Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group



Meeting Date:     Monday, 30 April, 2018

Location:            Ulladulla Civic Centre

Time:                   5.00pm


Please note: Council’s Code of Meeting Practice permits the electronic recording and broadcast of the proceedings of meetings of the Council which are open to the public. Your attendance at this meeting is taken as consent to the possibility that your image and/or voice may be recorded and broadcast to the public.





1.    Apologies

2.    Confirmation of Minutes

·      Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group - 26 February 2018.......................................... 1

3.    Reports

TA18.13....... New Members of the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group.......................... 7

TA18.14....... Tourism Manager's Report........................................................................... 10

TA18.15....... Destination Marketing................................................................................... 12

TA18.16....... Events and Investment................................................................................. 23

TA18.17....... Visitor Services Update................................................................................ 30

TA18.18....... Stategy Working Group Update - 360 Model............................................... 33                         

4.    General Business

TA18.19....... Sports Board Update

A verbal update to be presented by David Goodman, Chair Sports Board.

TA18.20....... Working Groups Update

A verbal update to be presented by members of the Working Groups.


 Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group – Monday 30 April 2018




Ms Lynn Locke - Chairperson

All Councillors (Clr Alldrick & Clr Gash – voting delegates – Clr White & Clr Kitchener – alternate voting delegates)

Mr David Goodman

Ms Louise Hallum

Mr Neil Rodgers

Mr Rob Crow

Mr Paul McLeod

Ms Brenda Sambrook

Dr James Lin

Ms Kylie Pickett

Ms Juliet Barr

Mr David Duffy – NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service representative


Quorum – 7


Purpose and delegated authority

·           Inform the development, implementation and review of council priorities from the Shoalhaven Tourism Master Plan and councils corporate plan

·           Represent the tourism industry and advise and make recommendations to Council on matters relating to tourism, the development of tourism and the future of tourism in the Shoalhaven.

·           Promote the direct and in-direct value and benefits of tourism within the Shoalhaven and on a regional, state and national basis.

·           Make recommendation on the expenditure of the annual Shoalhaven marketing budget as provided by Council.

·           Appoint suitable representatives to fill casual vacancies

·           Inform and recommend policy for tourism related funding programs, and where required by Council, vote on related matters.






Minutes of the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group



Meeting Date:     Monday, 26 February 2018

Location:            Jervis Bay Rooms, City Administrative Centre, Bridge Road, Nowra

Time:                   5.00pm



The following members were present:


Ms Lynn Locke - Chairperson

Clr Amanda Findley

Clr Jo Gash

Clr Annette Alldrick

Clr Mark Kitchener – left 6.34pm

Clr Nina Cheyne – arrived 5.20pm

Clr Patricia White

Clr John Levett

Clr Bob Proudfoot

Mr Robert Crow

Mr Neil Rodgers

Ms Louise Hallum

Mr Paul McLeod

Mr David Duffy

Mr David Goodman – left 6.03pm

Ms Catherine Shields – arrived 6.15pm

Ms Annie Cochrane


Others present:

Coralie Bell – Tourism Manager

Shannon Perry-Hall – Tourism Investments and Events Specialist

Kristy Mayhew – Tourism Marketing Specialist

Morgan Sant

Greg Binskin - DSSS

Steve Lawson - DSSS





TA18.10     Update on Hyams Beach - community presentation (Morgan Sant)

HPERM Ref: D18/41629

Note: Catherine Shields arrived at the meeting at 5.15pm

Morgan Sant provided a presentation and an edited Video which was based on the clip that appeared on A Currant Affair.

The purpose of the presentation was to update members of the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group on Hyams Beach issues from the CCB perspective.



TA18.1       Presentation by Destination Sydney Surrounds South - Greg Binskin & Steve Lawson

HPERM Ref: D18/21368

Greg Binskin from DSSS provided a presentation (to be circulated to members with the Minutes).

The purpose of the presentation was to provide STAG members with an update on the activities of the Destination Sydney Surrounds South network.



Note: David Goodman left the meeting at 6.03pm



Procedural Motion - Bring Item Forward

RESOLVED (Clr Gash / Catherine Shields)

That the matter of Support Request – Byron Shire Council – Tourism Accommodation Levy (Bed Tax) be brought forward for consideration.




TA18.9       Support Request - Byron Shire Council - Tourism Accommodation Levy (Bed Tax)

HPERM Ref: D18/28830

Note: This item was brought forward for consideration.

Coralie Bell – Tourism Manager addressed the information in the report regarding the requested letter of support for Byron Shire to have the bed tax trial.




That the STAG considers the report from the Strategy and Assets Committee and determine a recommendation for Council’s further consideration.

RECOMMENDATION (Annie Cochrane / Robert Crow)

That the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group request that Council respond to Byron Shire via a Mayoral letter stating the following:

1.    At this time the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group and Council does not support the request for a trial of a tourism levy; and

2.    The Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group and Council support investigation into the issue of revenue raising for Council’s to improve their infrastructure.


Note: Paul McLeod abstained from the vote.




Apologies / Leave of Absence


An apology was received from Matthew Forbes.





Confirmation of the Minutes

RESOLVED (Louise Hallum / Annie Cochrane)


That the Minutes of the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group held on Monday 30 October 2017 be confirmed.





Declarations of Interest







TA18.2       Invitation - Shoalhaven Arts Board Representative

HPERM Ref: D18/3944

Note: Clr Kitchener left the meeting at 6.34pm


Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)


1.    (insert name) be nominated as the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group representative on the Shoalhaven Arts Board.

2.    The Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group appoint Barbara Dawson as the member representing the Shoalhaven Arts Board on the working group considering cultural tourism opportunities.


RESOLVED (Paul McLeod / Clr Alldrick)


1.    Rob Crow be nominated as the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group representative on the Shoalhaven Arts Board.

2.    The Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group appoint Barbara Dawson as the member representing the Shoalhaven Arts Board on the working group considering cultural tourism opportunities.




