Minutes of the Nowra CBD Revitalisation Strategy Committee



Meeting Date:     Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Location:            Jervis Bay Rooms, City Administrative Centre, Bridge Road, Nowra

Time:                   4.03pm



The following members were present:


Mr James Caldwell - Chairperson

Ms Annie Aldous

Mr Scott Baxter

Ms Lynnette Kearney

Mr Gordon Clark – Delegate for Director, Planning Environment and Development

Mr Tony Fraser – Acting Director Assets and Works


Others Present:

Clr Gash

Clr White

Russ Pigg – General Manager

Tom Dimec – Assets Manager

Sara McMahon – Governance Unit Manager

Jessica Volkanovski – Strategic Planner

Peter Russell – Integrity Real Estate




Apologies / Leave of Absence


Apologies were received from Sivan Mayhew, Clr Pakes, Brendan Goddard, Luke Sikora and George Parker



Confirmation of the Minutes

RESOLVED (By consent)


That the Minutes of the Nowra CBD Revitalisation Strategy Committee held on Wednesday 9 August 2017 and Wednesday 20 September 2017 be confirmed.








CBD17.28  Junction Street Markets - Update by Peter Russell

HPERM Ref: D17/127771

Peter Russell provided an update on the Junction Street Markets and the follow points were made:

·         It is not feasible to hold the markets and after speaking with several parties no one is prepared to take on the markets given the cost per stall.

·         Some stall holders are prepared to pay between $50-$80

·         It would cost over $8500 per event and traffic management would also need to be arranged and the organisers would be left with minimal profit

·         Berry makes approximately $24,000 and Kiama approximately $20,000

·         The Riverfest stalls have increased in price (food stall $500)

·         The DA approved for 90 stalls in junction street, and Jelly Bean Park 25 stalls

·         The total revenue is approximately $8500, taking into consideration traffic management

·         The insurance would cost approximately $800-$1200

James Caldwell asked if Peter could see a way forward to markets for the CBD. The response was not likely.

James Caldwell thanked Peter for the update and requested the information to be submitted in writing for circulation and Peter agreed.






CBD17.41  Nowra CBD Revitalisation Strategy - Budget and Projects Update

HPERM Ref: D17/292705

The Budget update was tabled at the meeting included the 2 applications for funding under the access improvement program.

An email was sent to all members of the Committee requesting voting of part 2. of the recommendation below. Seven responses were received. The following committee members voted in favour of part 2. of the recommendation:

George Parker

Luke Sikora

James Caldwell

Phil Costello

Annie Aldous

Brendan Goddard

Lyn Kearney

Parts 1. & 3. were discussed and voted on at the meeting scheduled for 11 October 2017

RESOLVED (By consent)

That the Committee,

2.    With respect to the Access Improvement Program applications:

a)   Support the application for 74 Kinghorne Street up to a value of $3,000.

b)   Support the application for 82 Junction Street up to a value of $2,287.



RESOLVED (By consent)

That the Committee:

1.    Accept the general Budget and Projects Update report for information.

3.    Allocate $2,500 to enable a local artist to produce new panels for the laneway adjacent to the Art Centre.




CBD17.42  Pedestrian Counters in the Nowra CBD

HPERM Ref: D17/289560

It was noted that this report was submitted by Brendan who was not present. The Counters need power, some counters can be run on wifi however are more expensive.

This report to be deferred to the next meeting.

Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the Nowra CBD Revitalisation Strategy Committee:

1.    Discuss the issue of pedestrian counters in the Nowra CBD.

2.    Request a full historical analysis report on the current CBD pedestrian counter be provided to the Committee.


RESOLVED (By consent)

That the report regarding Pedestrian Counters in the Nowra CBD be deferred to the next meeting.




CBD17.43  Infrastructure Sub-committee Footpath Update

HPERM Ref: D17/291863

The Infrastructure Sub-Committee met and discussed the footpath on the western side of Berry Street, between Junction and Worrigee Streets.

The follow points were made in relation to rehabilitation of the footpath:

·         Consider asking adjoining owners for contribution

·         Identify more than one area, which owners willing to contribute

·         Have another walk around to identify areas requiring an upgrade

Action: Infrastructure SubCommittee to meet, in relation to possible projects including review of previous completed projects. The Acting Director – Assets and Works will organise a time and date.

