Aboriginal Advisory Committee



Meeting Date:     Monday, 06 November, 2017

Location:            Jervis Bay Room, City Administrative Centre, Bridge Road, Nowra



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AA17.23     Progress update on the Action Plan Framework

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AA17.21     Aboriginal Advisory Committee Action Report

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Aboriginal Advisory Committee – Monday 06 November 2017

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Aboriginal Advisory Committee Action Plan Priority Areas


1)   Develop a profile of the local Aboriginal Community that identifies the needs and areas that Shoalhaven City Council can support

2)   Review current Aboriginal community employment opportunities with Shoalhaven City Council and develop an Aboriginal Employment Strategy for the next three- five years.

3)   Ensure the cultural, social and economic experience and needs of Aboriginal people are embedded and included in the planning, policies and practices of Council

4)   Ensure that Council engages with Aboriginal people  in culturally appropriate ways

5)   Develop an Aboriginal Cultural Tourism Strategy together with local Aboriginal people

6)   Undertake a cultural mapping project of the Shoalhaven to identify cultural heritage and guide Cultural Tourism

7)   Advance the development and implementation of the Coolangatta Mountain (Cullunghutti) Plan of management to better protect and promote understanding of cultural values and history

8)   Develop a  Reconciliation Action Plan










Requirements of Each Framework

Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) - Federal

Collaborate NSW

Community Strategic Plan - SCC


1.   RAP Working Group (RWG) actively monitors RAP development and implementation

2.   Celebrate National Reconciliation Week (NRW) to strengthen and maintain relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees and other employees and to build relationships in the community

3.   Maintain and leverage mutually beneficial relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, communities and organisations to support positive outcomes

4.   Raise internal and external awareness of our RAP to promote reconciliation across our business and sector

5.   Other unique opportunities


6.   Increase knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres strait Islander cultures, histories and achievements

7.   Demonstrate respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities by emb3edding cultural protocols as part of the way our organisation functions

8.   Celebrate NAIDOC Week and provide opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff to engage with culture and community during NAIDOC Week

9.   Celebrate NAIDOC Week and provide opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff to engage with culture and community during NAIDOC Week

10. Other unique opportunities


11. Embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment strategy in organisation wide HR policies and procedures

12. Embed supplier diversity principles in organisation wide procurement policies and procedures

13. Other unique opportunities

Supporting Aboriginal participation in local government

·    Organising briefing sessions for potential candidates

·    Training and supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander councillors

·    Mentoring

·    Aboriginal Advisory / Consultative Committees

Council Services

·    Promoting access to council services

·    Land use planning and management

·    Community Land Management

·    Co-management of illegal dumping on Aboriginal land

·    LALCs development aspirations and planning issues

Aboriginal heritage and languages

·    Aboriginal heritage legislation

·    Helpful resources

·    Aboriginal languages

Economic development

·    Initiatives

Strategic Community Engagement

·    Community Engagement Strategy

·    Potential channels and forums for community participation and engagement

Formal agreements between councils and Aboriginal peoples

·    NSW Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP)

·    Statement of Commitment

·    Memorandum of Understanding

·    Leasing agreements and site deed agreements

Workforce planning and community engagement

·    Aboriginal council employees

·    Aboriginal employment programs and initiatives

CSP Themes and Key Priorities

1.   Resilient, safe and inclusive communities

1.1 Build inclusive, safe and connected communities

1.2 Activate communities through arts, culture and events

1.3 Support active and healthy communities

2.   Sustainable, liveable environments

2.1 Improve and maintain road and transport infrastructure

2.2 Plan and manage appropriate and sustainable development

2.3 Protect and showcase the natural environment

3.   Prosperous Communities

3.1 Maintain and grow a robust economy with vibrant towns and villages

4.   Responsible governance

4.1 Deliver reliable services that meet daily community needs

4.2 Provide advocacy and transparent leadership through effective government and administration

4.3 Inform and engage with the community about the decisions that affect their lives




Aboriginal Advisory Committee – Monday 06 November 2017

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