TA18.3       Events and Investment

HPERM Ref: D18/8690

Shannan Perry-Hall - Tourism Investments and Events Specialist provided an update to the meeting and advised the following:

The State Government have announced the second round of incubator funding for July-December and Council has been working with the Bay Games, Wallinga Park, South Coast Food Alliance, Elite Energy, Kangaroo Valley Craft Beer Festival and Writers Festival for possible grant opportunities.


Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group receive the Events and Investment Report for information.


RESOLVED (Clr Alldrick / Catherine Shields)

That the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group receive the Events and Investment Report for information.




TA18.5       Tourism Manager's Report

HPERM Ref: D18/19610

Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group receive the Tourism Manager’s Report for information.


RESOLVED (Clr Gash / Robert Crow)

That the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group receive the Tourism Manager’s Report for information.




TA18.6       Visitors Services Report

HPERM Ref: D18/19908

Coralie Bell – Tourism Manager addressed the meeting and advised that Council is looking for volunteers to be a part of a Working Group for supplimentary Centres.


Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group receive the Visitors Services Report for information.


RESOLVED (Clr Gash / Catherine Shields)


1.    The the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group receive the Visitors Services Report for information.

2.    Clr Gash and David Duffy be invited to the Working Group.




TA18.7       Chair's Report

HPERM Ref: D18/28124

Noted: The following members have indicated that they will not be re-applying for their positions on the Tourism Advisory Group: Catherine Shields, Matthew Forbes and Annie Cochrane.

The Chair formally thanked the resigning members for their contribution to the Tourism in the Shoalhaven.


Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the Group receive the Chair’s Report for information.


RESOLVED (Clr Gash / Catherine Shields)

That the Group receive the Chair’s Report for information.




TA18.8       Strategy Working Group Update - 360 Model

HPERM Ref: D18/45993

Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group

1.    Receive the report for information.


RESOLVED (Annie Cochrane / Clr Alldrick)

That the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group receive the report for information.




TA18.9       Support Request - Byron Shire Council - Tourism Accommodation Levy (Bed Tax)

HPERM Ref: D18/28830


Item dealt with earlier in the meeting.




Addendum Reports


TA18.11     Destination Marketing

HPERM Ref: D18/20068

Kristy Mayhew – Destination Marketing Specialist provided an overview on the report.

An Arts and Culture Working Group is being established and Tourism staff are seeking volunteers. Robert Crow advised that he would volunteer. It was also suggested that Julie Sidlem be contacted.

Note: It was suggested there are many ways 100 Beach Challenge could be developed further going forward.


Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group receive the Destination Marketing Report for information.


RESOLVED (By consent)


1.    The Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group receive the Destination Marketing Report for information.

2.    Robert Crow be invited to the Arts and Culture Working Group







TA18.12     Destination NSW Flagship Funding Panel


Shannan Perry-Hall - Tourism Investments and Events Specialist - advised that in relation to the Event Funding Application, she has been given the opportunity to sit on the Destination NSW Flagship Funding Panel and was seeking feedback from the Group on some suggested changes she has in mind for Shoalhaven Tourism Event Funding support.



RESOLVED (By consent)

That the following members be invited to the Working Group in relation to Event Funding:

1.    Lynn Locke

2.    Catherine Shields

3.    Louise Hallum

4.    Robert Crow






There being no further business, the meeting concluded, the time being 7.13pm.



Ms Lynn Locke







 Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group – Monday 30 April 2018

Page 0



TA18.13     New Members of the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group


HPERM Ref:       D18/110867


Group:                Finance Corporate & Community Services Group 

Section:              Tourism  

Purpose / Summary

To note the appointment of members to the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group (STAG).

Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

1.    Receive the report for information

2.    Formally acknowledge and thank retiring members for their valued contribution to the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group; Catherine Shields, Matthew Forbes and Annie Cochrane




1.    Receive the report for information and formally thank those who have retired.



A report was submitted to the Ordinary Meeting of Council held on Tuesday 27 March and reconvened on 3 April 2018 recommending the appointment of 4 industry representatives to the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group.

In March 2017 three of the current STAG committee members completed their 2 year term, plus one who resigned earlier in the year.  Under the STAG Terms of Reference 4 industry positions are to be filled at this time.

Nominations were received and interviews conducted by a Selection Panel which included the Mayor, Tourism Manager, Chair of STAG and one industry representative.

The process for candidate selection brings to STAG a range of direct industry knowledge, experience and insight that will greatly assist STAG and Council in its tourism related activities.  The new members are:

Dr James Lin

-     Currently working on the ground in tourism managing the Bomaderry Motor Inn for the past 3 years

-     Dr Lin holds a PhD in Meteorology and has worked over 20 years across all levels of business with skills in media and IT.

-     He brings insights into the growing international marketing with direct experience communicating with key markets in China

-     Dr Lin has also extensively traveled in the last 20 years throughout 40 countries so brings welcome international travel insights.


Kylie Picket

-     Kylie has worked, managed and owned tourism businesses in and around the Shoalhaven since 2004

-     She has a strong background in communications and PR and has dedicated her career to strengthening customer focused experiences.

-     Kyle is a self-proclaimed ‘people person’ with a passion for problem solving and has worked at both a regional and national level.

-     She is excited to bring her practical management and business experience to STAG



Brenda Sambrook

-     Brenda is a local tourism operator currently working across several industries including being the sole Director of Kangaroo Valley Olives.

-     She has contributed to many charities and consultative bodies, most recently holding an executive position on the Kangaroo Valley Chamber of Tourism and Commerce.

-     She is a proactive and passionate member of our local community and brings hands on operational and business perspective to the table of STAG.

-     Brenda has been an active advocate for Kangaroo Valley and is excited to bring her knowledge and skills to the greater Shoalhaven region.


Juliet Barr

-     Juliet is an active member of the Shoalhaven Community

-     She has had significant experience representing local communities in the Sydney region driving change for the benefit of community and business.

