Minutes of the Youth Advisory Committee



Meeting Date:    Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Location:            Jervis Bay Rooms, City Administrative Centre, Bridge Road, Nowra

Time:                   10.00am



The following members were present:


Clr Mitchell Pakes

Clr Patricia White

Renae Weymans – Shoalhaven High School

Kaleb Fleming - Shoalhaven High School

Tane Clarke - Shoalhaven High School

Jacob Williams – Shelley Hancock MP Representative

Lachlan Page – Ulladulla High School

Riley Papworth - Ulladulla High School



Others present:

Donna Corbyn – Community Development Officer, Youth

Sara McMahon – Governance Business Unit Manager

Kaye Rhodes – Community Development Officer

Ms Jane Lewis - Recreation Community & Culture Manager

Jessie Cowan – Teacher, Ulladulla High School


Jacob Williams gave the Acknowledgement to Country.



Apologies / Leave of Absence


An apology was received from Clr Alldrick.



Election of Chairperson

RESOLVED (By consent)

That Lachlan Page be appointed as the Chairperson for Youth Advisory Committee meeting held on Wednesday 16 November 2016.




The Chairperson welcomed Jane Lewis and Sara McMahon and the members introduced themselves.






Confirmation of the Minutes


That the Minutes of the meeting of the Youth Advisory Committee held on Wednesday 27 July 2016 be confirmed.

Clr Pakes referred to Item 11 noting that he has received positive feedback regarding the ParkRun.  Donna Corbyn noted that Lili Hutchinson, Community Safety Officer, is following up regarding this item.

RESOLVED (By consent)

That That the Minutes of the meeting of the Youth Advisory Committee held on Wednesday 27 July 2016 be confirmed.





Declarations of Interest







YA16.2       Presentation - Code of Conduct & Meeting Procedure

HPERM Ref: D16/347598

Sara McMahon, Governance Unit Business Manager provided a presentation on Council’s Code of Conduct and Meeting Procedure.

The Chairperson thanked Sara on behalf of the Committee.





YA16.3       Youth Advisory Committee Terms of Reference

HPERM Ref: D16/343804

The Committee discussed the Youth Advisory Committee final version of the Terms of Reference and agreed to endorse the document.


That the Youth Advisory Committee receive the Policy – Terms of Reference – Youth Advisory Committee for consideration, discuss and endorse a final version of the Terms of Reference and recommend to Council for adoption.


Recommendation (By consent)

That the Youth Advisory Committee endorse the final version of the Terms of Reference and recommend to Council for adoption.







YA16.4       Additional Item from Minutes - International Youth Day Awards

HPERM Ref: D16/358669

The Committee discussed the inauguaral International Youth Day Awards which were held on Friday 4 November 2016 at the Bomaderry Bowling Club. The Awards were hosted by the Committee. Over 130 people attended with 31 young finalists acknowledged for their contribution to the Shoalhaven.

Tane Clarke provided an update on the night and the Committee agreed that the event was very successful.

Clr White also noted that she had received very good feedback about the event and it was very relevant for recognising the youth of Shoalhaven, with nominations received from a wide cross section of the community. Clr White advised the Committee that she is highly supportive of the event and would like to see the Committee host the event again in 2017.

The Committee discussed the success of the award categories and format of the event.

Jessie Cowan, Teacher Ulladulla High School, noted that the School would not be nominating to the Australia Day Awards but would like to be involved with the next International Youth Day awards.

Donna Corbyn thanked Kaye Rhodes for all her hard work to make the Awards such a success.

Recommendation (Renae Weymans / Kaleb Fleming)

That the Committee highly recommends that Council consider:

1.    Hosting the International Youth Day Awards via the Youth Advisory Committee on 12 August 2017 with the same award categories and same format (stand-up cocktail)

2.    That a budget of $3,600 be considered in the next Quarterly Review for this event.




YA16.5       Additional Items from Minutes - "Community Matters" monthly fair - Twilight Garden Birthday Party - Draft Community Strategic Plan

HPERM Ref: D16/358679

"Community Matters" monthly fair: held every Thursday in Jelly Bean Park.

Twilight Garden Birthday Party: will be held at Nowra East Public School Community Gardens on Sunday 27 November 2016 to celebrate the Community Garden’s 3rd birthday. A flyer was tabled for distribution with the minutes.

Draft Community Strategic Plan: Clr White spoke about the draft Community Strategic Plan which is on exhibition soon.  Council would value feedback from the members of this committee.


Action – The Draft Community Strategic Plan to be discussed and workshopped at the next Youth Advisory Committee meeting.






There being no further business, the meeting concluded, the time being 11.37am.



Lachlan Page