Youth Advisory Committee



Meeting Date:     Wednesday, 18 October, 2017

Location:            Jervis Bay Rooms, City Administrative Centre, Bridge Road, Nowra

Time:                   10.00 am



Please note: Council’s Code of Meeting Practice permits the electronic recording and broadcast of the proceedings of meetings of the Council which are open to the public. Your attendance at this meeting is taken as consent to the possibility that your image and/or voice may be recorded and broadcast to the public.





1.    Election of Chairperson (every meeting)

2.    Acknowledgement and Welcome to Country

3.    Apologies

4.    Confirmation of Minutes

·      Youth Advisory Committee - 26 July 2017................................................................... 1

5.    Declarations of Interest    

6.    Reports

YA17.22...... Community Members - Positions to be Declared Vacant - Progress Committee Membership.................................................................................................... 7                    

7.    General Business

YA17.23...... International Youth Day Awards 2017 Discussions

YA17.24...... Youth Week Update and Discussions


 Youth Advisory Committee – Wednesday 18 October 2017

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Chairperson – Appointed by Committee at each meeting

All Councillors

Jonah Allen

Scott Castelnoble

Dean Naylor-Clark

Chris Farley

Shannon Karger

Kimberley Peat

Member for Gilmore – Ann Sudmalis MP or nominee (Federal Member of Parliament)

Member for Kiama – Gareth Ward MP or nominee

Member for South Coast – Shelley Hancock MP or nominee Jacob Williams

Representatives from Shoalhaven Local Area Command NSW Police

Sanctuary Point Youth & Community Centre

Bay and Basin Community Resources

Regional Development Australia

Shoalhaven Business Chamber

330 Squadron Australian Air Force Cadets

2 voting representatives from each local High School



Purpose and delegated authority

To represent the interests and views of young people to Council and the Community in accordance with the delegation set out below:

·           To advise and recommend to Council staff on matters of an operational nature and implement policy relating to the interests and views of young people and/or within adopted budgets;

·           To recommend to Council on policy matters and other matters not able to be delegated by Council;

·           To provide recommendations to Council on Strategic and Financial directions relating to Youth in the Shoalhaven;

·           To commit expenditure up to the limits determined by Council, including grant funding.






Minutes of the Youth Advisory Committee



Meeting Date:     Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Location:            Jervis Bay Rooms, City Administrative Centre, Bridge Road, Nowra

Time:                   10.08 am



The following members were present:


Clr Patricia White - Chairperson

Clr Nina Cheyne

Alyson Green – Shoalhaven High School

Jordan Mlotkouski – Shoalhaven High School

Nathan Harris - Shoalhaven High School

Abbey Jackson - Shoalhaven High School

Sophie Dobell - Shoalhaven High School

Imogen Hemsley – Ulladulla High School

Patrick Armstrong - Ulladulla High School

Jack Skinner - Ulladulla High School

Christabella Herbert-Smith - Ulladulla High School

Bonnie Marshall – Office of Ann Sudmalis


Others present:

Donna Corbyn – Youth Development Officer

Lily Hatcher – Regional Development Australia

Claire Fisher – Grand Pacific Health

Patricia David – Unions Shoalhaven

Fay Lewis – Unions Shoalhaven



Nathan Harris gave the Acknowledgement to Country




Apologies / Leave of Absence


An apology was received from Clr Levett, Clr Pakes and Ann Sudmalis.



Confirmation of the Minutes

RESOLVED (By consent)

That the Minutes of the Youth Advisory Committee held on Wednesday 03 May 2017 be confirmed.





Declarations of Interest


Clr White provided background information in relation to what a declaration is and an example of when a declaration should be made.


Students of Ulladulla High School – YA17.18 - Youth Advisory Committee Budget Allocations from Planning Day 2017 – pecuniary interest declaration – an Item in the budget relates to funding at Ulladulla High School – remained in the room but did not take part in discussion or vote.