-     With a background in communications and PR, she is passionate about tourism in our beautiful region

-     Juliet also brings cross sector business and tourism operator hands on knowledge and insights, she is currently a business partner in a retail business and a local  tourism accommodation operator.


The full STAG Committee will comprise the following members:

All Councillors

Clr Gash – Voting Delegate

Clr Alldrick – Voting Delegate

Clr White – Alternate Delegate

Clr Kitchener – Alternate Delegate

Mr David Goodman, Sports Board Representative

Ms Juliet Barr

Mr Rob Crow

Ms Louise Hallum

Dr James Lin

Ms Lynn Locke

Mr Paul McLeod

Ms Kylie Pickett

Mr Neil Rodgers

Ms Brenda Sambrook

NPWS Representative


Election of Office Bearers

The election of Office Bearers will be held at the commencement of the next meeting on Monday 25 June 2018.


Community Engagement

The Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group plays an important role in the development of tourism related strategic plans and activities and provides critical input through industry representatives in this process.





 Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group – Monday 30 April 2018

Page 0



TA18.14     Tourism Manager's Report


HPERM Ref:       D18/109470


Group:                Finance Corporate & Community Services Group 

Section:              Tourism 

Attachments:     1.  Destination Food Conference 2018 (under separate cover)

2.  Discover Jervis Bay Quarter Update Feb 2018 - Public Report (under separate cover)

3.  DNSSS Destination Management Plan (under separate cover)   

Purpose / Summary

To give a brief outline of the Tourism Manager’s activity over February - March 2018.

Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group receive the Tourism Manager’s Report for information.




1.    Receive the report for information.


2.    Request more information from the Tourism Manager.


Things I have been across:

Throughout Council I have attended or presented at:

-     Queen’s Baton Relay

-     Hyams Beach internal and community meetings

-     360 Tourism Model meetings

-     Australian Regional Tourism meetings

-     STAG membership interviews, 4 positions

-     Holiday home compliance communications

-     New STAG member inductions

-     Walking on Country project workshops

Out in region:

-     Illawarra and South Coast Destination Network meetings

-     Culburra Beach & Districts Chamber of Commerce meeting

-     Berry Rotary

-     Berry Business Chamber

-     Jervis Bay Tourism General Meeting

-     Site inspection for TASAC – signage application for Shoalhaven Heads Botanic Garden

-     Destination Canberra 2018 Conference

-     Tourism Team Famils

-     Destination NSW Media Strategy Presentation – South Coast - Kiama

-     LGNSW Tourism Conference, Parkes

-     Stakeholder Workshop for Marine Tourism Strategy - Dept Premier & Cabinet, Kiama

-     Onsite inspection – Princes Highway, Berry Tourism sign

-     DNSW Planning Development Day, Sydney

-     DNSSS Tourism Managers’ meeting, Shell Cove

-     Stockland Nowra stakeholder meeting, stakeholder opportunities.

-     Jervis Bay site visit with Discover Jervis Bay, see attachment 2 for recent updates.


Key priorities over the next few months:

-     Destination 360 Model

Easter holidays – Hyams Beach update

Council agreed to give minimal resourcing to traffic management over Easter and there were some issues with access. Traffic staff and Rangers were on site over the long weekend. Additional meeting will be held with Council staff and community members to look at long term solutions.


Destination Sydney Surrounds South update

Destination Sydney Surrounds South (DNSSS) have released their Destination Management Plan for the region and are seeking feedback. Please provide any comments or feedback to the Coralie.  See attachment 3 for a copy of the report. 


Destination Food Conference – Australia’s first culinary tourism conference – 21 May 2018

For your information, this exciting event will bring together the key people and many facets of Australis’s food tourism industry for the first time.  See attached for details. Please feel free to spread through your networks.








 Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group – Monday 30 April 2018

Page 0



TA18.15     Destination Marketing


HPERM Ref:       D18/117481


Group:                Finance Corporate & Community Services Group 

Section:              Tourism 

Attachments:     1.  Unspoilt 2017 Campaign Results (Confidential - under separate cover)    

Purpose / Summary

To provide a summary of Destination Marketing activity for January 1 – March 31 2018

Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group receive the Destination Marketing Report for information.




1.    Receive the report for information

2.    Request more information



Trade and Industry News – Awards and Famils

Chinese Media Famil group - 7 April

Cupitt Winery and Restaurant represented at the Qantas Australian Tourism Awards

Destination Australia Marketing Conference, Melbourne - March 17

Team attended the 2018 Unspoilt Planning Day at Destination NSW – March 27


Publicity Update – Social Media Influencers









Paperbark Camp


Instagram @elleferguson


Cosmo photoshoot





Paperbark Camp





Jordan Robins sea cave pic Jervis Bay


Instagram @Tuulavintage


Multiple posts around Jervis Bay an Booderee

73K, 74K, 88K, 85K, 73K, 75K, 58K


Publicity – Notable Articles
Major articles listed below – many can be viewed by clicking the links.



Links / Update


Australian Good Food Guide


Bannisters and Rick Stein fish recipe:

Qantas Traveller (inflight and online)


Qantas itinerary in Berry and surrounds for inflight magazine:

Cover of Gourmet Traveller


Wally Cupitt on cover of Gourmet Traveller Wine edition:

Daily Mail UK


Quolls reintroduced to Booderee:


States most clicked property in Berry:

9 News Illawarra


Accommodation demand in Huskisson:

9 News Illawarra


Berry Businesses booming after Bypass:

Riot Act!


Canberra Day Trips: Fabulous food and plenty to do in Mollymook:

Fishing World


South Coast Marlin Bite Still Firing:

SMH, Canberra Times + Syndication


Tim the Yowie Man on Drawing Room Rocks:

The Australian


Wildlife – Stingray and Jordan Robins photographer profile:

Daily Telegraph


‘Unlike a marlin you have no idea where a mako shark will jump’:

Daily Telegraph


Game fishing and playful dolphins in Jervis Bay:


Collette Dinnigan sells Milton Farmstay:

Riot Act!