RESOLVED (By consent)


1.      The Committee consider the information provided by the Infrastructure Sub-Committee regarding CBD footpaths;

2.      Council send a letter to Australia Post regarding the stairs that are blocked (Director – Assets and Works)

3.      The General Manager (Director – Assets and Works) provide indicative costs for footpath rehabilitation based on completed jobs




CBD17.44  Stewart Place Modifications

HPERM Ref: D17/320280

This item was raised by Scott Baxter who mentioned it prior to Ben Stewart resigning, in relation to the galvanised railings not being painted the same colour as other street furniture in the CBD. Suggested that Stewart Place was not consistent with the DCP and it should have been painted the same as the CBD.


Would like to open a general discussion about the modifications to Stewart Place


Recommendation (By consent)

That Council undertake works in relation to the painting of the galvanised railings in the Stewart place carpark the same colour as the CBD pot plants and furniture in Jelly Bean Park.




CBD17.45  Claude Neon Seating

HPERM Ref: D17/326402

It was noted that the seating does not reflect the CBD design and concept.

It is also a safety question of the seats located near the roundabout. Does the insurance cover when the seats are in breach?

RESOLVED (By consent)


1.      The Claude Neon seating reflect the Council design guidelines.

2.      The Acting Director Assets and Works will organise an on site meeting in a few weeks to look at designs – possibly turning seats into planter boxes with their signs placed on them.

3.      A report will be submitted to the next meeting in relation to this matter.




CBD17.46  Christmas Trees

HPERM Ref: D17/327002

The Committee held a discussion in relation to the Christmas Trees and the following points were made:

·         Clr White and Lynette Kearney are investigating a range of options for a Christmas Tree promotion in the CBD called “Bringing Christmas back to the CBD”. Good feedback is being received.

·         Shops are encouraged to participate with suggested advertising on seats be a prize

·         Clr Gash suggested have some carolers

·         Christmas flags will go on display

·         Clr White and Lynette Kearney will come back to the Committee with further details of the promotion.

·         Proceed with the information from the supplier

RESOLVED (By consent)


1.      The report received from the Christmas Promotions sub committee be accepted and approved.

2.      Gordon Clark to report back to the Committee on the cost per pole for the flag raising system.




CBD17.47  Council funding of Flags for the "yes" group in the forthcoming postal vote

HPERM Ref: D17/327023

The Chairperson and members raised concerns in relation to the decision to allow “Rainbow Flags” to be flown in the CBD by the Gilmore for Marriage Equality Group.

The General Manager responded to the enquiries and advised that the decision was in accordance with the resolution of the Council of January 2017 – which gave public support to the Marriage Equality Group and confirmed that the Group had paid for the production of the signs. The costs of installation was less than $200.

RESOLVED (Lynnette Kearney / Annie Aldous)


1.      The report from the General Manager to the Committee explaining the funding arrangement for the flags for the “yes” group be received for information.

2.      A Protocol be developed in relation to the communication between Council Staff and the CBD Committee (on a regular basis) with respect to promotions and banners.




CBD17.48  Proposed amendments to car parking at Haigh Avenue

HPERM Ref: D17/327032

It was noted that this is partly a development issue and the car park is not owned by Council.

RESOLVED (By consent)

That the Nowra CBD Business Chamber be asked to comment and make recommendations in relation to the current Development Proposal which alters the car parking arrangements near the previous Uncle Pete’s Toys Building in Haigh Avenue.







CBD17.49  Additional Item - Resignation of Sivan Mayhew and Membership appointment


It was noted that Sivan had sent notice to Council that she can no longer attend the Nowra CBD Meetings and submitted a resignation.


It was also noted that as part of the previous round of membership appointments Wesley Hindmarsh was advised that if a position became available Council would notify him.

Recommendation (Annie Aldous / Lynnette Kearney)

That Council:

1.      Accept the resignation from Sivan Mayhew; and

2.      Invite Wesley Hindmarsh to become a member of the Nowra CBD Revitalisation Strategy Committee.






CBD17.50  Additional Item - Alternate Membership Report


George Parker has advised that due to various reasons he may be unable to attend some of the future meetings and wished to send an alternate member in his place.


The committee discussed this and would support being able to send an alternate if they were unable to attend.

RESOLVED (By consent)

That a report be submitted to the Committee in relation to the appointment of an alternate member for the Committee members.








There being no further business, the meeting concluded, the time being 5.55pm.



Mr James Caldwell