Lily Hatcher (RDA) – YA17.18 - Youth Advisory Committee Budget Allocations from Planning Day 2017 – pecuniary interest declaration – an Item in the budget relates to funding for an event run by RDA – remained in the room but did not take part in discussion or vote.





YA17.17     Unions Shoalhaven - Youth Unemployment

HPERM Ref: D17/229615

Clr White introduced Patricia David and Fay Lewis from Unions Shoalhaven who provided a Q & A for the members of the Committee.

The following points were raised and discussed during the Q & A presentation.

Patricia David is the Secretary for Unions Shoalhaven which is a recognised District Committee of the South Coast and would like to hear from the Youth Advisory Committee on what they see as the most important issues in relation to unemployment.

Q: Does anyone know what the Youth unemployment figures are for the Shoalhaven?

A: The figures for youth unemployment are 25.4%

Which is the highest average in NSW, it’s an alarming figure.

At Unions Shoalhaven we offer support by providing information for rights at work (handed out leaflets for information on minimum wage) and what is not ok in the workplace. Many young people we have spoken to have not been given any information in relation to the award rates they are being paid nor payslips. This is a major problem in the Shoalhaven along with transport issues.

It was raised and highlighted at last weeks expo that there is nowhere to go for support – A student raised that a first point of contact could be the parents to help resolve the problem.

A good example of what can be achieved is a Youth worker in the Illawarra was being offered a low rate of pay. This person starting voicing opinions on social media which other people from the community contributed and then Fair Work approached the businesses which were found to be not be doing the right thing and were ordered to back pay the people effected.

We would like to return to the YAC meetings in the future in relation to seeking employment and show the paths to take. We have been asked to take part in the Shoalhaven River Festival and will have a lot of information at this event. Unions Shoalhaven can be contacted via email.

Unions Shoalhaven would like to reach out and offer assistance if the YAC have any questions.

Fay Lewis – Coordinator for Unions Shoalhaven held a discussion and the following matters were raised and discussed.

Q: Who here at the YAC have a part time job? – Some students acknowledged

Fay distributed a leaflet on wages and rates of awards. Fay advised that you shouldn’t be offered a trial for employment without being paid for that trial.

A question was asked about the age group for the unemployment rate that was mentioned. A: 18-24 years.

Q - Fay:Why do you think that other towns have different statistics?

Student A: No qualifications which bring the rate down

Q - Fay: How many present are planning to go to University or Tafe? A: most responded yes and said that maybe doing a part time job will assist with fees and lifestyle etc

Fay stated that some people have to travel to complete different components of apprenticeships and/or University degrees/qualifications

Tourism industry jobs such as cafes, cleaning etc don’t offer qualifications

Fay stated that no one present is representing non school aged youth on the YAC. Staff advised that there are non school aged youth members however none are present at this meeting.

Fay asked is any siblings of the members present are unemployed? No response from students however the Teacher of Ulladulla High School made the following comments:

  • Not finishing high school and/or university with pressure to maintain living, seeing more students drop out of university.
  • Innovation like slow food movement in the southern Shoalhaven and small business
  • People are coming to the south for the love of food and pristine environment
  • Farmers have market gardens etc
  • We need funding for clever innovation
  • People come for a personalised tourist experience
  • People are developing their own skills through innovation and we need clever innovative funding

Fay asked for those that are working part time, are you happy with your current working conditions? A response was, sometimes the pays can get mixed up but mostly happy.

Fay asked if the YAC thought that there are many others in the community that face the same situation? Response was, possibly but we would ask our parents first.

Fay asked: do you think that there is enough sufficient information out there about fair work conditions? Response was, yes possibly.

Fays stated that Unions Shoalhaven could be the point of contact via email if you are not confident approaching employer directly.

Fay stated that media is a great way to interact and get the point across, do you feel the need for a Facebook page or information access point? Possibly Council could take on?