Canberra Day Trips: The best of the Bawley Point region:

Canberra Times


Inside the kitchen garden at St. Isidore, Milton:

Daily Telegraph


Tyler Wright and Culburra Beach Boardriders win National Nudie Boardriders Championship:

The Australian


Dream Homes – Jarett Lane Kangaroo Valley (position 1):

The Australian


Bawley Point – Canberra by the Sea – Bill Shortens Holiday home:

SMH and multiple main stream publications


Tragic deaths on the road at Jerrawangala over Xmas:


Upcoming PR locked but unpublished

SMH Traveller – Angie Kelly – Jervis Bay three ways

Body & Soul insert – Kate Hendry - Flash Camp Coolendel

Time Out Sydney - Flash Camp Coolendel

Holidaying with Kids - Flash Camp Coolendel

Babyology – Jervis Bay in Winter

Escape – Daily Telegraph – Food in Jervis Bay Winter


Visitor Survey Results YTD Dec 2017

·    The Shoalhaven is seeing significantly less day trippers, which is a good thing based on previous monitors high growth (around 25% per quarter, which was unsustainable). This signals brand loyalty. People have sampled the destination for a day and have later converted to an overnight stay.

·    International visitor nights are growing, signalling that the proportion of free independent travellers is increasing compared to the lower yield day trip bus tours.

·    The cooler quarters (June and September) of 2017 compared to 2016 have grown 8.3% year on year for domestic overnight visitors. This is a nod to all our marketing efforts to simulate off-season growth via food, wine and cooler season experiences. 
Shoalhaven had the highest total domestic overnight visitor spend of all LGAs in Regional NSW (even without JBT).

·    Shoalhaven had the second highest total visitor spend of all LGAs in Regional NSW (Newcastle was higher but only because of the large number of day visitors it attracts).

·    The Shoalhaven 5 year average $ per visit for domestic overnight was $396 compared to calendar 2017 which was $440.

·    In 2017 the average spend per night for domestic overnight visitors was $141. This is an increase in visitor spend, seeing as the previous 5 years on average yielded $123.

Unspoilt update

Campaign Results

Confidential results and research from 2017 campaign are attached, to discuss.


2018 Campaign Timing and Content

Following on from research, strategy meetings and a proposal from Destination NSW and their media agency, HAVAS, the 2018 campaign has been locked in. The campaign will commence in April with Shoalhaven’s winter experiences: Inland Touring; Surfing; Bushwalking. Spring Experiences will include: Kayaking; Stand Up Paddle; Pets on Holidays; Boating.


The EOI for the creation of new video content and stills for all LGAs has been sent out a second time after a refresh and refocus of the Request for Quotation to bring the creative vision more in line with the South Coast Partners priorities. Creative assets will be used in campaign for the Unspoilt but also as much needed content for the LGAs own content libraries to support creation of promotional content on a local level both this year and into the future.  These funds from SCRTO that were carried over and matched by DNSW will make the budget for this content shoot which is slated for a May shoot and roll out in the second half of the Unspoilt campaign 2018.   


2018 Strategy overview

Capitalising on the trend of microadventures and short breaks to the South Coast from domestic visitors, the overarching strategy is to capture the interest of target audience during ‘micromoments’ utilising new tools such as Quantium data and geo-locative tools as well as traditional means and existing databases of engaged audiences.


Overarching Marketing Objectives

- Increase visitor nights, length of stay and average spend during non-peak periods

- Increase intention to visit amongst Couples and Families

- Drive awareness, destination appeal of key experiences, product offering and itineraries


Overarching Media Objectives

- Reinforce positioning of the south coast as an unspoilt coastal destination to increase, appeal, consideration and intention to visit

- Showcasing unique experiences under unifying ‘unspoilt’ brand.

- Drive Customer Action

- Visits and leads to south coast pages

- Drive bookings to south coast co-op partners


Media Plan overview

- Outdoor advertising (billboards and Train Station screens) – Sydney and Canberra 

- Regional TV Campaign – SW NSW, ACT and South Coast network

- Facebook – video and stills with links through to DNSW website

- Google Ads and Search Engine Optimisation

- YouTube pre-roll and search marketing

- Programmatic Digital Marketing Prospecting, Retargeting, Display advertising

- Native Advertising (articles within editorial online)

- Publicity and Content Partnership

- Trade Partnership (with direct booking platform, such as Stayz)


Video live – ‘Shoalhaven Stories’

Producing between 8-10 videos per month, our investment in a staff member with all round video producing and editing skills has been paying off with high quality branded content producing huge engagement across all our digital channels. Please watch our most recent videos across the Coastal and Aquatic, Cultural and Adventure categories here:


Meet Jacob from Aboriginal Discovery Ranger

Meet Kyle from Outdoor Raw

Meet Richard from Sussex Inlet Marine Centre

Meet Robyn from Jervis Bay Maritime Museum

Meet Laddie from Laddie Timbery’s Aboriginal Arts and Crafts in Huskisson

Meet Ben from Coolangatta Estate

Meet Cassandra from Milton Country Retreat

Meet Roger from Shoalhaven Heads Native Botanic Garden

Joanne Paquette

Meet Uncle Fred, Murramarang Elder and Coomee Nulunga Cultural Trail Guide

Meet Allan from Clyde River Berry Farm

Meet Rosie from Cupitt’s Winery

Meet Amanda from Cambewarra Estate


More Videos in Production:

Kangaroo Valley Horse Riding

Jordan Robins Jervis Bay award-winning photographer

Jervis Bay Sailing Charters


A5 Booklets Refresh Surfing, Pets, Kayaking, Bushwalking

Demand is high with our Visitor Centres and operators for our themed small booklets collection. We saw the opportunity to refresh the content and imagery of all four brochures, as well as offer our local businesses a targeted advertising opportunity. The team pushed out media kits for advertising in late January and we were able to recoup 80% of the out of pocket costs for these guides and have them refreshed, reprinted and delivered before the Easter long weekend. These booklets are now in circulation. We look forward to the consultation process with the arts community and a STAG working group to research and prepare the next guide, Arts and Culture, but with resources thin, this booklet is currently parked for the moment. 10,000 of each have been printed.



