Minutes of the Shoalhaven Arts Board



Meeting Date:    Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Location:            The Arts Studio, Level 2, The Arts Centre, Nowra

Time:                   1.00 pm



The following members were present:


Clr John Wells - Chairperson

Clr Kaye Gartner

Mr Ian Grant

Mr Warwick Keen

Mr Robert Swieca

Ms Merilynn Weiss

Ms Alison Chiam



Bronwyn Coulston -  Unit Manager Arts and Culture

Sarah Taylor – Unit Manager – Library Service

Jane Lewis – Section Manager – Recreation, Community and Culture

Sara McMahon – Governance Business Unit Manager




Note:  The Governance Business Unit Manager, Sara McMahon advised that the meeting had been called at short notice to deal with grant applications. As the Board was without an appointed Chairperson these items were unable to be dealt with electronically. The next meeting of the Board which is scheduled for February 2017 will include an induction for Board members in relation the Terms of Reference of the Board, the Code of Conduct and Meeting procedures, etc.


It was noted that a request had been received earlier on the date of the meeting from Alison Chiam to include an additional agenda item of the Strategic Plan at this meeting. Ms McMahon suggested that given there are new Councillor members on the Board who were unfamiliar with the work of the Board, and that prior notice was not given that this would be best held over until the next meeting.


Members of the Committee expressed concern that the Strategic Plan requires attention as a priority and should not be held over until February 2017. It was decided that discussion of this matter be held in abeyance until later in the meeting.



Election of Chairperson

RESOLVED (Clr Gartner/ Warwick Keen)

That  Councillor John Wells  be appointed as the Chairperson for the Shoalhaven Arts Board .



Councillor Wells thanked the Committee for the appointment and provided an overview of his involvement in the Arts in the Shoalhaven and his personal interests in art and culture.


Apologies / Leave of Absence

Clr Levett


Confirmation of the Minutes

RESOLVED (Ian Grant / Merilynn Weiss)

That the Minutes of the Shoalhaven Arts Board held on Thursday 11 August 2016 be confirmed with the following amendments:

1.      That the following corrections be made to 4. Grants Program – 2016/17

a.      Replace the wording in the first sentence in the first paragraph with the following:

In 2016/2017 more workshops are required as applicants must attend a workshop. One key element to be covered is “themes”.

b.      Replace the wording “Developing Public Art” with “Developing the arts” in part a) & b) of the resolution.

2.      That the following corrections be made to the names in the Resolution of the Board outlined on page 6 to read as follows:

·           Jennifer Robertson ( Not  Jennifer Timothy)

·           Timothy George ( Not George)

3.      That the first sentence under the heading 9. Additional Item – Future Strategic Plan be replaced with the following:

 “Clr Baptist tabled an amendment to the Draft Future Strategic Plan, which was a revision to the Draft prepared by Alison Chiam and Ian Grant with the endorsement of and following workshopping with Clr Baptist. The Draft tabled by Clr Baptist had not been discussed prior to tabling. Clr Baptist then invited Ian Grant to present the Draft resulting from the workshopping between him, Alison and Ian.”





Declarations of Interest






AB16.2       Shoalhaven Arts Board Grants 2016/17

HPERM Ref: D16/345438

Bronwyn Coulston provided an update and overview of the applications for the $5,000 Grants and the additional information which had been provided to Council since the meeting of the Arts Board Grants Sub- Committee.

Recommendation (Ian Grant / Merilynn Weiss)

That the following Shoalhaven Arts Board grants be awarded:

1.      $7,000 to the Callala Bay Progress Association for their public art project ‘Traditional Log Installation’

2.      $5,000 grants to the following applicants :

a.      Dos Enos for the production of a music video called ‘Far Meadow Blues’.

b.      Jervis Bay and Basin Arts for their ‘Shared Pathways project.




AB16.3       Shoalhaven Arts Board Art Acquisition Sub-Committee

HPERM Ref: D16/345884


RESOLVED (Ian Grant / Alison Chiam)


1.    The work By the Pool, Meroo NSW by Leonard Long be acquired by the Regional Gallery Collection for the cost of $1,100 funded from Arts & Culture budget (Job Number 21596 / 10729)

2.    The work W.Wind Gale by Samuel Elyard be accepted as a donation into the Regional Gallery Collection and the Shoalhaven Arts Board Convey it’s appreciation to Katherine Dwan for the donation.




AB16.4       Future Strategic Plan


Councillor Wells advised that it was apparent from discussions earlier in the meeting that draft documents in relation the Strategic Plan of the Arts Board had previously been tabled or circulated to some members in relation to the Strategic Plan. For the benefit of new members and the Board to proceed in its considerations in a timely manner,  those documents should be circulated to all members and a workshop be organised as soon as possible to discuss those documents with a view to forming consensus on a plan forward.


Jane Lewis confirmed that the Strategic Plan for the Board is not bound by the review timing for Council’s Community Strategic Plan (CSP) as the CSP is very broad in concept. Ms Lewis noted that that there are other plans covering Arts and Culture which are in place arounds the Arts Centre, the Libraries and Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre, however there is a gap related to the Arts Board activities in those plans.


Alison Chiam confirmed that she and Ian Grant had worked on and provided a Draft Interim Strategic Plan document , however a more detailed and professional document is required. One of the considerations put forward at the previous meeting  was that a consultant be engaged for this purpose.  Jane Lewis advised that there currently is no budget for such a consultant and she believed that within the staff and Board Members there would be sufficient skills to create the required plan.


Jane Lewis confirmed with the Board  that the Director Corporate and Community Services had agreed that the timeframe in which members of her team would be in a position to work on development of the plan with the Board members would be from February 2017 onwards. This also aligns with the development of the CSP.


Ian Grant advised that in the workshops and induction relating to the Board he would seek further clarification as to the involvement of the Board in the decisions of the Council relating to Arts and Culture, as he did not feel that adequate consultation had taken place.


RESOLVED (Clr Wells / By consent)

1.      That as a matter of urgency the following documents be provided to Board Members for consideration:

a.      A copy of the Draft Strategy Document previously submitted to the Board by Ian Grant and Alison Chiam.

b.      A copy of the Draft Strategy Document which has been prepared by staff

c.      A copy of the current Community Strategic Plan

2.      That a workshop be organised for discussion of the Strategic Framework of the Arts Board as soon as possible, ideally on a Thursday at 1.00pm in the beginning of December 2016.






There being no further business, the meeting concluded, the time being 2.02pm.



Clr Wells