Ordinary Meeting



Meeting Date:    Tuesday, 28 March, 2017

Location:            Council Chambers, City Administrative Building, Bridge Road, Nowra

Time:                   5:00pm



Membership (Quorum - 7)

All Councillors





Addendum Agenda


Mayoral Minute

MM17.4....... Mayoral Minute - Queen's Baton Relay 2018 announcement....................... 1

MM17.5....... Mayoral Minute - Congratulations to Council Staff - Carmel Krogh, Liberty Nelson & Kaitlyn Bell...................................................................................................... 3

MM17.6....... Mayoral Minute - Traffic Calming in Anson Street, St Georges Basin.......... 4

MM17.7....... Mayoral Minute - Coomea Street, Bomaderry............................................... 5

Committee Reports

CL17.92....... Report of the Shoalhaven Heads Estuary Taskforce - 20 March 2017........ 6

SH17.1........ Progress Update on Taskforce Resolutions

SH17.5........ Review of Objectives


CL17.93....... Tenders - Shoalhaven Animal Shelter Construction...................................... 8 

Confidential Reports        

CCL17.12.... Tenders – Shoalhaven Animal Shelter Construction

Local Government Act - Section 10A(2)(d)(i) - Commercial information of a confidential nature that would, if disclosed prejudice the commercial position of the person who supplied it.

There is a public interest consideration against disclosure of information as disclosure of the information could reasonably be expected to impact the ability of Council to attract competitive tenders in the future.





Addendum Agenda - Ordinary Meeting – Tuesday 28 March 2017

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MM17.4      Mayoral Minute - Queen's Baton Relay 2018 announcement


HPERM Ref:      D17/80400





That Council endorses and receives the report for information.




The Endless Summer Pool party held at the Nowra Aquatic Park on Sunday, 5 May 2017 was a slight ruse for the fantastic announcement that Nowra will host the Queens Baton relay on its way to the Commonwealth Games to be held on the Gold Coast in April 2018.

The eyes of the Commonwealth will be on the Shoalhaven, in particular Nowra on Monday, 5 February 2018 as the Baton journeys towards its final destination.

On Monday, 13 March, Commonwealth Day, The Queen’s Baton Relay takes a message from Her Majesty The Queen around the Commonwealth travelling for 388 days and 230,000 kilometres.  The Commonwealth Games do not officially open until this message has been read out.

In Australia the Baton will travel for 100 days through every state and territory, showcasing Australia’s history, culture, traditions, geography and people to the world and will have approximately 3800 batonbearers.  The GC2018 Relay has been designed to be inclusive and accessible, giving as many people as possible an opportunity to spend quality time with the Baton.

The QBR is a longstanding Games tradition and the ultimate symbol of the Commonwealth Games. Since the Cardiff 1958 British Empire and Commonwealth Games, the Queen’s Baton has carried a message from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II calling the Commonwealth’s athletes to come together in peaceful and friendly competition at the Games.

Council will be invited to select one outstanding person to officially represent the Shoalhaven in the Baton Relay.  A Committee will be formed to select this Council nominated position.

The nomination and selection criteria has been established to ensure fairness, equity, and that a wide cross section of the community are given the opportunity to carry the Queen’s Baton.  A Batonbearer is someone who meets one or more of the following criteria:

·    Has achieved something extraordinary or inspired others to achieve something extraordinary.

·    Has made a significant contribution to either sport, education, the arts, culture, charity or with their community.

·    Has excelled, or aspires to excel athletically or personally.

·    Contributes to a fun, friendly, vibrant and inclusive community.

·    Minimum age is 10 years old as at 25 December 2017.

·    All nominees must be Australian Citizens or lawfully entitled to reside in Australia during the Relay period (25 December 2017 - 4 April 2018).

·    A nominator to explain in 100 words or less how the nominees meets one or more of the Batonbearer criteria and why they should become a Batonbearer.

Community members may nominate for consideration to participate in the Baton Relay by logging on to gc2018.com/qbr.

The Baton Realy route through Nowra is currently being finalised between the Games Organising Committee, NSW Police, RMS and Council Staff.  This group will meet regularly to arrange traffic management and logistics to ensure a successful event.

Council has the opportunity to organise and create a significant community celebration event at the conclusion of the Baton Relay which will be held in the late afternoon of 5 February 2018.  It is proposed that appropriate council staff from Tourism, Recreation, SEC and Communications prepare an “Event Proposal” to be considered for a budget allocation in the 2017/18 draft budget.