Destination Australia Conference

Key points

·    Tourism Australia promotional pillars now include “People”. Especially within the USA and European market, Australia’s unique selling point are our people, or characters, in this case, celebrities.

·    The major 2018 Tourism Australia Campaign is based around the TV ad, Crocodile Dundee ‘spoof’. It masquerades as a trailer for a new movie, but it’s an ad with several Australian celebrities. This campaign was played during the Super Bowl and highly successful. See the campaign here:

·    If we put ourselves in the shoes of an International travellers likely to travel to Australia, we can see that they must be wealthy as it is a long way to travel. Therefore, we can assume that we can pitch high end product as these travellers are likely to be luxury lovers, are the high end upper Escalon of their countries so push your luxury product.

·    USA and China are Tourism Australia’s top two focus markets but the next generation does not want to travel in tour groups and will be free independent travellers.

·    “BuzzFeed Mates” is a partnership between Tourism Australia and BuzzFeed (Australia’s top online youth media channel). A number of young people have taken on the challenge to create their own unique Australian trips and share them, creating user generated content that promotes Australia to youth markets.

·    Single women over 50 are a large marketing opportunity as they are double inheritors and are of an adventurous generation i.e.: their husbands and parents are dying.

*If anyone would like more comprehensive notes, please request that Kristy send them.

Visiting Friends and Relatives Campaign
A large proportion (approximately 40%) of our domestic overnight visitor market identify their travel motivation as ‘Visiting Friends and Relatives’ (VFR). They are typically a high yield market, sometimes staying with a family member but spending money on luxury items such as attractions and food and wine. Our marketing strategy for this market segment is to engage locals to love where they live, in the hopes of them becoming ambassadors of tourism to their family and friends. A campaign has been pitched by local agency the Marketing Plan, and we are working up a concept called ‘Shoalhaven Wonders’ which we will present shortly. 


Winter Food and Wine Campaign


Due to successful food and wine Media famil programs over the last three winter periods, our profile as a food and wine region has significantly grown. In 2018 we will be increasing our efforts toward a more integrated marketing campaign, including PR but adding in a number of diverse channels, such as:

·    Select PR Famils: mainstream media – Canberra Times, Escape (Daily Tele), Traveller (SMH).

·    TV editorial: NITV “Black Olive” (2+eps) filming August – a show with an Aboriginal cook Mark Olive who meets local community and cooks on their land using their unique produce. “My Market Kitchen” (full ep on Berry NSW) pitched Filming late 2018 if successful – a 10 part series where famous English Chef Ainslie Harriot attends a market and meets local producers, cooking a meal from food he has found at the market. 

·    Advertising Campaign: Print/ digital media partnerships, such as Virgin Australia, Gourmet Traveller, Urban List, Concrete Playground.

·    Digital and owned Media: 4-5 Shoalhaven Stories videos


Point of difference/editorial angle:
- New operators including 10-15 new restaurants, café, producers

- Flagship categories such as award-winning establishments and fine dining

- Niche focus:

a)   Seafood, producers, farmgate, paddock to plate, foraging

b)   Raw food, Health and Wellbeing

c)   Coffee roasters and trail

d)   Award-winning wine region (wine and swim)


Target Markets: 
Couples – without kids or with small kids (25 – 35)

Couples – older couples empty nesters (50+)

Limited amount of family content – mainly for off-season weekends

Must be able to travel in offseason!


Events / Showcase:

Working with Milton Ulladulla Food Alliance on a flagship event in or out of region

Showcase for produce, food and wine etc.

Working with SeeFood in SeeChange festival to profile Jervis Bay Chefs and cuisine


Digital Marketing Report 

Overview / New Staff Member
This report is normally prepared by the Digital Marketer, however without a permanent person in this role as yet after Lauren Beaufils left, Kristy Mayhew, the Marketing Specialist has enlisted the assistance of Jemma Wood, as a casual two days per week. As the digital marketing role is so intensive and immediate, progress on some other projects within this report are not as far along as we had envisaged.


We are happy to announce that commencing on 23 April 2018, we have a new Digital Marketing Assistant starting, Sarah Chenhall. Sarah is relocating from the Sapphire Coast (Bega Shire) where she currently does a similar digital marketing role for the tourism body there. She has strong content development and digital marketing skills, having worked in the Sapphire Coast role for over four years, and coming from a background in Journalism. We look forward to welcoming Sarah to the team!


Website Analytics

Jan - March 2018 Vs Jan - March 2017



Jan - Mar

Oct - Dec


Unique users



49.9% up




46.9% up




51.36 up

Top pages

Honeymoon Bay, Homepage, Guide, Booking/place, events, walks, Hyams blog page

Top referring sites

VisitNSW, Facebook, Daily Tele, South Coast Register


*As our new site was only launched in mid-October, it is understandable the that there is a large number in the growth column. However, our old website only sustained an average quarterly unique user of around 25K so the new site (paired with our other marketing efforts to drive traffic) is up approximately 30% up year on year.


