Minutes of the Nowra CBD Revitalisation Strategy Committee 29 September 2016

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Minutes of the Nowra CBD Revitalisation Strategy Committee



Meeting Date:    Thursday, 29 September 2016

Location:            Jervis Bay Rooms, City Administrative Centre, Bridge Road, Nowra

Time:                   2.05pm



The following members were present:


Mr Russ Pigg - General Manager

Mr Ben Stewart - Director Assets & Works

Ms Annie Aldous

Mr James Caldwell - Chairperson

Mr Mark Crowther

Mr Brendan Goddard

Mr George Parker


Others Present

Clr Findley

Clr Gash

Clr White

Clr Pakes

Clr Wells

Clr Watson

Clr Levett

Gordon Clark – Section Manager, Strategic Planning

Jessica Rippon – Executive Manager, Communications

Michael Park – Acting Coordinator, Strategy North




Apologies / Leave of Absence


An apology was received from Tim Fletcher, Scott Baxter and Sivan Agam.



Confirmation of the Minutes

RESOLVED (By consent)

That the Minutes of the meeting of the Nowra CBD Revitalisation Strategy Committee held on Thursday 28 July 2016 be confirmed.








Declarations of Interest


George Parker – CBD16.2 Egans Lane Shop Façade Beautification – Pecuniary interest declaration – Mr Parker is the owner of the Target Nowra Building – Will leave the room and will not take part in discussion or vote.


James Caldwell – CBD16.4 Nowra CBD Façade Improvement Financial Assistance Program  – Pecuniary interest declaration – Mr Caldwell’s real estate business are the Managing Agents for the property in question – Will leave the room and will not take part in discussion or vote.


CBD16.11  Additional Item - Budget Update


Michael Park, Acting Coordinator, Strategy North, tabled the Timeline and Budget Update (refer attachment 1). Mark Crowther enquired about the costings for the Worrigee Street upgrade and it was clarified that the indicative $300,000 in the budget does not include the $85,000 from Council or land owner contributions.


Clr Findley addressed the Committee and advised that she is supportive of the Nowra CBD Revitalisation Strategy Committee and its allocated budget. Clr Findley noted that moving forward it was important to ensure there was a good solid working relationship between Council staff and the Committee members.








CBD16.1    Flower Baskets in the Nowra CBD

HPERM Ref: D16/293470

Annie Aldous noted that the flower baskets are working well at the moment and it would be beneficial to have a watering system. Annie also noted that she will contact the other shops who have expressed an interest in the flower baskets.

Ben Stewart informed the Committee on the advantages and disadvantages of flower baskets. It was discussed that having business owners manage these is to be supported and is a good outcome. It was suggested that the Committee consider, with reference to the cost of maintenance of the baskets going forward, investing in seasonal flowers and/or plants in planter boxes that can be moved rather than baskets.

RESOLVED (By consent)

That the Committee:

1.      Receive the report on the supply, installation and maintenance of flower baskets in the Nowra CBD, for information.

2.      Staff investigate the cost of planters and advise the Committee by email.

3.      The Beautification Sub-committee undertake an inspection of the lighting in the trees in Egans Lane and Junction Street and provide advice to Council staff on repairs required and update to members by email.






CBD16.2    Egans Lane Shop Facade Beautification

HPERM Ref: D16/294076

Note: George Parker left the room during discussion of this item.

The Committee discussed the appropriateness of fully committing funding to this project.  Ben Stewart gave an update on the Egans Lane expressions of interest process.

RESOLVED (By consent)

That the Committee:

1.      Receive the report on the cost estimates for the Egans Lane shop façade beautification works.

2.      Ben Stewart to meet with property owners to discuss co-funding beautification (façade) improvements to the Egans Lane precinct and report back to the Committee.







Addendum Reports


CBD16.3    Nowra CBD - Parklet Options Report

HPERM Ref: D16/295899

The Committee discussed the options outlined in the report and budget and it was suggested that these be put to the Nowra CBD Business Chamber for consideration and feedback.

RESOLVED (By consent)


1.    The Committee receive the report for information.

2.    Staff write to the Nowra CBD Business Chamber to seek feedback on the ‘parklet’ concept & options for the Nowra CBD.

3.    The Committee to consider funding for a ‘parklet’ or ‘parklets” in the future.




CBD16.4    Nowra CBD Facade Improvement Financial Assistance Program - Application for 73 Junction Street, Nowra (B.Morris).

HPERM Ref: D16/301958

Note: James Caldwell left the room during discussion of this item.

RESOLVED (By consent)


1.      The application under the Nowra CBD Façade Improvement Financial Assistance Program for 73 Junction Street, Nowra be declined

2.      Notify the applicant of the outcome of the application






CBD16.5    Request for placement and funding - Lions Club Banners

HPERM Ref: D16/302498

The Committee discussed the request from the Nowra Lions Club and agreed to allocated $2,415 to fund the banners in Nowra as banner poles exist.

Russ Pigg advised the Committee that Robbie Collins from the University of Wollongong (UoW) had enquired about financial support to erect banners on the Princes Highway (UoW would supply the banners). Russ noted, due to traffic management requirements, the cost to erect banners on the Highway would be substantial. 

RESOLVED (Mark Crowther / Brendan Goddard)


  1. The Committee allocate $2415 (GST Excl.) from the 2016/17 Nowra CBD Revitalisation Strategy Promotions budget to fund banners (on existing poles) in the Nowra CBD to celebrate 100 years of community service by the Lions Club.
  2. Staff to contact Robbie Collins, University of Wollongong to discuss the cost of supply and installation of banners on the Princes Highway at Nowra.






CBD16.6    Worrigee Street Upgrade

The Committee discussed the extent to which the Committee should go with the beautification for this area considering the substantial cost and it was suggested that initially the property and business owners in the area be contacted to discuss the issue and obtain feedback.


Gordon Clark, Section Manager, Strategic Planning, noted that the Committee need to consider consistency in the CBD and work in a coordinated manner to create an overall civic look throughout.


The Committee discussed the costings around hard infrastructure vs activation.  It was suggested that two cost estimates be done, one for full works, as previously discussed, and one for basic works, similar to that done in North Street.


RESOLVED (By consent)


1.      Ben Stewart and staff to liaise with Mark Crowther re the estimates and scope for the Worrigee Street upgrade.

2.      Then the Infrastructure sub-committee meet with the Worrigee Street property owners to discuss costs and possible co-contribution.











CBD16.7    Radio and Television Advertising


Brendan Goddard advised the Committee that correspondence had been received regarding the radio and TV advertising and suggested that the Promotions and Events Team contact Fairfax Media.


Annie noted that there will be another busking competition at Christmas time and advised that the Promotions and Events Team will provide costings for other yearly radio advertising to the next meeting for discussion.


RESOLVED (Ben Stewart / George Parker)

That $1,500 (GST Exclusive) be allocated from the Nowra CBD Revitalisation Strategy Committee budget toward promotions through radio advertising for the 2016 Christmas period.




CBD16.8    Lighting


The Committee discussed the different types of lighting that could be used during the Christmas period in the CBD, for example, coloured, tear drop and tea lights.


RESOLVED (By consent)

That Annie Aldous and George Parker liaise with Ros Holmes, Unit Manager, City Design and Support, to discuss lighting options for Berry Street over the 2016 Christmas period and then advise the Committee by email for their consideration.







There being no further business, the meeting concluded, the time being 3.38 pm.



Mr James Caldwell