Strategy and Assets Committee



Meeting Date:    Tuesday, 21 February, 2017

Location:            Council Chambers, City Administrative Centre, Bridge Road, Nowra

Time:                   5:00pm



Membership (Quorum - 5)

Clr Andrew Guile - Chairperson

All Councillors

General Manager or nominee





Addendum Agenda



SA17.61...... Pedestrian Suspension Bridge Over Kangaroo River - Upper Kangaroo Valley   1                           




Addendum Agenda - Strategy and Assets Committee – Tuesday 21 February 2017

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SA17.61     Pedestrian Suspension Bridge Over Kangaroo River - Upper Kangaroo Valley


HPERM Ref:      D17/51245


Group:                Assets & Works Group 

Section:              Asset Management




Purpose / Summary

To provide a status report on the footbridge over the Kangaroo River at Upper Kangaroo River.


Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That Council;

1.    Engage an Engineering consultant to review the options, including costs, for repairing and renewing the footbridge over the Kangaroo River

2.    Advise the residents and stakeholders that plans are being progressed to renew components of the bridge and funding will be considered as part of the 2017/18 budget against other priorities




1.    As recommended,

Implication: Engaging an engineering consultant will allow a thorough examination of the repair and renewal of the bridge deck and bracing. This will allow the budget to be determined for its renewal and the following consideration in the 2017/18 financial year Delivery Program against other priorities.


2.    Make an alternative recommendation.



This status report is presented as an interim response to address the community’s concern that the footbridge may be considered for decommissioning. The pedestrian suspension bridge spans over 50 metres across the river in Upper Kangaroo valley, it now requires more significant restoration of the deck and braces and investigation by a structural engineer, as the bridge was designed in 1977 and made from components of steel and treated pine.

The suspension bridge is higher then the nearby alternate road crossing and therefore residents are keen to see it remain as flood access, a platypus viewing area and a destination for those visiting the area.

Bridge maintenance staff recently inspected the footbridge where they have continued to underake replacement of deck components and recommended it be temporarily closed as many more of the timber deck planks on the bridge had split or were rotted. As there was some risk to the public, arrangements were made to close the bridge on 1 February 2017.

This assessment has instigated the need to develop a ‘renewal strategy’ for the bridge. The renewal strategy will focus on deck replacement, handrail improvements and bridge repair however will require input from structural engineers to determine the most appropriate methods and materials to renew the components.

The determination of the appropriate option to pursue can be complex and includes consideration of:

·    Short-term and recurrent costs

·    Difficulty of repair due to standards for construction

·    Community feedback

·    Flood access

·    Current and future demand

·    Heritage and recreational values

·    Risk management and

·    Strategic priority


To ensure Council is well-informed on the renewal strategy for the bridge, an engineering consultant will be engaged to provide an independent assessment of the structural integrity of the bridge and to provide detailed cost estimates of the various renewal options.


After the consultant’s assessment is received, a report on this complex matter will be presented for Council’s determination and consideration of budget.


Community Engagement

There has already been signifcant community interest on this matter with a petition started to ensure the renewal of the bridge and it is expected further support for retaining the bridge will be received. It is recommended Council undertakes a detailed investigation and reports back to Council and when this report is finalised, provide an opportunity for those interested to ask questions of staff who will be available at a drop-in session when the studies are completed, but prior to reporting back to Council.