Paid Digital Marketing Campaigns

Jan 1 – 31 March

SEM - google ads

Ads at the top of google searches for our town names, activities, visitor guide and website.
- Impressions: 86,231

- Clicks: 5,538

- CPC: $0.53


Retargeting (100BC / Guide page)

A loop whereby users cookies are collected and referred ads between our two websites

- Impressions: 1,145,053

- Clicks: 3,309

- CPC: $0.22


A new initiative where we have placed short versions of our ‘itinerary’ videos as pre-roll ads

- Views: 6,320

- Impressions: 17,448

- CPV: $0.09


Facebook Visitor Guide Campaign:

Facebook ads with videos to encourage the download or post a copy at
- Reach: 99,500

- Clicks: 1,917

- Impressions: 198,723


100 Beach Challenge
Summer Strategy:

The 100 Beach Challenge has been an important tool for regional dispersal communications over the summer period, an important strategy to relieve pressure on ‘hot spots’ and spread the visitor economy across all towns. We have been able to communicate the plethora of beaches that visitors must choose from, primarily through digital channels but also with the assistance of Visitor Services staff out in region. Summer promotions across Facebook targeted people who were currently within the region, travellers and locals alike, encouraging the exploration of more than the commonly known white sand beaches. Below are the results of our Summer Holiday dispersal post on Facebook:


100 Beach Challenge Analytics:

Unique Visitors 3,169

Pageviews 4,783

New users 1,223

The 100 Beach Challenge website was heavily utilised over summer with up to 1000 page views a day. The rate of new visitors to the 100 Beach Challenge site is on average 73%. Once they visit the 100 Beach Challenge website, they are then ‘retargeted’ with digital advertising to download our visitor guide and vice versa, giving them further opportunity to engage with our brand, including higher yield product. We need to do some more work on retaining people who are playing the game, in other words, encourage multiple interactions with the game or perhaps enhancements to the web interface where people could create some smaller, more manageable lists of beaches to ‘complete’.


Social Media Analytics

Facebook @visitshoalhaven

Instagram @visitshoalhaven


*Analysis of Social media results.

- In early 2018, Facebook brought in a new algorithm that moved the focus of people’s news feeds away from businesses and more toward family, friends and groups you are in, therefore making it harder to get reach on our posts. You can see we have only had a small shift in engagement, but this is may drop more in coming months as the platform encourages us more to pay for reach.

- Facebook also admitted that they had been measuring the ‘reach’ of posts incorrectly, historically. Their metrics were incorrect as they were measuring every person as being ‘reached’ if your post was queued for their feed, even if it didn’t actually make it onto your screen as you scrolled. Therefore, there is a hugely dramatic decrease on all pages as to the estimated reach, but at least this metric is now correct.  



Email Newsletter Analytics

Visitor EDM


3494 recipients

20.9% open rate

Most clicked link – Unwind Yoga Holidays



3,510 recipients

25.9% open rate

Most clicked link – Collective Vibes Market


Tourism Talk


1120 recipients

34.3% open rate

Most clicked link – Events



1123 recipients

32.7% open rate

Most clicked link – A5 brochure media kit



Up next:

2019 Visitor Guide Media Kit and ad sales

Ask Me I’m a Local B2B and ambassador strategy

Tourism Talk website launch – operator website

New Berry billboard

Customer relationship Management database redevelopment

Development of A5 Arts and Culture trails and happenings brochure



Exceptions: To discuss the Unspoilt 2017 Campaign results.  


 Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group – Monday 30 April 2018

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TA18.16     Events and Investment


HPERM Ref:       D18/109632


Group:                Finance Corporate & Community Services Group 

Section:              Tourism  

Purpose / Summary

To update the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group on events and investment in the Shoalhaven region.


Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group receive the Events and Investment Report for information.




1.    Receive the report for information.

2.    Request more information.


 Past Supported Events (since 1 July 2017)

AFL Junior Championships

2017 Motocross Nationals

Family Fishing Carnival

State Team Time Trials

Melbourne Cup Tour

Chilli and Chocolate Festival

Huskisson Running Festival

Escape Artfest

PGA Golf

Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival

Long Course Weekend Jervis Bay

Shoalhaven River Festival

National Indigenous Football

Garden Clubs of Australia National Convention

National Indigenous Football League

Australian Junior Surfing Titles

Water Polo Junior Championships

Callala Ultimate Triathlon

Fairgrounds Festival

Outrigger State Championships

Huskisson Triathlon Festival

Shoalhaven Week of Golf





In Progress


·    DNSW Conference Funding - Met with Helen Parker – Manager, Regional Conferencing, DNSW regarding next steps regarding attracting more conferences and business events to the Shoalhaven. They are doing a lot of work in the space that we can directly tap into. The best way to ensure the Shoalhaven is included in their pitch is to ensure our product is listed on and facilitate a site visit. We currently only have 7 products listed in the Shoalhaven. We will make growing Shoalhaven listings a focus and arrange a site visit for the DNSW Regional Conferencing team ahead of further discussions about funding.

·    Accommodation Working Group – Audit complete, surveys out to operators and result collection still progressing. Engagement with wineries on glamping opportunities taking place.

·    The River Festival committee have met with Council and a Councillor Briefing will be taking place soon to discuss current challenges faced by the committee.

·    Goodnight Island Tourism Accommodation Development – Working with owner and potential investors to re-ignite discussions and opportunities.

·    Shoalhaven Arts Board have supported our recommendation to use $4,500 for workshops and the development of an Event Marketing Tool Kit. We are in the process of securing workshop dates – tentative outline below;

Workshop 1 – Digital Marketing

§ Tuesday 5th June – 8:30am Nowra

§ Friday 8th June – 8:30am Ulladulla

Workshop 2 – Facebook and Instagram

§ Tuesday 19th June – 8:30am Nowra

§ Wednesday 20th June – 8:30am Ulladulla

Workshop 3 – Email Marketing 

§ Tuesday 3rd Jul – 8:30am Nowra

§ Friday 6th Jul – 8:30am Ulladulla

·    Recruitment for the new Events Liaison Officer is currently underway

·    Industry website development and supporting information creating a one stop shop for event development and approval information.

·    Events currently being assessed

Chilli Chocolate Festival

AFL Junior Championships

Sand N Sea Festival

The Beast 666

Sussex Inlet Family Fishing Carnival

·    Verbal update to be provided on the Event Support Program Funding Review – meeting held with volunteer STAG members on 17th April. 

