Nowra CBD Revitalisation Strategy Committee



Meeting Date:    Thursday, 29 September, 2016

Location:            Jervis Bay Rooms, City Administrative Centre, Bridge Road, Nowra

Time:                   2.00pm





1.    Apologies

2.    Confirmation of Minutes

·         Nowra CBD Revitalisation Strategy Committee – 28 July 2016

3.    Declarations of Interest

4.    Reports

CBD16.1..... Flower Baskets in the Nowra CBD................................................................. 1

CBD16.2..... Egans Lane Shop Facade Beautification....................................................... 3                         

5.    General Business


 Nowra CBD Revitalisation Strategy Committee – Thursday 29 September 2016

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Mr Russ Pigg or delegate

Mr Ben Stewart or delegate

Mr Tim Fletcher or delegate

Ms Annie Aldous

Mr James Caldwell

Mr Mark Crowther

Mr Scott Baxter

Mr Brendan Goddard

Mr George Parker

Ms Sivan Agam


Quorum – Five (5) members



·           To direct the development and implementation of the Revitalisation Strategy for the Nowra CBD and review as appropriate.

·           To determine overall capital works programs established by the Nowra CBD Revitalisation Strategy, as amended from time to time.

·           To agree an annual capital works budget with council

·           To identify and approve all expenditure of funds identified in the Nowra CBD Revitalisation Strategy, additional funds allocated by council for capital expenditure in the Nowra CBD including any loans, grants or from funds from any other source.

·           To act as a communication conduit between Council and the CBD stakeholders in respect to the Nowra CBD Revitalisation Strategy with appropriate support from council as required.

·           Assist council in advocating the adopted CBD Revitalisation Strategy to the community.

·           Provide a report to council each year outlining progress towards achieving the goals set out in the CBD Revitalisation Strategy together with any recommendations for updating the Revitalisation Strategy.

·           Consult with relevant stakeholders as needed.


Delegated Authority

·           To expend funds allocated to the CBD Nowra Revitalisation Strategy Committee by Council within the approved budget.

·           To establish sub Committees as deemed appropriate.

·           To promote the advantages of the CBD inside and outside the area, including making press releases and promoting the Nowra CBD Revitalisation Strategy project.

·           To raise funds other than rates and loans to fund the objectives of the Committee.

·           To expend funds raised outside of Council as the Committee deems appropriate, e.g. promotions, entertainment etc.






 Nowra CBD Revitalisation Strategy Committee – Thursday 29 September 2016

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CBD16.1    Flower Baskets in the Nowra CBD


HPERM Ref:      D16/293470


Group:                Assets & Works Group

Officer:               Roslyn Holmes - Unit Manager - City Design & Support




Purpose / Summary

To inform the Committee on the advantages and disadvantages of flower baskets ahead of investing more resources to develop a project and determine the costs to supply, install and maintain flower baskets in the Nowra CBD.


Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the Committee receive the report on the supply, installation and maintenance of flower baskets in the Nowra CBD, for information.




1.    Receive for information

Implications: A potential budget to be allocated.




The advice below is for the committees consideration and possible allocation in the 2016/17 Nowra CBD Revitalisation Strategy Committee budget.


The materials required would include:


·    Quality matching baskets to be hung on existing trellis, half-baskets for poles, fastening hooks; Baskets should be spaced at regular intervals say every 10m on both sides of Junction Street.

·    Lightweight soil for baskets planted with either colourful annuals or more hardy less colourful perennials; Plants bought in as ‘potted colour’ or grown on by Council staff.  Additional supplies to be kept offsite at Bomaderry Depot to allow for regular replacements and changeover.

·    Irrigation system with 2-3 drippers per basket.  This system could be supported by the lattice. Irrigation timers to be located in existing garden beds utilising existing infrastructure where possible.


