpose Opportunities 

Notwithstanding Council’s adopted Community Infrastructure Strategic lan which states: 

the proposed community hub at the Bay and Basin Leisure Centre will become a key community destination and facility to service the residents in this area and therefore it is recommended that the focus be to increasing the use/capacity of existing community infrastructure” 

Council has resolved to provide the Bay & Basin District Library within Sanctuary Point. 


Other Potential Library Sites in Sanctuary Point 

Council at its Ordinary Committee meeting on 27 March 2018 resolved in part to (MIN18.195): 

1.       Construct a district library at Sanctuary Point as a priority. 

During discussions as part of the above resolutiona potential site at Francis Ryan Reserve was suggested. Details of this potential site are: 


Part - Lot 4 DP 806393 

Area behind Sanctuary Point Preschool/Child Care Centre (Refer to Attachment 2). 


Shoalhaven City Council 


This site is part of the Francis Ryan Reserve 


The current access is through the carpark servicing the rear of the retail precinct fronting Kerry Street and the oval comprising Francis Ryan Reserve. 


RE1 – Public Recreation 

“Community Facilities” as defined in the Shoalhaven LEP 2014 is: 

a building or place: 

a.            Owned or controlled by a public authority or non-profit community organisation, and 

b.            Used for the physical, social, cultural or intellectual development or welfare of the community, 

but does not include an educational establishment, hospital, retail premises, place of public worship or residential accommodation.” 

A Library falls within the above definition of a community facility and would be permissible with consent under the RE1 zoning. 

Available Site Area 

Approx. 1,500m2 


The land has existing water, sewer and power available for connection, however given the location of the current water and sewer lines, relocation of same are required. 


In addition to the above a “Question on Notice – District Library” was submitted and noted at Council’s Ordinary Committee meeting dated 24th April 2018 (CL18.89) which in part raised: 

5.             Can SCC invite the State Library of New South Wales (Public Library Infrastructure  Grants Administrator) to visit the Shoalhaven and assess all proposed sites for the new library to make an independent assessment of the most suitable location. 


The response to the above question in the General Manager’s note was - “This option has not been assessed as yet.” 


Council’s Section Manager – Recreation, Community and Culture has advised: 

“As this will be a district library the expectation is that it would be located in an easily accessible and visible location.  This is supported by the New South Wales State Library ‘People Places’ – A Guide for Public Library Buildings in New South Wales, which states: 

“People Places recommends that, as a minimum, all 12 locational criteria be considered in determining the most appropriate site for a public library: 

·         Main street or shopping area location 

·         Highly visible location particularly from the shopping area 

·         Street frontage with library on ground floor and not hidden from the road by trees or another building 

·         High level of personal and property safety 

·         Fully accessible for people with limited mobility  

·         Close to and/or accessible from local schools and educational facilities 

·         Potential for an outdoor area to be attached to the library 

·         Priority pedestrian access which is safe and attractive, particularly for older residents, children and parents with prams 

·         Walking distance from public transport which is typically 400-500 metres with minimal gradient  

·         Access to convenient and safe car parking with priority for people with a disability, older residents, parents with prams, staff and night time users 

·         Accessible for community buses, mobile libraries, deliveries and other vehicles 

·         Site able to accommodate future expansion of the library if required” 

The suggested location is tucked away not on a main street and doesn’t look to be visible or prominent.  This will be a key point to consider in assessing this and other potential sites. Some more information from the guide states: 

“That old real estate adage “location, location, location” applies equally to public libraries as with any activity that needs to be accessible to a broad range of users” 

“...issues of resident and non-resident characteristics; population growth projections; shopping and recreation patterns; location of schools and higher education facilities; transport patterns; and future developments are some of the factors that may be considered as part of this analysis.” 

As the State Library of NSW administers the Public Library Infrastructure grants it would be advisable for us to follow their recommendations and guidelines in order to be considered for grant applications. 

In addition the minimum size of the district library to service the needs of the Bay and Basin community and located at Sanctuary Point has been calculated at 1,500m² and this doesn’t include car parking and outside access areas.   

For these reasons we need to consider this location / site  carefully along with others through a ‘desk top’ audit before committing to investigations / assessments. 

A decision on a future Sanctuary Point Library will be made clear when the Library Strategy is finalised. Critical aspects of the strategy include an assessment of suitably sized land and a decision on the “Question on Notice No 5” above. These and other aspects will form part of a further report to Council in due course.