Upcoming Supported Events

Anecdotal feedback has identified May as a traditionally quieter month. As a result, working collaboratively with business and event organisers, we have played a major role in developing two new May events to drive winter visitation and spend. Careful consideration was given to ensuring events meet our brand and targets (Wellness and Surfing). We are also supporting the growth of three existing events. These events will continue to occur on an annual basis.

May events are now estimated to contribute approximately $4 million in expenditure to the Shoalhaven economy. 

South Coast Soul Festival – Huskisson – 11th – 13th May

Burradise Festival – Culburra Beach – 12th – 13th May

National Motoring Heritage Day – Berry – 19th May

Shoalhaven Pro Junior Surfing – Culburra Beach – 25th – 27th May

SeeChange Festival – Bay and Basin Area – 26th – 10th May

·    For a full list of events visit



·    The updated Film and Video Production in Public Reserves and Public Places Policy has been adopted, bringing the policy in line with current drone regulations and will be available to review on Councils website.

·    DNSW Event Funding - Burradise Festival was successful with Event Incubator Funding. Fairgrounds and SeeChange were successful with Flagship Funding and Huskisson Triathlon Festival was successful with their 3rd year of Triennial Funding. All receiving $20,000 for event marketing.

·    Queens Baton Relay – Nowra – 5th February

Shoalhaven Tourism championed the Queens Baton Relay event, with people from all over Council involved. A contracted staff member was recruited to run the event and sat within the tourism team. Several tourism staff where involved running and coordinating the event on the day.


§ Thousands lined the streets and came to the Entertainment Centre to celebrate the Queen’s Baton Relay in Nowra. Shoalhaven schools were invited to be involved in the day, we provided supplies for them to make flags. Circus workshops were run in the lead-up to the event resulting in local youth performing along with other local talent on the day.


§ We received many positive comments from residents about the event as well as great feedback from the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Corporation (see below).









Willinga Park Dressage by the Sea – Bawley Point – 22nd – 25th February


§ Approx. 500 people attended the February Dressage by the Sea event.

§ 4 International interns represented Shoalhaven Tourism as volunteers at the event, we received very positive feedback from Terry Snow regarding their involvement.

Future Involvement

§ We will continue to work closely with the Willinga Park events team. The next scheduled event is the World Championship Gold Buckle Campdraft - May 17 – 19. We encourage you to attend this event and experience this world class event venue. It’s worth seeing. 


·    Ultimate Husky Triathlon Festival – Huskisson – 16th – 18th February


§ 4,500 participants and approx. 10,000 spectators over 3 days

Future Involvement

§ We are entering the 3rd year of a 3-year funding agreement for all Elite Energy Shoalhaven events, supported as part of the Sports Partnership program with Shoalhaven Water and Holiday Haven. This will be reviewed as part of the new funding process and criteria for future events.


§ The Husky Tri is a significant event for our region and is no doubt an important visitation driver, now 10 years running.

§ Held in February, once off season for Jervis Bay, businesses are now reporting that the event coincides with a time of year that is still very busy. As a result, there has been some operational challenges presented this year.

·    The event organiser confirmed that there were some issues with traffic flow and is working with relevant Council staff and police to look at a better arrangement, due to the increased size of the event as well as an increase in residential development and visitor numbers.

·    A meeting between the event organisers, relevant Council staff, Police, Huskisson Business Chamber, Jervis Bay Tourism and Huskisson Woolamia Voice was held to provide a formal opportunity for feedback and outline next steps.

Next Steps

§ Council will continue to work with Elite Energy to assist, where possible, on resolving issues raised this year.

§ Tourism and Elite Energy are also working closely with the local business and residential community through the relevant associations and groups to try and facilitate best outcomes.



Up Next


·    Finalise and implement the Event Support Program Review with an aim to launch at the start of July.

·    Finalisation of 17/18 financial year events, including post event reports and payments. Currently events held this financial year equate to over $19 Million in economic benefit.

·    New accommodation development in Shoalhaven Heads – Bangalay Villas (16 luxury villas, restaurant and pool) is on schedule to open in July 2018.

·    Event DA submitted for Willinga Park for events open to the public. 

·    Trial of Flash Camp at Huskisson Holiday Haven for South Coast South Festival.

·    Ticket sales through Bookeasy for supported events – meeting with Destination Wollongong as case study.

·    Continue to grow the Investor Database for both events and accommodation developments.

·    Event investor familiarisations – specifically focussing on Goodnight Island and Bendalong sites for now.


There are no exceptions to be reported.




 Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group – Monday 30 April 2018

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TA18.17     Visitor Services Update


HPERM Ref:       D18/121252


Group:                Finance Corporate & Community Services Group 

Section:              Tourism  

Purpose / Summary

To give an update of Visitor Information Services for January to March 2018


Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group receive the Visitors Services Report for information.




1.    Receive the report for information.

2.    Request more information


Pop Up Visitor Information Display at Sussex Inlet and Vincentia

Sussex Inlet and Vincentia communities have both run a pop up Visitor Information booth over the Easter period.

Shoalhaven Tourism was out in region this Easter assisting the 10 volunteers of Vincentia Matters group.

At Vincentia over 150 enquiries were handled from tourists asking information on beaches, where to dine, where to get a good cup of coffee, cruises and interesting walks around the area, as well as information on National Parks.  Sussex had a similar response over the period, although we have not yet received a report from Sussex.


Return of Visitor Centre Supervisor

We are very happy to have Lindsay back from maternity leave and is settling in quickly to the role. She shares the role with Nikki , and together they make a formidable team in managing the operations of the Visitor Centre and Box Office duties for the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre.



Volunteers at the Nowra Visitor Centre have handled 485 visitor enquiries for the March quarter. Their confidence is growing as they are asked more detailed questions. Their knowledge base is expanding all the time.

They take pride in delivering the information to our visitors. Their commitment to the roster has been outstanding, with very few no shows within the month.

We have commenced trialling a volunteer at the Ulladulla Visitor Centre at the Civic Centre.

We have one volunteer from Ulladulla at this stage and she regularly does 1 shift per week. Amy has started from the 9th March, and handles an average of 20 visitors per shift.