The positive aspects of placing regular overhead baskets are that if installed and maintained to an agreed high level of care and quality the CBD will be greatly enhanced.  The colours in the baskets provide either year round or seasonal aesthetic appeal.  Such high level horticultural care  is required because of the hot summers in Nowra and will require the following; two workers x 2 hours per week and access to suitable plants, soil and work space to prepare pots.  Staff would be required to work off the back of utility vehicles outside shopping hours.  In conjunction to storing spare plants at the depot, baskets for continual replacement would be required, as well as irrigation for horticulture care.


The challenging aspects of placing hanging baskets is that to do it well it is expensive.  If funding is insufficient the horticultural requirements will not be met, the baskets will fail and the streetscape will look worse than if we did nothing.  The disadvantage of baskets is that they require high level care due to the use of shallow lightweight soil not holding water, cold shade and high summer heat and winds and irrigation drippers being prone to blockage. It is apparent that having the business owner manage these is a fantastic outcome and providing advice is well supported.


In order to proceed with the project and refining capital costs an investigation and design budget of $2,000 is required from the 2016/17 allocation.  This work can be undertaken promptly if, based on the information in the report, the Committee would like to proceed further.


An alternative proposal may be the location of several raised planter boxes similar to those used in Berry Street, without a seat attached.  The raised planter boxes could be located at the intersections of Kinghorne, Junction Court and Berry Streets. They are deeper and less prone to drying out but will provide colour and improve the streetscape.


Large solid raised planter boxes that are transportable with plants cost approximately $1800 to supply. The committee may suggest how many and where the planter boxes could be installed as an alternative to hanging baskets.


Works and Services have suggested a trial maintenance period of 12 months could be considered.  These maintenance costs would potentially be defrayed by Council (A&W) reprioritising funds allocated for maintenance work elsewhere.  The cost estimate depends on the number of boxes which will identify ongoing maintenance including replacement of plants which have failed to thrive or past their optimum growing period, or have been vandalised or stolen.


Community Engagement

Discussed at the Nowra CBD Revitalisation Strategy Committee, with some owners in the CBD already revitalising their shops and managing themselves.


Financial Implications

This depends on the input received from the Committee and considering an allocation under the Revitalisation budget.


Risk Implications

Risk has been managed through the provision of options to hang baskets and attach these to existing trellises.



 Nowra CBD Revitalisation Strategy Committee – Thursday 29 September 2016

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CBD16.2    Egans Lane Shop Facade Beautification


HPERM Ref:      D16/294076


Group:                Assets & Works Group

Officer:               Ben Stewart - Director Asses and Works




Purpose / Summary

To brief the Committee on cost estimates for the Egans Lane shop façade beautification works.


Recommendation (Item to be determined under delegated authority)

That the Committee receive the report on the cost estimates for the Egans Lane shop façade beautification works.  Staff advise property owners of opportunity to co-fund improvements to the Egans Lane precinct and report back to the Committee.




1.    Receive the report and approach property owners for a contribution of a mimimum of 50% in accordance with Façade improvements program.

Implications: Consultation with property owners.


2.    Allocate budget towards the works and recommend to Council private works.

Implications: Funds will be allocated and works may proceed.



The 28 July 2016 Nowra CBD Revitalisation Strategy Committee considered options for signwriting and façade improvements to the shops adjacent to Jelly Bean Park. 

Council’s graphics team had prepared graphics which could be used to improve the appearance of buildings adjacent to Jelly Bean Park.  City Design and Services had then been in touch with two suppliers on how the graphics could be transferred to the walls of the buildings, including where the designs overlapped windows and a mesh storage area.  The quotes will be advised at the meeting as they contain information of a confidential nature that would impact on Council’s ability to attract competivive quotes in future.


Community Engagement

Consultation carried out through Nowra CBD Revitalisation Strategy Committee.  Shop owners could be approached to fund the works as recommended.


Financial Implications

This is an opportunity to improve Egans Lane precinct by partnering with the property owners. 

The costs are significant and as it relates to private property and works proposed to be undertaken at Council cost or at a reduced fee will need to be resolved by Council under Section 67 of the Local Government Act (Private Works).  If it proposes to charge an amount less, than it is to be resolved by council at an open meeting.


Risk Implications