Minutes of the Shoalhaven Sports Board



Meeting Date:     Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Location:            Training Room, Council Administrative Centre, Deering St, Ulladulla

Time:                   5:07pm



The following members were present:


Mr David Goodman – Chairperson

Clr Patricia White

Clr Nina Cheyne

Clr Mark Kitchener

Clr Bob Proudfoot

Mr Roger Walker

Mr Syd Weller

Mr Phil Newlyn

Mrs Elizabeth Tooley

Mr Tony Hardman

Ms Elaine Caswell – arrived 5.52pm


Others Present:

Susan Edwards – Manager, Community and Recreation

Beth Britton – Facilities Coordinator





Apologies / Leave of Absence


An apology was received from Andrew Johnstone, Elaine Caswell, Clr Andrew Guile, Clr Mitchell Pakes, Ms Lisa Kennedy.



Confirmation of the Minutes

RESOLVED (Clr White / Syd Weller)


That the Minutes of the Shoalhaven Sports Board held on Wednesday 13 December 2017 be confirmed.





Declarations of Interest







SB18.1       West Street Oval and Facilities

HPERM Ref: D18/81085

Note: This presentation is deferred to the next meeting.


Sam Driesen Club President and Chrissy Lakey Club Vice President would like to address the Committee in relation to West Street Oval and its facilities.






SB18.2       Review of Councils Policies - Sportsgrounds Management and Grants Program

HPERM Ref: D17/342122

Note: Susan Edwards, Unit Manager Community and Recreation, addressed the meeting and provided a verbal update on the report.

Beth Britton, Facilities Coordinator, advised that most of the amendments relate to formatting and clarifying sections, and confirmed that there are no substantive changes.

Action: David Goodman requested that the Policy be sent to all sporting clubs in Shoalhaven, to advise them of what they can do and may not do.

Clr Proudfoot asked whether Council/Staff would consider updating the Signage Policy at sporting fields.

Action: Beth Britton – Note the numbering in the Policies needs to be corrected

Action: Note: in the Sports Grants Program (Capital Works) Policy document, part 3.16 please amended to Hirer and/or User.



That Council adopt:

1.    The Sportsgrounds Management Policy with the changes highlighted.

2.    The Sports Grants Program (Capital Works) Policy with the changes highlighted


RECOMMENDATION (Clr White / Clr Proudfoot)

That Council adopt:

1.    The Sportsgrounds Management Policy with the changes highlighted.

2.    The Sports Grants Program (Capital Works) Policy with the changes highlighted and amend part 3.16 to read: Hirer and/or User.




SB18.3       Shoalhaven Sports Board - Current Projects Update

HPERM Ref: D18/76271

Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the report regarding Current Projects Update be received for information.


RESOLVED (Elizabeth Tooley / Roger Walker)

That the report regarding Current Projects Update be received for information.







SB18.4       Shoalhaven Sports Board - Mission, Values and Vision


David Goodman addressed the meeting in relation to the Mission, Values and Vision document which had been created during the workshops.


Staff advised that the best way forward would be for a small working group to meet to review and finalise the draft Sports Board Strategic Plan and bring back to the next Sports Board meeting.


Susan Edwards, Manager Community and Recreation, congratulated the members on the document that has been produced.


The Committee thanked Phil Newlyn for his contributions in creating the document.


Action: Tony Hardman, Phil Newlyn, Clr White and David Goodman to send proposed meeting dates to Susan Edwards.


RESOLVED (Phil Newlyn / Tony Hardman)

That Tony Hardman, Phil Newlyn, Clr White and David Goodman along with staff, meet to review the Mission, Values and Vision Document.




SB18.5       Various Matters Discussed


Note: the following matters were raised and comments made as follows:


Berry District Park

Susan Edwards reported on Berry District Park. A community consultation was carried out over the weekend (25 March 2018) on the children’s adventure play area. 45 groups attended and made suggestions. Staff will collate the feedback and consider these comments as part of the consultation process.


Note: Elaine Caswell arrived, the time being 5.52pm.


Shoalhaven Community and Recreation Precinct

David Goodman raised the Shoalhaven Community and Recreation Precinct (SCaRP). The committee voiced their disappointment that the project was not proceeding; this project had community and Sports Board support, and extensive consultation had been held with the community. The Committee discussed the SCaRP sporting complex and where the athletics track could be established.


Grant Applications

This matter will be discussed at the reconvened Council meeting next Tuesday, 3 April.

Action: Susan Edwards to send the attachment from the Council Agenda to the members of the Sports Board.


David Goodman reported that he had met with the Sports Minister at South Nowra with the Shoalhaven Soccer Association, who have drafted a 20 year plan. The Minister had highlighted that potential Grant applicants need to identify what will draw people to the Shoalhaven.

Clr White advised that she personally has submitted an Expression of Interest for Ulladulla Tennis and Dunn Lewis Centre.


Netball Court Upgrades

Clr White advised that the Netball Courts in Nowra are in need of an upgrade. There are 1300 registered players. Ulladulla Netball Courts have been upgraded. Clr White advised that she will be submitting a Notice of Motion to Council in relation to the Nowra Netball Court facility, and will report back to the Committee on the progress.


Tony Hardman noted that the Ulladulla Netball Courts had officially opened last week.


Susan Edwards – Manager Community & Recreation

Clr White congratulated Susan Edwards on her appointment to the Unit Manager position (Manager, Community and Recreation).


Sportsground Surface Funding

Elizabeth Tooley asked when we will know about the $500,000 for sportsground surfaces from  the Special Rate Variation. The Committee were advised that a decision will be made in June. The  application was submitted to IPART and will be reported to Council in June, after which funds will be available in July.


Solar Panels for Sporting Precincts

Clr Cheyne proposed as a future consideration that Council should investigate solar panels for all sporting precincts. Susan Edwards advised that solar panels cannot be used for floodlighting as it draws too much power. However, Council could look at community buildings and the Sports Board would be supportive of this.


Ulladulla Skate Park

Clr White advised that Council had recently resolved to upgrade the Ulladulla Skate Park.


Recreation Facilities in Lake Conjola

Elaine Caswell suggested that, with the growing population in Lake Conjola, staff should investigate some form of exercise equipment to be installed along the walking track.


Ison Park Amenities

David Goodman queried the land zoning around the front portion of Ison Park, and requested that staff provide a copy of the Assets report that was presented to the Sports Board about the amenities blocks.

Action: Brad Davis to provide a report to the Committee.




There being no further business, the meeting concluded, the time being 6.28pm.



Mr David Goodman