Enquiries from visitors include questions regarding maps, beaches, Mollymook generally, dining options in the area, camping areas, activities, coffee shops etc.


Supplementary Visitor Information Centres

A group has been set up within STAG to review the operations and the ongoing direction of the Supplementary Centres. Timing has not yet permitted a get together but continues to be a priority.



The table below shows income and expenditure figures for Quarter 3 broken down into business areas and compared to last year’s results.





Q3  2017/18

Q3   2016/17


YTD  2017/18

YTD  2016/17

YTD Variation




















Local Product


















Sales are still showing a significant increase year on year.

These figures indicate the increased recognition of the new location of the VIS, the desire for local products, and the improvement of the range of souvenirs.





Q3  2017/18

Q3    2016/17


YTD  2017/18

YTD  2016/17

YTD Variation



















Local Product


















Sales results for Ulladulla are up 18% Year on Year.

Local product sales have increased considerably on last year YOY. More local product has been sourced so we can grow this market and fill the demand for local product sought by visitors.





Q3  2017/18

Q3    2016/17


YTD  2017/18

YTD  2016/17

YTD Variation



























The visitor numbers to the counter are maintaining similar numbers to  date compared to last year.





Q3  2017/18

Q3   2016/17


YTD  2017/18

YTD  2016/17

YTD Variation



































Ulladulla is maintaining its position as a major destination within Shoalhaven Tourism with an 8% increase year on year. Ulladulla is seeing an increase in international tourists visiting the centre. We have noticed an increase in Dutch and Welsh visitors.

There is a lot of interest in local walks.





Q3 2017/18

Q3   2016/17


YTD  2017/18

YTD  2016/17

YTD Variation










Paid to Operators








Commission earned
















Sales for BookEasy have stabilised.

We are currently looking at operator and staff training to further enhance the understanding of the BookEasy system so that we may improve sales



Continuation of volunteer recruitment

Review of Supplementary Visitor Centres

Merchandise Sales Training

BookEasy Operator and staff training


 Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group – Monday 30 April 2018

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TA18.18     Stategy Working Group Update - 360 Model


HPERM Ref:       D18/117957


Group:                Finance Corporate & Community Services Group 

Section:              Tourism  

Purpose / Summary

To update on the progress of the Destination 360 Model

Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group receive the report for information.




1.    Receive the report for information.

Implications: Shoalhaven Tourism staff and the Strategy Working Group will continue to work on the Destination 360 Model.


2.    Request more information.



Shoalhaven Tourism has in the past worked with a Tourism Master Plan, with the primary driver of success being economic, aiming to drive expenditure to $1b by 2020. 

It has been recognised by the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group (STAG) in recent years that future long-term plans need to define success more broadly. The development of the DRAFT 360 model, yet to go to Council to be formally adopted, is based on the premise that long-term sustainability of the tourism industry overall should no longer just be measured on economic growth, but on 4 key pillars; healthy community, healthy environment, healthy economy and healthy customer experience. It recognises that each are corner stones, and important to the industry success.


The 360 Model sets out to measure ‘acceptable ranges of optimal conditions’ across all four pillars, with the aim that the model can be used as an early indicator of issues that may arise, so that adaptive planning and management can be implemented in partnership with relevant stakeholders. This is currently unprecedented in a regional local government area in NSW. Traditionally tourism and other areas (community / environment etc) often working in isolation from each other with competing priorities. This is an industry leading initiative of STAG and Shoalhaven Tourism and will ultimately be referred to Council with recommendations for strategic direction and adoption. 


It is also important to remember that the model is not locked in and set forever. It can be grown, adapted and implemented differently as time goes by and we learn together. It is intended that there be a ‘management group’ with key stakeholders set up to assist in adaptive management long term. Looking at tourism impacts across all key pillars and how we can better work together. It is not intended as a tool for only tourism but a starting point for a long-term collaboration and conversation.



Community Engagement

The stakeholder engagement has been used to:

-     Inform stakeholders of the purpose and scope of the project, and how they can have input and be involved

-     Seek ideas from stakeholders on what they believe healthy tourism in the Shoalhaven means (optimal conditions)

-     Seek ideas from stakeholders on what could be measured to suggest healthy tourism (indicators)


Who was consulted?

The opportunities for engagement to date have been extensive and include:

1.   30 face to face meetings in the region;

2.   Telephone meetings for those unavailable during the face to face meetings;

3.   A workshop with STAG and follow up meetings with the working group;

4.   A presentation at Natural Resources &Flood Management Committee meeting at Sussex Inlet

5.   Two community consultation workshops, one in Nowra and one in Ulladulla


Policy Implications

If recommended and adopted by STAG and Council, the Destination 360 model will have a significant change in the way Tourism success is monitored and planned for in the future, with success being measured by four key pillars of long term sustainability - economic, environmental, community and customer. Planning will be more collaborative and agile to adaptively manage the fast-paced needs of the industry.


Financial Implications

There are no specific budget implications at this time, implementation of the 360 Model is planned to be within the operational tourism budget.


Risk Implications

The Destination 360 model is designed to monitor key indicators to reduce risk to the industry overall long term.


 Where are we up to?

·    On the 4th April Shoalhaven Tourism met with University of Wollongong (UOW) regarding the Destination 360 Model. The UOW research team consists of seven tourism, marketing and social science specialists. They are currently securing funds to undertake a research project regarding sustainable tourism and they want to work closely with Shoalhaven Tourism to ensure their research question aligns and adds value to the work currently being undertaken on the 360 Model. We will continue to work with them as they progress this further.  

·    On the 18th of April a workshop will be held with the Shoalhaven Natural Resource and Floodplain Committee to discuss the environmental indicators.

·    Finalising data input for the model with stakeholders.


What now?

A report will be provided to STAG and to Council once complete, aiming to be before the end of this financial year.


Report Exceptions

Coralie will provide a further status update verbally.