Staff advised that Council produces information updated every 12 months with contact details

Bonnie (Representing Ann Sudmalis) stated that both Union Shoalhaven representatives are members of the Labour party and here on behalf of Union Shoalhaven and should consider making a declaration of interest. Q: Where did Union Shoalhaven get the unemployment figure from? A: it came from the departments publication from 29/5/17. Q: And the figure for the decline in apprenticeships? A: not sure but its an official figure.

Clr White advised that the 25.4% figure stated by Union Shoalhaven isn’t just the figure for Shoalhaven, it actually takes into account the whole “South Coast” being from Kiama area to parts of Eurobodalla. 75% of the Shoalhaven is parks and forest which leaves 25% of the space in Shoalhaven for employment opportunities. There are lots of reasons why there is issues with unemployment. Clr Gartner and Clr White have an innovative idea of an electric bus that runs up and down the coast. Also Greg Pullen from Economic Development Section does a great job here trying to find jobs.

Bonnie stated that have all the initiatives on the sites or contact careers advisors ot go to an employment agency.

Donna Corbyn advised that one of the largest growing industries in the Shoalhaven is aged care with many opportunities and careers.






YA17.18     Youth Advisory Committee Budget Allocations from Planning Day 2017

HPERM Ref: D17/215547

Donna Corbyn thanked Helen Waterhouse and Margaret Simoes for running the planning day in her absence, they did a great job to line up the financial year.

Note: Clr Cheyne left the meeting at 11.09am


Students of Ulladulla High School – pecuniary interest declaration – an Item in the budget relates to funding at Ulladulla High School – remained in the room but did not take part in discussion or vote.


Lily Hatcher (RDA) – pecuniary interest declaration – an Item in the budget relates to funding for an event run by RDA – remained in the room but did not take part in discussion or vote.

The YAC discussed the attached table of applications and alterations were made

Action – Donna Corbyn

Note: In relation to the applications from various organisations, when sending the funds, advise that the students were reluctant to approve some request based on the information provided in the application.


RESOLVED (By consent)

That in relation to the application for funding from Inspire Australia Foundation (John Lamont) that this application be referred to the Economic Development Section.



RESOLVED (By consent)

That in accordance with the Committee’s delegated authority from Council, that the Youth Advisory Committee resolve to discuss and finalise funds from their budget to projects as stated in the attached table.







YA17.19     Youth Advisory Committee - Amendment - Terms of Reference


The Committee discussed the age limits in the Terms of Reference and made the following recommendation.


Recommendation (By consent)

That Council amend the Terms of Reference to reflect the age to read from Year 9 and above to 24 years of age.






YA17.20     Business Arising from Previous Minutes

The Committee discussed the following points which were updates from the previous minutes:

  • Park Run
    • There is a shared user path being constructed that could be used for a park run type of event.
    • Needs to have parking and toilet facilities available – if it started at Tabourie there wouldn’t be traffic management required.
    • Clr White advised that the path will be continued from the entrance to the caravan park
    • It was suggested that for bike riders it would be preferred that the path were concrete
    • Clr White advised that every year Council receives funding from RMS for path funding, there is a major project at the moment to continue the path from Matron Porter Drive to Narrawallee
    • It was suggested that the YAC write to Shelley Hancock to include it in future budgets

·         Youth Week Awards

    • Shoalhaven’s Youth Week Program is a finalist for a Local Government 2017 award, staff and Councillor White will be attending the awards next week