Addendum Agenda - Ordinary Meeting – Tuesday 28 March 2017

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MM17.5      Mayoral Minute - Congratulations to Council Staff - Carmel Krogh, Liberty Nelson & Kaitlyn Bell


HPERM Ref:      D17/80827





That Council endorse the Mayoral Minute and congratulate all three staff on their outstanding achievements.




NSW Water Awards - Water Professional of the Year

Carmel Krogh – Director Shoalhaven Water

The Australian Water Association NSW Branch Awards promote the outstanding work by individuals and organisations in the water industry and recognise innovation and excellence in the technology, business and delivery of water projects.

Along with the prestige of being recognised as ‘the best in New South Wales’ winners of a number of the NSW Water Awards will automatically be entered into the equivalent Australian Water Awards category, which are presented at Ozwater each year. 

I along with Council would like to congratulate Carmel on such a well deserved award.  Carmel has been a leader in the Water Industry throughout her career, starting from when she was the first female engineer to graduate from UTS to her leadership as Director of Shoalhaven Water and as a Director of the Australian Water Association.

Congratulations Carmel.


Kaitlyn Bell – Undergraduate Trainee Shoalhaven Water

Development of a Performance Measuring Device for Improved Monitoring of Sewer Pump Stations

Kaitlyn’s thesis, addresses the requirement for an accurate and reliable method to measure the operational performance of sewer pumps. Her project delivers a new, revolutionary, mobile method which has significantly changed the accuracy of testing. This device has the potential to significantly reduce operational costs, decrease expensive reactive maintenance, and educate staff on the operation of Sewer Pump Stations in the network.

Congratulations Kaitlyn.


The Land Sydney Royal Showgirl

Liberty Nelson – Animal Management Officer

I had the pleasure of attending The Land Sydney Royal Showgirl competition on Saturday, 11 March 2017 which was held at Berry Showground on Saturday night, the first time that the event has been hosted by the Berry Show Society in more than a decade.  Council Ranger Liberty Nelson shone again and is one of two girls who will make their way to the 2017 Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Congratulations Liberty, Council wish you well at the Royal Easter Show.


Addendum Agenda - Ordinary Meeting – Tuesday 28 March 2017

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MM17.6      Mayoral Minute - Traffic Calming in Anson Street, St Georges Basin


HPERM Ref:      D17/82657





That staff report back to Council on how traffic calming could be achieved for Anson Street, St Georges Basin.




Over the years that I have been on Council, issues continually arise with poor driver behavior on Anson St, St Georges Basin. Although there is little that Council can do to change the behavior there are a number of devices that Council may be able to deploy to get people to consider driving to the conditions of the Road. Anson St is a very narrow but busy arterial road that many of the residents consider to be poorly designed for the volume of traffic that uses it.




Addendum Agenda - Ordinary Meeting – Tuesday 28 March 2017

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MM17.7      Mayoral Minute - Coomea Street, Bomaderry


HPERM Ref:      D17/82668





That should opportunities arise for Council to further consolidate it’s land holdings in Coomea St Bomaderry then the opportunities be reported to Council for consideration and that funding for such a project be from the Strategic Lands Reserve.




Council own a number of properties adjacent to one another in Coomea Street Bomaderry that have been previously been identified as ideal for an affordable housing project – Council did put forward a funding brief for such a project. Should any opportunities arise for further consolidation it would add considerably to the value and ability to deliver such a project in the future.




Addendum Agenda - Ordinary Meeting – Tuesday 28 March 2017

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CL17.92     Report of the Shoalhaven Heads Estuary Taskforce - 20 March 2017


HPERM Ref:      D17/97195




SH17.1       Progress Update on Taskforce Resolutions

HPERM Ref: D17/84318



1.    Accept the offer from Parramatta Council for the two (2) Water Testing Buoys and the purchase price of $10,000 be covered from the existing 2016/2017 Water Quality Budget

2.    Consider funding allocation from the 2017/2018 Budget for maintenance of the Buoys at a cost of $6,000



SH17.5       Review of Objectives


That the Shoalhaven Heads Estuary Taskforce review the Estuary Management Plan as it relates to Shoalhaven Heads and reports to the Shoalhaven Natural Resources and Floodplain Management Committee requesting the following change:

1.    Estuary Management Plan Reflect Community Values

a.    Ensure the values of the Shoalhaven Heads community are adequately represented within the Estuary Management Plan.



