Minutes of the Aboriginal Advisory Committee



Meeting Date:     Monday, 6 November 2017

Location:            Jervis Bay Room, City Administrative Centre, Bridge Road, Nowra

Time:                   4:07pm



The following members were present:


Ms Sue-Anne Cutmore - Chairperson

Clr Nina Cheyne

Clr Mark Kitchener

Clr John Levett

Ms Valda Corrigan

Mr Shane Brown

Mr Noel Wellington

Ms Pat Lester

Ms Leonie Ebzery

Ms Sylvia Timbery

Ms Leslie Halls

Mr Paul McLeod


Others Present:


Clr John Wells

Margaret Simoes – Aboriginal Community Development Officer

Ms Bonnie Hittman – Senior Strategic Planner

Mr John Armstrong – Illawarra Academy of Sport




Apologies / Leave of Absence


Apologies received from Charlie Ashby, Sharlene Criukshank, Clr White, Janet Atkins, Christine Finney



Confirmation of the Minutes

RESOLVED (Leslie Halls / Sylvia Timbery)


That the Minutes of the Aboriginal Advisory Committee held on Monday 11 September 2017 be confirmed.






Declarations of Interest







AA17.22     President - Illawarra Academy of Sport

HPERM Ref: D17/360792

Clr Wells provided a verbal presentation in relation to the Illawarra Academy of Sport (IAS). The following points were made.

·         Clr Wells introduced himself as the President of the IAS and Mr John Armstrong as the CEO of the IAS

·         The Presentation was in relation to what the IAS is, what the IAS does and is here to find ways to better engage the Aboriginal community.

·         The IAS was first established in 1985 and was the first regional Academy of Sport in Australia

·         The IAS comprises of 5 Illawarra Councils being, Shoalhaven, Kiama, Shellharbour, Wollongong and Wingecarribee. These are the founding members of the Academy.

·         The NSW Office of Sport (the old Sport and Rec) under a program of agreement to provide services to the Illawarra. The IAS has a number of corporate and private sponsors provide support to the IAS which is a not for profit organisation and all the funding is spent of the athletes.

·         The IAS provides training and education development opportunities for athletes that can go on to represent at Regional, State and National level.

·         The scholarship opportunities for ages 13-18 are not just in sport but the program also provides a strong educational component on injury management, drugs in sport, diet and nutrition

·         A further component of the IAS is to contribute to Community Service via a number of Charitable organisations such as Red Shield Appeal and Clean up Australia Day

·         The IAS is committed to the development of the holistic athlete by providing elite training in sport specific skill development, athletic movement performance as well as an elite sports education curriculum.

·         The 2018 Scholarships have just been announced and the IAS has inducted 168 athletes and 5 of which are Torres Strait Islander or Aboriginal descent.

·         We want to get more Aboriginal Children to apply for scholarships, we want to know who are the key stakeholders in the community and who do we discuss the opportunities with.

·         We want to become more engaged in the community and want to know the best way to educate the Aboriginal children and their parents about the availability of the scholarships.

Q: How does it get advertised?

A: Through local media and IAS website

Suggestion: Pamphlets placed in local Aboriginal Services and schools through the Aboriginal Education Officers. There also needs to be a push from local clubs and associations. You could also have a presence at the NAIDOC day.

Note: Margaret will keep in touch with the IAS and provide options which have been brought from the AAC and Community.



AA17.23     Progress update on the Action Plan Framework


Bonnie Hittman (Senior Social Planner) provided a verbal report on the Action Plan Framework (See Attached).

The committee discussed options for the Aboriginal Advisory Committee Action Plan framework:

1.      Reconciliation Action Plan

2.      Develop a plan based around the Integrated Strategic Plan

3.      Develop a plan incorporating Collaborate NSW, Local Government and Aboriginal communities working together. A resource kit for Local Government

Note: Leonie Ebzery and Sylvia Timbery left the meeting 5.03pm


RESOLVED (By consent)

That Aboriginal Advisory Committee:

1.      Agreed to develop the AAC Action Plan based on the framework of the Collaborate NSW

2.      Hold a workshop in 2018 to discuss a way forward with the Action Plan framework.







AA17.21     Aboriginal Advisory Committee Action Report

HPERM Ref: D17/349502

Note: Noel Wellington provided a verbal report in relation to the Local Government Aboriginal Network Conference (See Attached).

Clr Levett who also attended the conference is submitting a report to the November Strategy and Assets Meeting.

A video presentation was made in relation to the Wagirra Murray River Experience.

Note: Shane Brown left 5.50pm during video presentation.

Note: It was reported that the MOU for the Level 2, Arts Centre Meeting Room was extened to 2018.

Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)


1.    The Aboriginal Advisory Committee receives the Progress Action Plan report

2.    The Aboriginal Advisory Committee discuss and consider any further actions from the Progress Action Plan report.


RESOLVED (Valda Corrigan / Clr Levett)


1.      The Aboriginal Advisory Committee receives the Progress Action Plan report for information

2.      A workshop be held to further discuss and consider any further actions from the Progress Action Plan and report back to the committee on the outcomes of the Workshop.

3.      The Aboriginal Advisory Committee provide this presentation (Wagirra Murray River Experience Walking Trail) to the Councillors

4.      Council investigate the project that Albury is conducting on the Wagirra Murray River Experience and provide feedback on how the Shoalhaven can utilise the Shoalhaven River for a similar project.






The following announcements were made:


·         The Queens Baton Relay will be held in Nowra on Monday 5 February from 4.00-8.00pm, and Margaret will be in contact with the AAC on how can we involve the Elders to be part of the ceremony.

·         Council’s Australia Day Awards has introduced 2 new categories this year being:

o   Outstanding Contribution to an Inclusive Shoalhaven (for people of all abilities, ages and/or cultures).

o   Outstanding Contributions to the Environment

·         Margaret thanked the AAC members for their work, support and commitment to the Committee and the Community.

·         The Committee thanked Margaret in return.





There being no further business, the meeting concluded, the time being 6.18pm.



Ms Sue-Anne Cutmore