·         International Youth Day Awards

    • Need to set another date that doesn’t conflict with end of year celebrations and Arts Awards
    • Nominated date – Thursday 2 November 2017
    • Any YAC members that would like to assist on the night please advise Donna Corbyn
  • Youth Week letter to the Minister has been put on hold for now as the funding will be provided at State Level an announcement will be made soon.
  • Helen Waterhouse advised that transitioning School students discussed university. She discussed with Robbie Collins (UOW) on ways to keep classes new and interesting and ways to interact who is willing to come to the YAC to do a presentation but needs to know what you want her to talk about. An informal chat about University and a few different ways of entry eg. Mature age students, post grad etc.
    • RDA to coordinate speakers to attend the next meeting
  • Action – Donna Corbyn: The cross country bike track is not on Council land and is on Ulladulla LALC land therefore a letter to be sent to them as it’s a bit overgrown and needs maintenance.
  • The pool cover would not retain the heat when put on at night and would need an enclosure over the pool
  • Helen updated on Livvis Place – Council is holding a fundraiser – the project is running on schedule and should be open in October, hopeful that the YAC can be present at the opening. Fundraising lunch will be held at the Mollymook SLSC Sunday 20 August 2017

Clr White advised that at last nights Council meeting a group of young students from Team Shuffle did a presentation and were supported financially by Council to go to London for a Challenge. There was 32,000 entries from all over the world and Team Shuffle won an award for the most cooperative and friendly team and came back in the top 20.

Action: Donna to arrange a presentation from Team Shuffle at the next meeting




YA17.21     Grand Pacific Health - Healthy Lifestyle Initiative


Claire from Grand Pacific Health putting out enquiries for what constitutes a healthy lifestyle?

YAC members responded: Finding a hobby or sport and eating well

How much of this do you do at school/other education if not doing PDHPE? Year 12 have the opportunity to not participate in sport.

Grand Pacific Health can provide a presentation and provide dietitians etc that can go to the schools and present – talk about mental strength in sport






There being no further business, the meeting concluded, the time being 12.21pm.



Clr White







 Youth Advisory Committee – Wednesday 18 October 2017

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YA17.22     Community Members - Positions to be Declared Vacant - Progress Committee Membership


HPERM Ref:       D17/299344


Group:                Finance Corporate & Community Services Group 

Section:              Human Resources, Governance & Customer Service




Purpose / Summary

To advise the Youth Advisory Committee that the Community Member Positions are to be determined vacant and to seek a  preferred way forward for the Committee.




1.    The Youth Advisory Committee Community Member positions be determined vacant

2.    That future meeting times and days be determined

3.    Update the terms of reference to reflect the new Community Member Positions

4.    Call for nominations from the Youth Community Sector




1.    As recommended

Implications: This will require a change in the terms of reference and the positions will be determined vacant.


2.    That the terms of reference remain the same and Council advertise for the vacant Community Member positions

Implications: Advertising costs; advertisements are called for in the South Coast Register and Milton Ulladulla Times newspapers Councils webpage and facebook; the time and day of the meeting may continue to be an issue for attendance.


3.    The Youth Advisory Committee determine an alternate recommendation

Implications: unknown



Shoalhaven City Council wrote to the Community Members of the Youth Advisory Committee on 19 July 2017.  The Community Members have not attended meetings since prior to 2015.  The Community Members were asked to respond to the letter by Thursday 31 August 2017 and the letter stated that if no response was received the memberships would be considered void.  No response has been received.

The Youth Advisory Committees Terms of Reference state that Youth Community Members are year 9 – 24 years of age.  It has been investigated and all of the Youth Community Members with the exception of Jonah Allen, are believed to be of 24 years or older at this time.

It is also believed the timing of the meetings are a contributing factor in relation to community members attendance at meetings.  It is believed that at the completion of schooling, the members have sought work or university or moved etc and are unable to attend meetings at 10.30am on a Wednesday.


Community Engagement

If Council advertises the vacant positions, it will be advertised in the South Coast Register, Milton Ulladulla Times and Targeted Youth Facebook pages.


If Council calls for nominations from the Youth Community Sector Council will write to businesses that are directly connected to the local  young people and their interests and ask for expressions of interest.


Policy Implications

Depending on the option selected, it may require amendments to the Youth Advisory Committee Terms of Reference.


Financial Implications

If Council advertises the vacant positions, there will be financial implications to advertise in the South Coast Register, Milton Ulladulla Times and Targeted Youth Facebook pages.