Ordinary Meeting



Meeting Date:     Tuesday, 30 January, 2018

Location:            Council Chambers, City Administrative Building, Bridge Road, Nowra

Time:                   5.00pm



Membership (Quorum - 7)

All Councillors





Addendum Agenda


Mayoral Minute

MM18.1....... Mayoral Minute - Hyams Beach..................................................................... 1

MM18.2....... Mayoral Minute - Australia Day 2018............................................................. 2

MM18.3....... Mayoral Minute - Reduction of Speed limits at various locations.................. 4

MM18.4....... Mayoral Minute - Chris Creek Loan Funds.................................................... 5                           




Addendum Agenda - Ordinary Meeting – Tuesday 30 January 2018

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MM18.1      Mayoral Minute - Hyams Beach


HPERM Ref:       D18/27489





That it is requested that the General Manager not to act immediately on any of the actions brought to Council to help alleviate the issues at Hyams beach UNTIL they have been referred to the community representatives at the meeting to be held soon.




From the outset, I wish to thank all Councillors and Community members who have taken the time to engage in the issues that have disturbed Hyams Beach over the summer. There have been numerous suggestions from many as to what will and won’t work to help alleviate the issues. My principal concern for this Mayoral minute is that we do not set in train any actions that may be contrary to the Strategic Plan that was developed by the community at Hyams to help map their future. I am also concerned that without open and frank discussion on the many issues that the very ambience that is loved by those who live and visit Hyams for could be destroyed. Although some would argue that it is already destroyed by the throngs of people who descend daily with little regard for the fragile environment to which they visit.


It is my intent that from the discussions to be had with the residents that there will be further low cost actions that may be taken prior to the Easter Holidays.


I also wish to take this opportunity to commend the work that was undertaken by all staff over the summer, often in less than ideal circumstances. You are exemplary in your undertaking of this work.




Addendum Agenda - Ordinary Meeting – Tuesday 30 January 2018

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MM18.2      Mayoral Minute - Australia Day 2018


HPERM Ref:       D18/27496





That Council receives the report for information.




Council hosted a fabulous Awards and Citizenship ceremony this year at the Ulladulla Civic Centre on Wednesday, 24 January 2018.  It was attended by at least 360 people.

The Ambassador this year was the engaging and though provoking author, Cheryl Koenig OAM who gave an inspiring speech.

Aboriginal Elder, Uncle Fred Carriage gave the Welcome to Country and short speech about Australia Day.

Thank you to the Shoalhaven Community Choir for being the entertainment for the evening, singing many well known Australian songs.

Thank you to “Wombat” for presenting the Environment award and giving up his time to attend the ceremony and pose patiently for photos afterwards.

Congratulations to our winners this year were:

Shoalhaven Citizen of the Year: Aunty Nell Mooney

Empowering the youth of the Shoalhaven & commitment to aboriginal culture.

Shoalhaven Citizen of the Year - Highly Commended: Brian Muller

Dedication to fundraising of the Children’s Variety Club Bash & Leadership in the Shoalhaven Business Community.

Shoalhaven Young Citizen of the Year: Riley Nolan

Dedication to school leadership, sporting community & teaching at Budawang School.

Shoalhaven Sports Person of the Year: William Miller

Exceptional representation in Rugby Union.

Shoalhaven Junior Sports Person of the Year: Dante Hyam

Exceptional contribution to motorcross representing the Shoalhaven on a State, National & International level.

Inclusive Person of the Year:  Gayle Dunn

Outstanding contribution to community spirit and improving the lives of people with all abilities in the Shoalhaven.

Inclusive Person of the Year – Highly Commended: Chris Mitchell

Outstanding dedication to building an inclusive community & improving the lives of people with a disability.

Environment Award:  Noel Webster

Leadership & dedication to preserving the Environment & traditional practices.


Australia Day Honours


Congratulations to Anita Chalmers OAM, Captain Peter Ashworth OAM and Assistant Commissioner Joe Cassar PM (former Shoalhaven Local Area Commander at Nowra Police Station) receiving honours on Australia Day.



·    Mrs Anita Chalmers

For service to community health.




·   Captain Peter Ashworth RAN

For meritorious service in the field of Navy aviation and project management.




·    Assistant Commissioner Joseph Cassar

Performing duties for over 30 years with outstanding dedication to service, diligence & integrity.



Addendum Agenda - Ordinary Meeting – Tuesday 30 January 2018

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MM18.3      Mayoral Minute - Reduction of Speed limits at various locations


HPERM Ref:       D18/28373





That Council support the reduction in speed limits at the following locations:

1.    Croobyar Road Milton ( already underway with RMS).

2.    Matron Porter Drive (80km per hour section through Frogs Holla).

3.    Bendalong Road, (reduction from 100km to 80km).

4.    Variable Rate for Turpentine Road.




Croobyar Road is currently under review with the RMS due to community requests this would support the community in their actions to have that work done. The RMS changed the speed limit on Woodstock Rd from 100klm to 80klm in recent years and Croobyar is not dissimilar in that it is a country road with many driveways along it.


Matron Porter Drive – Frogs Holla the community of Milton and Narrawallee have campaigned in prior years for this reduction in speed. With the cycleway getting ever closer to the top of the hill there are additional distractions on this winding stretch of road. A recent fatality on this road should more than warrant a reduction in speed.


Bendalong Road is not dissimilar to Sussex Inlet road and the community via their CCB want to see the limit decreased for safety – especially with the number of new subdivisions that are coming on, safety with heavy vehicle movements is paramount.


Turpentine Road has been significantly improved in recent times and currently has an 80km speed zone.  It may now be appropriate to revise this to a 90km or 100km zone.




Addendum Agenda - Ordinary Meeting – Tuesday 30 January 2018

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MM18.4      Mayoral Minute - Chris Creek Loan Funds


HPERM Ref:       D18/28377





That Chris Creek Loan funds be split 50:50 between the community pathways budget allocation and the skate parks budget allocation.




Funding for Chris Creek pedestrian bridge was identified to be funded via loan funds. I recommend to Councillors that this funding source be utilised in principle for two areas of funding that require ‘topping up’, the Community built footpaths and skate parks. We cannot use loan funds to offset deficit. Some community groups have been actively seeking funding from other sources for these types of community infrastructure and if successful may request a matching vote from Council. Topping up the budget allocation from the Chris Creek loan funds provides a greater level of contingency if required.