Minutes of the Shoalhaven Access Advisory Committee



Meeting Date:     Monday, 20 November 2017

Location:            Osprey Training Room, Level 1, City Administrative Building, Bridge Road, Nowra

Time:                   11.00 am



The following members were present:


Clr Annette Alldrick – Acting Chairperson

Clr Amanda Findley

Clr Patricia White

Mr Arthur Ball

Mr Bill Deaves

Mr Theor Bagou

Ms Annette Pham

Mr Chris Mitchell

Ms Jackie Kay

Mr Greg Coulthart


Others Present:

Melissa Andrews – Community Development Officer

Liliana Hutchinson – Social Infrastructure Planner

Ray Massie – Coast and estuaries Officer

Brad Davis – Manager – Asset Strategy





Apologies / Leave of Absence


An apology was received from Stephen Taylor, Clr Cheyne, Nola Stephens, Mel Gorman, Tom Dimec.



Confirmation of the Minutes

RESOLVED (Jackie Kay / Annette Pham)


That the Minutes of the Shoalhaven Access Advisory Committee held on Monday 21 August 2017 be confirmed.





Declarations of Interest







SAA17.37  Disability Inclusion Action Plan - Update

HPERM Ref: D17/264470

Melissa Andrews advised that she would email information to the members in relation to this matter.



SAA17.38  National Disability Insurance Scheme - Update by Mel Gorman, Spinal Cord Injuries Australia

HPERM Ref: D17/274265

Note: Mel Gorman was absent from the meeting and was unable to provide an update. This item was not discussed and is to be deferred to the next meeting.



SAA17.39  Accessibility of Beach Tracks for Wheelchair Users

HPERM Ref: D17/275250

Ray Massie – Coast and Estuaries Officer addressed the meeting and made the following comments.

As some of the members may be aware, beach access after significant storms can be damaged. The natural profile for sand is 1 in 3 and the standard for a 1 in 14 grade is wheelchair access.

When Ray started Council there was 320 beach access points and now council has 255. For Council to safely maintain these 255 access points has a budget of $180,000.

Most access points are built with low grade treated pine some built 30 years ago. To improve accessibility council would need to upgrade the bottom 10m of the access and the demands are challenging following storms and floods that change the sand profile.

Narrawallee is a good case, it has 10 beach access points. Theo mentioned the access point off Macleay Street as a viewing point within the policy.

Holiday Haven and Surf Clubs have been supportive with the use of wheelchairs ex Huskisson.

Annette Pham mentioned the beach access on the Gold Coast and that people travel to this area to use the beaches because of the accessibility. Once people are aware of it they will travel to the beach. Council could possibly form a Policy of which beaches to focus on to manage and complete suitable beach access infrastructure.

Brad Davis advised that Council has at Callala Beach Community Centre has compliant paths and has toilets, car parks, picnic tables, BBQ’s and a viewing platform.

Clr Findley suggested that the Committee and Council determine a priority list to focus on, for example Lions Park and Mollymook then have second priorities.

Melissa Andrews advised that she will send to the group a spreadsheet so the members can identify what beaches and facilities are currently being used and will bring the data to the next meeting.

Ray Massie said that he is happy to continue this as a working group to develop a policy or strategy, also could be aligned to Dog Policy or Whale Watching areas or walking tracks to minimise cost implications.


RESOLVED (By consent)

That a spreadsheet be distributed to members and prior to the next meeting the members complete the sheet as requested and return to Melissa Andrews.




SAA17.40  Liliana Hutchinson - Berry District Park

HPERM Ref: D17/340426

Liliana Hutchinson provided a verbal presentation in relation to the Berry District Park and made the following comments

·         Council has done a lot of community consultation on this project and Council has identified the opportunity for a lift and change facility at the park.

·         There are several sporting groups that will be using this park from cricket, football, netball etc. A Berry Community Group has raised funds to contribute to a Nature Play area. Once Council receives a detailed design on the nature play area a review will be requested from the Committee.

Clr Findley noted that the State Government has allocated $700,000 for the whole state for accessible playgrounds.






SAA17.41  Applications for Membership - Chris Mitchell and Kylie Knight

HPERM Ref: D17/280938



1.    Mr Chris Mitchell and Ms Kylie Knight be appointed as community members on the Shoalhaven Access Advisory Committee.

2.    Mr Mitchell and Ms Knight be notified of their appointments and be invited to all future meetings.


Recommendation (Gregory Coulthart / Jackie Kay)


1.    Mr Chris Mitchell and Ms Kylie Knight be appointed as community members on the Shoalhaven Access Advisory Committee.

2.    Mr Mitchell and Ms Knight be notified of their appointments and be invited to all future meetings.




SAA17.42  Action table

HPERM Ref: D17/362896

Melissa Andrews advised that the Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan is available on the intranet (internal only) and if any members would be interested in viewing a particular section it can be emailed. It entails 180km of path network over the whole Shoalhaven.

Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the Committee receive this report for information.


RESOLVED (Bill Deaves / Theo Bagou)

That the report regarding Action Table be received for information.




SAA17.34  Notification - Development Applications

HPERM Ref: D17/182826

It was noted that the Councillors could let the Committee members know if there are any relevant Development Applications (DA’s) that should be provided to the Committee be considered.

Arthur Ball offered to view the weekly listing that is available on Council’s public website and advise Melissa Andrews and other interested parties of any relevant DA’s.


Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the report – Notification, Development Applications - be deferred until the next meeting of the Committee on 20 November 2017.


RESOLVED (Bill Deaves / Theo Bagou)


1.      The report regarding Notification – Development Applications be received for information.

2.      The Committee accepts Arthur Ball’s offer to check the listing of DA’s and advise the Community Development Officer (Melissa Andrews) of items to be considered.




SAA17.35  Lift and Change Facilities

HPERM Ref: D17/373617

Council is conducting a survey of patrons at Nowra Aquatic Park and proposes to conduct the survey from April 2017 to March 2018 to gauge utilisation. Council will consider 2 WC toilets in the future lift and change rooms.

A goal would be to have Adult lift and  change facilities in all future major Council owned public buildings.

The Nowra Aquatic Centre will be running a promotional campaign about their services to advertise accessible features and will include the adult change facilities.

It was suggested that Council advertise the adult lift and change facilities especially to local providers of care for persons with disabilities.

Details are available on the national toilet map.


Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That when Council installs “adult lift and change facility” the room still complies with AS1428 design for access and mobility.



RESOLVED (Jackie Kay / Annette Pham)

That when Council installs “adult lift and change facility” it is to ensure that the room in which it is installed complies with AS1428 design for access and mobility.







Melissa Andrews addressed the meeting and advised the members that if they wish to bring any issue to the attention of Council, the most efficient way to get a more speedy response would be to report it to Council directly or via the Snap, Send, Solve mobile App via email and not wait until the next meeting.



SAA17.43  Additional Item - Ramp Access - Shoalhaven River near the old Sailing Club


Bill Deaves advised that there is a ramp leading onto a pontoon at the river near the former Nowra Sailing Club and that the ramp is too steep.


It was advised that the current ramp and structure is only temporary however there will be a permanent ramp and pontoon in that location in the future.



SAA17.44  Additional Item - Thank you letter to Council - Huskisson Sea Pool


Annette Pham thanked Council for building the steps into the Huskisson Sea Pool and the high standard of work of staff in maintaining the cleanliness of the pool.


RESOLVED (Annette Pham / Bill Deaves)

That a letter be sent to Council thanking the staff for building the steps into the Huskisson Sea Pool and acknowledge how well the pool is being maintained.




SAA17.45  Additional Item - Harry Sawkins Park Maintenance


Theo brought the attention to the following maintenance issues in Harry Sawkins Park.

·         The Bridge is rotting and requires attention

·         The tables at the park are too high

o   Brad Davis advised that there are 32 bench seats in the park and for environmental reasons new infrastructure is placed at ground level

o   A direction for Council would be to consider regional icon parks which means that Council may need to reduce its assets and consider quality parks not quantity

o   At the next meeting Brad will provide a priority list of where toilet facilities are to be considered.



SAA17.46  Additional Item - Service NSW - Facilities


Jackie Kay advised that she had sent an email to Council advising that she was unable to access toilet facilities at Service NSW and that customers are being sent to the Spotlight Building.


RESOLVED (By consent)

That a letter be sent to Shelley Hancock advising that there are not accessible facilities at the South Nowra Service NSW Centre and they need to provide this service to the public.




SAA17.47  Additional Item - Toilet Facilities Nowra Mall


Jackie Kay advised that the accessible toilet at Nowra Mall is always locked and that when a patron needs to use it, that the cleaner needs to be located to unlock the toilet.


RESOLVED (By consent)

That a letter be sent to the owners of the Nowra Mall requesting that the accessible toilet facilities remain unlocked for easier access to use the facilities and that it is against regulations to have these toilets locked.




SAA17.48  Additional Item - Development /Compliance Staff

RESOLVED (By consent)

That a staff member from the Development and/or Compliance section of Council be invited to attend all meetings of the Shoalhaven Access Advisory Committee to make comment on any compliance issues that are raised.




SAA17.49  Additional Item - Bollards - Junction and Berry Streets


Greg Coulthart advised that the Bollards near the crossings at Junction and Berry Streets are very close to the access ramp and need to be investigated as to options to improve access.


Brad Davis advised that he is happy to meet Greg onsite to discuss the issue.



SAA17.50  Additional Item - Shoalhaven Transport drop off areas


Brad Davis advised that Shoalhaven Transport is having some problems with dropping off some of its customers to various facilities.


Brad Davis will contact the Committee requesting the members to identify 2 areas/sites and will report it back.






There being no further business, the meeting concluded, the time being 12.43pm.



Clr Alldrick