That Council receive and note these objectives as identified by the Committee and the General Manager report back on the financial and resourcing implications associated with the objectives outlined below:

1.    Storm-water Management River Road  (immediate)

a.    Redirect three storm-water outlets along River Road in front of the Hotel.

2.    River Road Erosion Control Works (immediate)

a.    Undertake urgent remedial work from Matt Black’s report and create a sand buffer along River Road to reinforce erosion control works and provide a recreational space around foreshores.

b.    Further consideration to be given to moving the channel further out from the bank. Create a sand buffer along River Road to reinforce erosion control works and provide a recreational space around foreshores.

3.    Trial Geotechnical Groynes (medium)

a.    Design and commission groyne system into ocean at entrance to direct flow at the next flood event by producing an entrance design using the groyne system illustrated in WRL Report 2015.

b.    The design to include a dune care works programme that compliments the groyne system and encourages a narrower entrance that scours deeper rather than wider entrance during a flood event.

4.    Dredge or Dragline Programme (medium)

a.    Investigate alternative boating channels to help protect foreshore sand buffers by providing a more direct access to main river basin.

b.    Around Holiday Haven Caravan Park and River Road foreshore to provide wider bank buffers and restore clean sand, water recreation and boating with better water depth

5.    Pursue Commercial Dredging (long term)

a.    Options in the Shoalhaven River of Old Man Gut and Kurrajong Island that can offset the cost of maintenance dredging in the basin at Shoalhaven Heads.

6.    Submerged wall or groyne System at O’Keefes Point (long term)

a.    Investigate placing a groyne or groynes along the river bank near O’Keefe’s point deflecting flow from Berry’s Canal towards Shoalhaven Heads.






Addendum Agenda - Ordinary Meeting – Tuesday 28 March 2017

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CL17.93     Tenders - Shoalhaven Animal Shelter Construction


HPERM Ref:      D17/96053


Group:                Assets & Works Group 

Section:              Works & Services




Purpose / Summary

To inform Council of the tender process for Shoalhaven Animal Shelter Construction.

In accordance with Section 10A(2)(d)(i) of the Local Government Act 1993, some information should remain confidential as it would, if disclosed, prejudice the commercial position of the person who supplied it. It is not in the public interest to disclose this information as it may reveal commercial-in-confidence provisions of a contract, diminish the competitive commercial value of any information to any person and/or prejudice any person’s legitimate business, commercial, professional or financial interests. This information will be considered under a separate confidential report.

This report is submitted directly to the Ordinary Council Meeting pursuant to Clause 3 of Council’s “Acceptance of Tenders – Reports to Council” Policy.



That Ordinary Meeting consider a separate confidential report in accordance with Section 10A(2)(d)(i) of the Local Government Act 1993.




1.    Council accept the recommendation as presented.

Implications: Details of the tender submissions and the assessment are included in the confidential report.


2.    Council amend the recommendation.

Implications: Tenders have been subject to assessment in accordance with the Tender Evaluation Plan and details are included in the confidential report



The Animal Shelter, currently located adjacent to the West Nowra Waste Facility, is being relocated to a site on BTU Road, South Nowra. This is a key project to make way for the Resource Recovery Park Development.

Tenders for construction of the new shelter were evaluated in accordance with Council’s Tender Evaluation Policy with Evaluation Criteria established in the Tender Evaluation Plan, as follows:

·   Total Cost to Council, including the Local Preference Policy

·   Experience and expertise in nature of work

·   Management ability, regarding programming, WHS, Environmental, Quality Systems and technical skills

·   Resource capabilities to complete the works.

Tenders were received from the following:



A & A Worm Farm Waste Systems

Hastings (Victoria)

Batmac Construction Pty Ltd


Civil Project Management Group Pty Ltd (CPM)


Midson Construction (NSW) Pty Ltd (Midson)


Project Coordination (Aust) Pty Ltd (PC)



Details relating the evaluation of the tenders are contained in the confidential report.


Community Engagement:

The Animal Shelter has received development consent. The community were notified of the project during the application assessment and zoning change. 


Financial Implications:

The project is part of the Resource Recovery Park Development and is being funded by the Waste Reserve.